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Early progress

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Johnnycumlately1, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Only joined a couple of days ago (see Foyer) so apologies for posting what is normal for you guys but for me it's incredible.

    Already early signs of her inner Domme. After some worship of her this morning, there was T&D for me followed by lockup for the day and promises of still locked anal vibe tonight. Vague hint of then leaving me locked overnight for the first time. Wow.
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  2. Will probably stop recording progress blow by blow (so to speak!) but will be interesting for me to look back on and might encourage new starters.

    Cutting a LONG story short, everything promised above in the 1st post was delivered. Wowzer! This morning I had the cage removed, more T&D and told I would stay unlocked until tonight when "we will have to see what happens". I was even sent downstairs to make her morning cup of tea with clothes pegs still on my scrotum. Whilst I would prefer to have been locked all day, I don't mind one jot because it's obvious she's beginning to get right into it.
    Loving it. Wish we'd started years ago.
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  3. Hi Johnny just wanted to say hi and welcome to the CM, Like you I am new to this site and just finding my way around.
  4. Welcome and my greetings to your Mistress, she is really getting going to it, a great Domme is coming.
  5. Welcome to the mansion!!
  6. Onwards and upwards. Still unlocked when we went to bed I was slow sucked witout cumming then locked up for the night. In the morning, after some worship from me and teasing from her, I was left locked and told to wait until lunchtime when I would be summoned by text. I positively bounded up the stairs and told to join her in bed for some spooning. After 10 mins, I was unlocked, sucked for 2 mins then told we were going for a walk. It was easy to hide my disappointment because it's blindingly obvious she is getting right into this and the fact she's planning ahead is a real turn on. She's already told me that tonight will involve her lying back with me sat between her legs, pleasuring her followed by SLOW (her emphasis) PIV. She didn't say whether I'd be allowed to cum, inside her or otherwise, and whether or not I'll be locked up afterwards. As I've already told her, I won't ask and it's entirely up to her. My cock is now her cock.
  7. Sounds like you're on the right track!
    You're doing the right thing by letting her control the speed and direction of progress.
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  8. Before my wife of 29 years started locking me up 2 weeks ago, if she went out for 6 hours, I'd have idled the time away. Today, she left me a list of jobs and I am a new man. As per the list, I've hoovered the whole house (properly), hung out the washing, mended the kitchen lights, mended the dishwasher, mowed the lawn, and cooked supper. I whatsappd her with my progress report hoping for a signal as to my reward. She's seen it but is teasing me with no reply. She's messing with my head !
  9. Unlocked at 2am and sucked. Left unlocked until morning. Told to sit between her legs and tease her short of an orgasm. Then told to swap, with her sitting up. Edged for ages then relocked. I detected a steely edge to her voice as she snapped the lock and said "there we are, locked away again". Indescribable feeling.
  10. .... actually, I AM going to have a go at describing what I'm feeling. Partly for me to look back on, and partly in case she starts Googling and stumbles on this thread - because, although I've tried to explain how I'm feeling, I have firmly been told that I'm going on a bit too much about the cage and it's effect on me. Here, I can say as much or as little as I like.

    I have loved my wife since the day we met 36 years ago at college. We have a fantastic marriage, lovely home, two kids now left the nest, and neither of us has ever remotely strayed. I've always wanted to please her but I know I'm inherently a lazy git, so I suppose I've always frustrated her a bit.

    Now I can't do enough for her, things she asks for and things on my own initiative. Anything to please her. Affectionate hugs to show I feel about her physically. It's like when we were dating all those years ago. That feeling of young love, the early weeks and months of a new relationship. But all this is on top of the love we already had for decades. She has already said how much more attentive and thoughtful I am, and how even better is our relationship. And we're having fun with it - for example, as previously described, she has me running downstairs in various predicaments to fetch things.

    I actually feel guilty that it took her locking my cock in a cage to have this effect, but I suppose that boils down to human biology and hormones !

