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Drinking the Golden nectar

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Socal_locked, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Until a recent visit by my wife's sister, we considered this a hard limit. To my surprise, she used to be a pro domme, although my wife knew. When she came to visit my wife asked her to help with my training. We had never really got along (I'm not good enough for her little sister) so I was expecting a rough week. I was flogged quite a bit at first, but after a while we moved on to pushing the edges. She had me lay down in the shower and straddled my face, ordering me to pleasure her orally while my wife teased my "little man." With a curt "Drink," she let loose her nectar. Shocked, I sputtered a bit but soon realised it was actually good! I slipped deeper into sub space than I ever had before. When she changed places with my wife, I was eager for it. Since then, my wife has made drinking her golden nectar a regular occurence. I have made a queening chair so she can be more comfortable while annointing me. When she is finished, I must clean her with my tongue. Sooooo humiliating, yet so exciting to be her "piss boy."
  2. Reasons a couple may consider adding “water sports” to their sexual repertoire:
    • Sexual acts that are deemed as “forbidden” or “taboo” can often create sexual excitement from the mere act of engaging in that behavior
    • Physical pleasure from the release of urine (for those of us who can admit that it does feel good to urinate, especially when we really need to go!
    • Emotional pleasure from the increased intimacy, trust and “knowing every part” of your partner
    • More intense orgasms with a full bladder
    • Used during role playing and other “dominance/submission” sex acts
  3. Something I've been talking to my slave about doing To him.
    I'm not sure how and when but soon
    Mistress. L
  4. Mistress L. Its so hot having a Mistress mark you. The warm piss is heaven on your body. And the taste is awesome. Watching the stream leave her vent, Is wonderful.
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  5. Hi pillowbiter. ..nice to meet you, and yes I'm really looking forward having my slave experience this , my plan is to drink a few glasses of water filling myself , and have him orally please me to orgasm and release myself in his mouth. ...I'm making myself drip thinking about it. ..:p
  6. I would love the chance to drink straight from a Lady. The only pee I ever get to see is my own. My wife has no inclination towards giving me her nectar at all.
  7. If you look into their Kitty, You will see the vent, When they piss it opens up. And a nice stream leaves it. Its so warm and sexy. And the smell is insane. I lick it clean, after she feeds me.
  8. My Mistress has been taking to me about this for the last few weeks. .I guess preparing me , I'm not sure what to expect, I'm not sure how and when but she's really looking forward to this. ...any suggestions
  9. I like her to humiliate me as she allows me to enjoy her warm piss, Laying under her, gives you full view of her hairy bush, I like to get my nose close so I can smell it. And then back away, so I can watch it release. A mistress that gives you this is wonderful. Enjoy her! She can rub her clitty. Knowing shes pissing on you. Will almost always drive her over the edge. Or lick her silly! Cleaning her up good, And Don't forget that puckerd Asshole. It tastes so good. And feels so good to her, having you lick it clean.
  10. My wife pissed on my face a few days ago, it was the first time she has done it directly onto my face. She's very enthusiastic about me drinking her urine, but I must admit I've been a little apprehensive. I was completely drenched in it, some went in my eye and lots went into my mouth. It didn't taste like I expected. I'm warming up to the idea of drinking her piss. I know she really wants me to do it, but it will be baby steps I think. My main issue was how cold the tub was and how it was a struggle for her to balance over me as the tub is quite narrow.
  11. Last night my Girlfriend drank a lot of water till her pee was somewhat clear and had a delicate taste. She had me sit on the floor, standing up she eased herself over to me, put my face directly against her pussy and let me drink her nectar as she released it into my mouth. It was delicious. Not salty or dark yellow but somewhat clear with a very clean taste. As I licked her while she was peeing she said it was a real rush for her. An erotic release of sorts.
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  12. Lol the shower may be ? Or run the bath a bit with hot water . Get closer so she can stand in the tub and hold your head up tight to her . Out side is nice and makes the grass grow. A nice big beer mug so you don't spill a drop. .

