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Empty inside

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by rebeccacd404, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. I have to share how I feel, this is all still very new and I wondered if it were common. Last night after 10,long days...and nights, my Mistress released me and allowed me to cum. But here's the thing, it was OK, not mind blowing, and afterwards I felt empty....now I wish I hadn't cum and actually stayed in chastity. I thought my first orgasm when I was let out would be mind blowing etc....did I do something wrong?
    Surely it kind of defeats the object of Chastity if the holder wants to be in chastity....I would really appreciate a little advice and guidance on this as at the moment I am a little confused....and let down.
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  2. Not all orgasm are mind blowing. Just roll with it and know that going forward.
  3. For me, orgasms are more about the anticipation and things that lead up to the point of O, rather than the O itself. In other words, its more about the journey than the destination!
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  4. When I'm allowed one, it usually feels like its rust cumming out. Lack of use...LOL

    Jen doesn't like letting me cum because now she has grown used to my improved behaviour and attitude. Once I cum, I feel depressed, grouchy & I'm not helpful in her opinion. It usually takes a week before things are back on track.

    Keep caging it until you figure out what works for you.
  5. Mine are usually pretty intense, but after there is a bit of a let down. Not disappointed but sad because it will take so long to get me right back where I just was.

    There are certain things she can say or have me do that get me back in subbie mode faster, but it still isn’t as insatiable and raw as before.

    Learning to cope with getting back , is just as much a part of chastity as learning to cope with denial.
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  6. Mine are usually pretty intense, but after there is a bit of a let down. Not disappointed but sad because it will take so long to get me right back where I just was.

    There are certain things she can say or have me do that get me back in subbie mode faster, but it still isn’t as insatiable and raw as before.

    Learning to cope with getting back , is just as much a part of chastity as learning to cope with denial.
  7. I find that also have a bit of a stretch getting back into subbie mode. I love the tease and denial, but getting our heads back on square after being allowed a full release does take a little time. My wife will lock me back up and rub my back then have me dress in a nighty and cuddle with her. That does help. It is not for so much depression, as I feel I let her down somehow and have to work my way back into her good graces. She enjoys it because (she says) I seem to be very attentive afterwards, as a way of making amends.
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  8. Was let out for 24 Hours Sat and Sun 4:00 To 4:00. It was 121 Days since a full O together. I am very submissive to begin with , but it took a long time to get
    to where I am. I could do whatever I want to, so we went to dinner. I enjoy the time we spend together whether in bed, couch, car, ect... My best time is
    making Her feel that She is #1. Chastity is different for every one. Some people say that they need time to get back to sub mode, some just stay that way.
    I stay pretty much there. Relax and remember you are you. You can look at other people. but remember that you need to be yourself. Look at where you
    are and be yourself. When you find out be happy where you are.
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  9. I get so fixated on the orgasm that it gets too important. The periods in chastity and the service I give should be most important.
  10. Perhaps she should just let you out to be edged and then recaged.
  11. That happens sometimes because the orgasmic energy is gone. I remember the first time Mistress made me cum during my first ever lock up. I was wanting her to tease me in the cage but I didn't want to cum at that time, I was wanting to save it to cum a particular way and I was about 2 weeks in without cumming. Well mistress decided to tease and blow me through my cage and when I got close and told her to stop she didn't. She grabbed my cage and started jerking it up and down quickly trying to get me to cum in the cage. I started moaning and sort of pathetically pleading for her to stop. I kept saying things like no and stop and she wouldn't and I was powerless to stop her. She forcefully made me spend my built up orgasm on a mild caged orgasm instead of how I wanted. It left me feeling weird to be honest. I didn't want to cum yet and she forced me too. Now all that built up energy was gone and I felt sad. I needed some cuddles and aftercare after that one. But after all was said and done I really loved it. It was like the height of submissiveness to be pleading stop, no, don't, and to have her refuse to stop and make me anyway. It sounds a little rapy yes, which is part of why I needed the aftercare. But at the end of the day that's why it was so amazing and I lived it so much. I had given up all control and was literally begging for mercy as I was forced to explode all over myself, but orgasm wasn't super satisfying and left me empty and sad. It made me crave to be locked up longer and teased harder. It deepend my submission.
  12. Thats my point
    That's my point, I actually didn't want to cum like that, but I had to cum the way my Mistress demanded......I wanted a little tease and denial then to explode looking at some porn after being edged and edged........but no, I just had to cum....is she trying to take all the fun out of my orgasms.....to maybe change my mindset and not want to orgasm any more?
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  13. It's not so much taking away the fun of your orgasms. It's the fact that teasing you and doing not what you want is turning her on.
  14. Not really sure if you and your keyholder are on the same page. If you are not on the same page, your feelings will never be what you are expecting. You need
    to communicate with each other or this won't work. Feeling empty will happen if you don;t get what you expect. Don't feel empty, talk it out.
  15. Over the course of 5 years I have found that there is a point of diminishing return where the orgasm is not worth the wait. I just had an orgasm after 100 days and it was not worth the wait. However you are losing track of the purpose of chastity. It is not to have intense orgasms. That is Kareeza or Tantric sex stuff, not chastity. Chastity is all about a power exchange in which you give control of your penis to someone else. You do not even need to be locked up to do that just as long as someone else controls your orgasms. If you are into chastity for more intense orgasms you are in the wrong fetish.

    My wife and I just quit chastity, although I have yet to masturbate or orgasm without her say so, because after 5 years I reached a point where I lost interest in orgasms and sex and that was not our goal. I did not want to be celibate. In Chastity there is sex and lots of it too. It was just that I no longer was interested in sex and since my goal was never to lose my libido, we are giving it a break but so far after two weeks I have not had any interest in sex at all. I told my wife that she broke it. :)
  16. That is good advice, I will speak to my key holder and tell her what I would like when she unlocks me......I think she might have an agenda...I don't think she likes me to masturbate and I think she would be happy if I never cum again....I don't want that.....I want the tease and denial, perhaps even ruined but I really want to O by using my dildo and cum hands free....
  17. I agree with everything you have said, I am subservient and enjoy someone else being in control, but as you say Chastity is not intended as a therapy to remove the desire for the O but getting this when your kg tells you. But surely the wait and anticipation build up the O, after all most intense I'd are after lots of tease denial and edging.....
    Your case perhaps underlines what I don't want, have you any theories as to why this has happened to you?
    I hope that you and your life can get back the desire that you had prior to Chastity....