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    Well I've had this chastity for around 6 weeks now I think, I figured at some point I'd get around to writing about my experiences with it.

    Prior to this year, I had never been interested in chastity, I've been interested in femdom since I was around 15 and for years I've been masturbating every day to femdom porn, particularly pegging and cp.

    Two years ago, I met my girlfriend who is totally vanilla and I have a great relationship with but had never had penetrative sex with as I've never been interested in penetrative sex in my life which maybe down to low sex drive coupled with my over masturbation, I dunno.

    When I read about chastity and how it can make you incredibly horny on a permanent basis, I figured that's the solution to our relationship issues but she's way too vanilla, she'd never go for that. Eventually I ordered the spiral from Tickleberry, also sold directly from Gerecke as the Twister 2 and talked to her and finally opened up about my masturbation, my interest in femdom and what I'd done to try to remedy the situation and to my amazement, she was incredibly open minded and was prepared to be my key holder, I bought her Lucy Fairbourne's book so she could read up on it.

    Once I received the device, I wore it on the odd occasion trying to get used to it, mainly at night which is when I'm most likely to masturbate but ended up taking it off at around 4am when it got too uncomfortable due to a slight size issue.

    After a week of this, we got the chance to have some alone time in the evenings, which was when started sending my body crazy by stroking my balls and underneath the base of my scrotum, which was causing me to leak buckets! After she'd finished having her fun, I'd use my hands and tongue to provide her with multiple orgasms and it was really getting me even more turned while I was doing it and giving me seriously painful erections, it was great :)

    After that week, we finally got to the point where she asked for the keys and locked me up, but she lets me out if things get too uncomfortable so I can adjust myself.

    I'm currently at the 4 weeks with no orgasm point and can't go more than 30 minutes without needing to go toilet as it makes me start thinking sexy thoughts, thinking about pleasuring my girlfriend, looking at femdom porn, which is frustrating as I can't stroke my penis, just the cage which doesn't get me very far, sometimes I get an erection just from watching it which ends in pain once I fill the cage so then regret it and am desparate to think about anything else but can't.

    We'd recently been talking about things that we'd like to do, and recently she bought some handcuffs and has said she would be willing to give pegging a try, she's said she really enjoys the chastity as she's loving the amount of attention she's now getting, ironically I still don't want to have penetrative sex (unless she's penetrating me), however I love feeling like this where I can't wait to see her and pleasure her again, all my thoughts related to her involve me giving her oral and I love it, our relationship is closer than ever, we're completely open and finally honest about how we feel and we're both getting what we want.

    I have recently ordered a custom sized cage from Gerecke as the diameter of the spiral is a bit too big for me and makes it easy to pull my penis out, however my self control stops me from doing that (normally) however at the 4 week stage, even that has it's limits. If anyone is interested in trying out the spiral/twister 2 I will be selling it when the new cage arrives.
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