    Xx Wendy
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  13. Drinking either my own or someone's nectar has been something i have wanted to do for a very long time. Finally, after reading all these hot posts and reading about all seem to love it i had to try it. So about a week ago i peed into a cup and tried it, only a very little amount,but it wasn't too bad. The next time was about a 1/4 of a cup and now i have graduated to a 1/2 cup 3 times a week. Thank you all for your wonderful posts and for the encouragement it gave me. i now only have one body fluid of mine left to try. :) :)
  14. Drink a lot of water till your pee is pretty clear and has no salty or bitter taste.. You might find you really enjoy it! I have found myself going all day on a weekend continually drinking my or my KH's nectar. After a couple of glasses of nectar I follow it by a tall glass of water. It will get to the point where you almost have a continuous cycle of drinking and immediately peeing. My KH loves to ride my face and have me cover her pussy with my lips and drink. She also enjoys drinking mine straight from the source.

    Kind of a funny story but the first morning after we first slept together we were taking a shower and she wrapped herself around my leg and proceeded to pee on me and as I call it "Marked me". We have been together ever since and finding more and more ways to enjoy sexual pleasure together. She likes the feeling of control with me caged up.
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  15. Have a look at this site for some interesting items dedicated to pee fun and pee drinking; http://www.salamandra.ws/
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  16. i hope my wife try's this on me. I'm not so interested in the urine; but the humiliation and Dom aspect of it.
  17. The nectar and humiliation is great.
  18. I will insert a 6" catheter into my girlfriend and then drink through this "straw" until she is dry. With an extension tube she can watch it flow as I indulge and does not make a mess, though we keep a bed pad underneath for any drips. It has gotten to the point when she is over she will fill up a large glass honey jar with her nectar so I have it while she is away. I keep it refrigerated and between drinking it and spraying myself daily with it, it will usually last till she gets back and can fill it up again with fresh honey nectar. She calls me now whenever she has to pee and puts the phone close so I can listen to her pee flow into the toilet. Gives me a hard on every time. We have a couple of crystal champagne glasses we keep handy also so we can fill them for each other to drink. What an intoxicating elixir! I find myself craving her sweet drink now and drink as often as I can.
  19. I lap my champagne from a dog bowl
  20. I've drank my fiances urine one time. It was wonderful. I still get erect thinking about it. She wasn't really into it though. So it hasn't happened again. But I remain hopeful. I did get to lick her clean the other day after urinating so hopefully maybe I can sneak myself into drinking it again.

    When I drank it we were in bed visiting my parents and we were in the guest house. The bathroom was being remodeled so she would have had to walk inside to use the bathroom. I BEGGED her to let me drink her and she reluctantly agreed. She started out slow allowing me to swallow. She had a lot of pee and I drank every single drop. Positioning wise I was laying flat on my back and she put her knees on either side of my head and braced herself against the wall. She released about a water bottle worth of urine for me to enjoy.

    .... and my cage is tight as can be reliving this!
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  21. A good site for buying pee related items: http://www.salamandra.ws/
  22. Drinking golden nectar is one of my favourite kinks:
    - Straight from the source
    - Through a funnel (means no drops are missed)
    - From a wine glass
    - From a bowl (like a dog drinking water)
  23. I would love to drink from my Wife pussy that would be away for Her to own me
  24. My wife and our girlfriend were into that for many years. I was trained to drink it all by keeping my throat open so nothing spilled out. It took a few months of being their toilet to get to that point though. Our shower has a built in seat so I can sit down and my wife's vagina is at my mouth level. She just manipulates it to pee directly in my mouth. A few other things to try are rubber sheets so you can get into a 69 position, queening position or any other comfortable position. We also bought a small kiddie pool and did it in there. Easy cleanup in that. Most times my wife simply knelled over my face and peed in my mouth.
  25. I'm not sure about the full street at this point but licking her clean after she pees would be grate . I've found I like going down on her after a night at the bars when she has been peeing a lot and it's been all day since her morning shower.