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Early progress

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Johnnycumlately1, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Just remember that you may know what you want, but wait and find out what she wants. When you don't know what is coming next is the key to it all.
    I have my focus on what pleases her, not I want. Love and cherish the time you have together and let things develop. Let it be about her and show her
    she does have the ball in her court so to speak. When she tells you what to do or not what to do remember if you gave her the key she is the boss now.
    Just let go.:rolleyes:
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  2. It sounds like you have a fantastic relationship with your Misses. And Welcome to the Mansion
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  3. Be Patient. You've made a major change in your life and your Wife's. Give her time to accept the new you, if you push to hard she may push back and not want to be a part of your chastity. The nicer you can be to her the better, show her how you being locked and denied is a benifit to her physically and emotionally. It takes time so be patient. For example when we started into this life style I pushed to hard and she went for months with out so much as touching me. You have already made major leaps and bounds towards an exciting lifestyle. Enjoy
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  4. Caged again. I told her how wonderful it is to be teased in bed then locked away until she wants to play again. Who knows when that'll be, said she.
  5. Good luck. I hope you get what you want.
  6. Got myself a "days since" widget for the homescreen on my Samsung. "Days Counter" by CloudDroid. Background customised to match my KH/wife's customisation of my cage. Always nice to be reminded!
    2017-11-09 23.02.15.png
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  7. Your KH/ wife really seems to be taking this new relationship seriously. I hope your also enjoying it