    I also feel guilty that I want her to do more - give my caged cock a squeeze around the house, teasing words, leaving me longer without cumming, not leaving me unlocked at all, right through to tying me up to remove the cage, feeding me my cum, and so on. I feel guilty that I am not worshipping her enough. But the cock cage is still new to her (and me) and I've made clear that I'm leaving her to find her own way (which she already is), and that I won't ask for this, that and the other. And that extends to not buying her a book and not suggesting she starts Googling for ideas or to better understand how a man feels when he gives control of his cock to his wife. It will mean even more if that's on her initiative.
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  11. My wife (who, just to remind myself, I only introduced to chastity play 2 weeks ago) left me locked up from Sunday morning right through to this morning with much reciprocal play in between. A couple of comments whilst we were out and about made it obvious she's thinking about it. After breakfast (cooked by me, obviously !), she took me back to bed where I was placed, still locked, on hands and knees and anal vibed and smacked (quite hard actually). Then spooning. I explained the state of utter bliss I was in : 50% physical (eg the cage pressing back on attempted erections); and 50% emotional, with her being in control of when I'm locked and unlocked, whether I'll just be teased then denied, or allowed to cum and if so how (full or ruined), and whatever else she wants to do. Her response was interesting : "yes, I'm starting to realise that". With that, she unlocked me, my cock sprang to attention expecting some stroking but instead she said "not now, you're going to have to wait until tonight. And if you go and do [list of chores] you might get a bonus". Blimey, oh Riley. Am I looking forward to that ! The recommended strategy of keeping shtum about ones own fantasies and letting a new KH get into it at their own pace is paying absolute dividends!
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  12. A frustrating few days. On Wednesday, she surprised me by sending me to work locked for the first time. But no acknowledgement that evening of me still being locked. That night (2am) she couldn't sleep, she unlocked me and made me cum when I would far rather have been take to the edge then relocked. No mention of it in the morning so I went to work unlocked. She didn't mention it that evening but said she'd lock me again this morning which she has. I'm gagging to be left locked and teased for a few weeks but I'm sticking to "she's in control" and not asking for anything because I am beginning to sense the balance is beginning to move away from her locking me because she knows I like it, towards locking me to please her herself and to torment and manipulate me with it. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey !
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  13. I definitely think that's the right way to go because being locked just because you have asked, is not the same as being locked by her because she wants to and is enjoying that control over you.
  14. Just to report that being locked now feels normal but she's left me unlocked for the last 6 hours without explanation. I know she doesn't have to explain but now I feel grumpy, guilty and selfish for wanting my cocked locked up so much but having resolved never to "top from the bottom". Advice?
  15. You have no choice my friend but to grin a bear it. I was just about to write a post on a similar subject. If there is one thing I've learnt from our own journey, it's that you can't expect your wife to want or even particularly enjoy the things that you do. It's also unrealistic and probably achievable to expect your wife to continually keep you locked, teased, denied, all in the way that you would like. Clearly I have no idea of your back story or what events or discussion have brought you to this point, but be warned pushing too much, demanding or nagging won't ultimately achieve the results you would like. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink", is probably the most appropriate saying to describe a lot of men trying to get their partners to become more dominant and using chastity as a method of control.
  16. I was left stewing all day but patience was eventually rewarded. Still nothing was said about it until we went to bed when she anal vibed me with me on lying my front - first time for that - then told I'd be left unlocked until morning. Morning included much worship of her, much cock stroking and then told PIV with me having the choice between cumming inside her or waiting but either way then being locked back up. At only 5 days, it was a no-brainer.
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  17. Welcome sounds like your on a fun road it gets amazing at times
  18. Nearly 7 days now without orgasm. Locked continuously for nearly 3 days. Feeling very horny. She will talk about it a bit in bed but, frustratingly, not at all outside the bedroom other than a couple of obscure "how are you feeling?". But overall it's going better than I thought it might before I broached the subject 1 month ago.
  19. Boy, this chastity lark is frustrating ! My wife's "Inner Domme" peeps out occasionally but then hides again. I'd thought that, after 7 days w/o O and locked continuously for 3 days, she was starting to see the benefits to her of leaving me locked and she'd probably leave me another week or so. But no - she woke up at 2am, unlocked me and stroked me to orgasm. In the morning, "did I want to be relocked ?". Oh, the frustration on so many levels.

    I should add that pre-cage (22 Sep 17), starting about 3 years ago, my wife got into T&D-ing me but never for more than about 3 weeks and usually for no more than a week because she's always said she loves my cock, giving me pleasure and seeing and tasting my cum. So the cock cage clearly hasn't yet changed the dynamic for her. And yet for me, it has (immensely) and I can see and feel the fantastic potential for both of us.

    If at first you don't succeed ...............