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Embarrassing Stories

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by chastedolivia, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. I've had 'salad dressing' at a restaurant before though not my own. I was out with the wife and her bf and she whispered something to him. He excused himself and was gone for a bit. He came back and handed me a used condom. This was my dressing. It was pretty embarrassing. I'm sure other people saw as well.
  2. In the early days of video cameras the size of two shoeboxes, my wife, myself and our girlfriend decided to make a videotape of us so we could view in decades later. We really believed VHS Videotape was going to be around 40 years later. :) We were stoned and horny so we did a lot of kinky threesome stuff, BDSM, girl on girl and then me with each girl separately. It was kind of raunchy since none of it was vanilla sex.

    Long story short, we accidently gave our sex tape to my brother and sister-in-law when we switched to the latest and greatest new video format, 12" Laser DIscs. Since the tapes we gave them were several movies we copied off of Satellite TV, we are pretty sure that they noticed. They never said anything to us though.

    We also wonder if they showed the tape to their friends. My brother-in-law would do that. The tape was very entertaining with all sorts of kinky sex acts. I think it was very flattering for us. So that was our most embarrassing sex moment, realizing that we gave the tape to family members. When we moved near them a few years ago they kept asking us questions about swinging in our retirement community as if we knew the answers. That gave us a good hint that they saw the tape. It also explains why we hardly see them anymore. :)