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Drinking the Golden nectar

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Socal_locked, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. This was something we used to do all the time . However, when she went through the menopause her wee became significantly more smelly and foul to the taste. No matter how hard I tried it became impossible to carry on. She did consult a doctor and all was ok so thats it !
  2. Done this lots of times its a great turn on for me, and wifey gets a buzz from humiliating me by doing it.....she's even pissed in my coffee and tea to drink.....each time there was more pee and less tea/coffee, until i was drinking a cupful of warm pee, so humiliating watching her watch me drinking it.....but i did love doing it.
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  3. After going out last night we got home around midnight and as soon as we walked through the door I instructed weenie to bring me a jug. I was just about bursting after the taxi ride home. I crouched down and very nearly filled the jug. Oooooh I stood up and held the jug up and said to him "Drink"........ I held the jug to his lips and proceeded to pout it into his mouth.
  4. What is the rest of the story?
    Hopefully he did not spill a drop.
  5. Nope, not a single drop.
  6. Three months ago I asked my wife if I could taste here pee...she agreed but we found out she can only pee on the toilet, we tried every position but she could not pee in my mouth. Finally, she sat on the toilet and peed on her fingers and let me lick her fingers...very erotic but we wanted more. We solved the problem. I bought a Camping Porta Potty on ebay for 20 bucks.
    It works great and I now enjoy drinking her pee every morning and every night before bed.
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  7. Christmas morning Carol said she had a lot of pee for me, well I've heard that before, but I still couldn't get the porta potty out fast enough. It was amazing and delicious, delectable, mouthwatering, appetizing, and quite tasty. I thought she would never stop, but when she did, I licked her pussy clean and even gave her ass a little attention. She went back in the bathroom for some reason and then she said, "do you want some more". I could not believe she had a lot more for me. I had a great Christmas, hope everyone on here did also.
  9. I had similar with a play partner .
    We were chatting via text about humiliation etc and I mentioned that drinking a ladies pee would be humiliating for me because I don't like the taste but for the right lady I would get used to it for her if that was something she enjoyed .
    My play partner said she wanted to do things like that but couldn't relax enough to go a pee , even to the point where if someone was in the house she couldn't go on a normal toilet .

    Anyway I had gone up to hers for a play session and I was sitting on the floor thinking it was all over when she left the room and when she returned she had a jug of her pee .
    " drink" was all she said as she went to pour it into my mouth .
    I was so shocked and surprised I opened my mouth anyway and she poured It in .
    It took 3 mouthfuls but I swallowed it all and he enjoyed the look on my face when she was doing it .
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  10. Did she ever have you do it again at any point, this is something we do from time to time and she loves the fact that I willing drink for her, she seems to get a real buzz from it
  11. We ordered a Queening chair (The Throne as we like to call it) from Amazon after spending some time researching what would work for us. I adore lying on my back on the floor with my head beneath Domina's bald pussy and tight asshole. It is an all time favorite of mine. She will watch a movie, sip wine, text, and periodically pull forcefully on the rope that encircles my balls and cock. We have yet to try Golden Showers, but we are all set up for that!

    Check out the chair here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0982119712/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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  12. Not as yet ,
    Haven't really had the time the last couple of times I've been in her area (she a 4 hour drive from me and I got and see my cousins and other family members up that way ) and our only playtime is a small window during the daytime before her children get home from school (Obviously everything is all finished and done long before they get home) .
    I was totally shocked when she did it at the time and whenever we do play it's always what she wants and on her terms so maybe that was a one off I don't know .
    I would love it to happen again though purely because she was in total control and I had to drink it .
    If it does happen again I'll let you know and maybe I'll ask her "if she enjoyed it " in our messages (we talk everyday via what's app) :)
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  13. Hopefully it will happen again, and its something she enjoys as much as you, I can see how it would be difficult to work everything you like into such a small window of time. It is as you say an excellent display of control for her and submission on your part.
  14. Hopefully but I'm not building my hopes up too much though because it's her that decides what we do when I go round there and I "just" submit to her whims .
    The last time I went round there she wanted to try her new evil paddle out (yes it's bloody evil) so she ordered me over her knees on the sofa and she used it (was only a short session though due to my pain threshold being low and I used my safeword .she enjoys giving pain and even though I apologised for it being over so quickly she explained that she enjoyed my moans of pain and could tell I was close anyway and loves it when I'm writhing etc in pain for her) .
    She into a lot of humiliation things and it's a shame that chastity is not her thing .
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  15. Sorry to hear chastity is not on her list of likes, but it sounds as though she certainly has other ways to show you who is in control, I can relate to your comment about the use of the paddle these things can be evil I think they are very underrated, my mistress has bought me to the point of tears with one on many occasions, what are her favourite ways to humiliate you
  16. I've Been off for a a few days but I'll start a new thread to wave taking over this one
  17. I am fortunate to be able to down drink quickly, so when my Wife squats above me and commands me to drink I am able to take it all.

    A towel is placed between my head just in case, but I make sure it is dry, as I wish to avoid punishment. I love being caned, but not if I have been milked first - that is punishment.....

    Either way, the combination of making me drink and caning me turns my Wife on considerably, so I spend quite some time delivering oral service.
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  18. Drinking Urine is probably one of the Most disgusting things I have ever heard. Sounds like an infection or stomach issues waiting to happen.
    Where are all the '"nurses" weighing in on this nasty subject.
    Golden nectar?????? It's Piss,Urine ,and I'm called names?
    Urine, ???? Golden Nectar?????
    Get real
  19. Any women who makes her husband or boyfriend drink their Urine should be arrested for spousal abuse. ( or at least warned) (hehe)
  20. I've been getting a daily pee treat for about eight months, and because of my age, I get a full physical twice a year, My doctor says I'm in great shape.
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  21. Today is Miss Carol's birthday. She had told me when we first met that I was not to buy her a present; instead she would offer ME a gift. We had just sat down to breakfast. Miss Carol told me to close my eyes and keep them shut until instructed. I heard her leave the room and return a minute later. She stood behind me. I heard "Open your eyes, Rumple!" and saw a beer glass full of a yellow liquid had been placed in front of me. I was about to taste Golden Nectar for the first time in my life! She said "Drink it without pausing or you will be punished." I picked up the glass and swallowed the still-warm liquid just as I like to drink beer. It was not too unpleasant but I definitely did not enjoy it. Miss Carol laughed and informed me I would be doing this on the first day of every month but in future it would be directly from the source.

    I decided to read up this thread to see what others have experienced. Some really helpful hints and I am strangely looking forward to July 1.
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  22. I would drink my wife pee if She ask an love it
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  23. You are a very lucky boy !!
  24. I love it when my GF squats over my head and lets me drink her nectar. She will also fill a glass for me to tend to. She will occasionally drink mine and together what an incredible aphrodisiac we have.
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