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Enema routines

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by slavey_slave, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    I have been engaging in chastity with my girlfriend for the last couple of years without anything too committed or serious. Recently I have been wearing it full time and she "requested" that I start cleaning out my bottom with an enema. This isn't something new to me and have done it a few times before.

    My question is how often do you give yourself an enema and what sort of methods are you using?

    I've never considered doing them routinely and don't know if there is such a thing as "too often".


    Slavey :)
  2. I would like information also as I do enemas also but would be interested and of the different kinds and results.
  3. I do enema's only for cleaning before we're going to have anal sex. What I use is just a normal water bladder which I fill with handwarm water from the shower. I repeat this until I get clean water out of me.

    I personally think it won't be healthy to do daily enema's. Seems to me that it would disturb the bacteria and stuff in there. The body needs those.
    I've read about different kinds of enema's, using different kinds of fluids or supplements. But don't know if this even works or has any real effect.
  4. Interesting read.

    I would agree that daily would be much too often. I've read around the subject briefly and it can upset the natural rhythm of the body in terms of the natural bacterial balance. Personally I think once every 5-7 days would be fine, but this is an educated guess. My ma'am says I should stay clean down there so she can use it. Would be interested to see if anybody does it on a regular basis and how they get on with it.

    slavey :)
  5. I do it regularly. That being said there are many ways of doing it. Some are more deep cleaning them others. I do a shallow just a quick clean out before bed pretty much every night. And when I don't this return to normal pretty quick.

    The real deep and full bowel enema using in excess of 2 L I do the day before we have some heavy play just to make the other cleaning more effective.

    Not everybody's body is the same and there are enema solutions that bring on the sense of urgency stronger and give you a better cleaning.

    Some folks use mild soap to do this too.

    Your best bet would be to buy a kit and hunt for some sites on enemas. That's basically the root I took when my owner asked me to start.

  6. M
    my sincerest apologies for my typos. I was on my phone and neglected to edit properly. Please forgive me.

    I hope the point of my post was not lost. Discretion is best when performing enemas. Some of us have more resilient systems than others. So advice of a professional type is probably best.
  7. i enema every three days for Mistress and use a shower attachment that was purchased in Extreme Restraints. Excellent device.
  8. My mistress requires me to do a bulb enema prior to my milkings. I do wear a butt plug daily but a glycerin suppository followed by a good BM allows me to wear the plug all day.
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  9. If you dont mind cleaning up your shower a shower dildoe with hose is great for pre-flushing before anal.Or you can use a store bought one if you're in a hurry and can be done in a public restroom?.Doing it a couple hours before will allow excess water to be absorbed by your colon.
  10. Mistress likes to have me squeeky clean before my milkings, but sometimes things happen so spontaneously with Her that there just isn't time. Then a bulb enema has to suffice. I find being forced to have an enema and having to "hold it" for Her to be quite humiliating.
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  11. I do a shallow one every morning before my shower. I poo naturally first, then one or 2 bulbs full just to wash out with warm water. I've been doing this for several months and have noticed no negative effects, except it taking a bit longer to get ready in the morning.
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  12. I was into BDSM for 47 years in real life. Although we did enema play a few times a year, I was told that doing them too frequently can cause problems so we never did them very frequently. We did not do them for cleaning purposes as none of us was turned off by a messy butt. We did them to make me hold them in until I could not hold them any longer. We mostly did S&M.

    I was told by some very knowledgeable BDSM players many years ago that the repeated use of enemas can, over time, cause problems with the muscles in the intestines. The regular use of enemas can prevent the muscles of the intestine from doing their job properly to move stool along. Better safe than sorry. We were into extreme stuff and I once had to have surgery to fix a BDSM related problem when I started to go from reality based play to fantasy stuff I read about. Do a quick search on frequent enemas and I am sure that you will find that they are not good for you. I learned to play safe and sane which eliminated any further problems.
  13. I do a shallow one every morning using a shower attachment for over two years now. No side effects and I feel more confident over the day knowing that I am very clean.
  14. I have been doing regular large volume enemas for over half a century and had no problems whatsoever. I usually do a 2-3 quart hot tap water or soapsuds enema using a mild soap like Castile (Dr. Bronner's peppermint is my favorite) or Ivory bar soap. I was born in a time when enemas were popular and received them at a very young age and the thrill of the sensation never left me. I take these large volume enemas 2-3 times a week and have been able to stop and resume normal bowel function with no problems whenever when I have stopped for an extended period of time. I was born in a time when everyone thought enemas were good for you and now I live in a time where everyone says enemas are bad for you. My advise is to not worry about it. If you take enemas and like them keep doing them and if you take enemas and don't like them or have ill effects stop doing them.
  15. Very true.
  16. We have a weekly play evening which is hump day (so appropriately named). I am expected to be clean in there (use a bulb enema) as well as shaven smooth on my face. I have to bring my tools (usually the elastrator, ceramic dildo, cock crimper, butt plug). I never know what Mistress will be in the mood for, and sometimes its just supervised masturbation.

    But yes I routinely clean my passage out before play just in case.

    I have used a shower attachment for a good clean out and not noticed any ill effects...obviously you don't turn the water on too hard...lol, but i would not be doing that every day...

    Quick search on the internet reveals that if you deep enema on a regular basis your muscles in your bowl can stop doing what they are meant to which could lead to complications....but a quick clean of your colon to allow play isn't going to be a issue.
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