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Drinking the Golden nectar

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Socal_locked, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Oh yes I love drinking my Mistress wee.
    I bought a cheap air filter mask from B & Q, a funnel and a length of tube. I pushed the tube through the mask. It used to fitted to the bed and then Mistress would pee into the funnel while I had the mask secured around my face. No leaks :)

    Now Mistress will just sit on my face and pee. I have to learn to swallow quickly. We bought an inflatable sided water proof sheet, It was only about £40 and now the bed can be protected and Mistress can now treat me.

    Thank you @Mistress DeborahMistress Deborah
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  2. While my wife has urinated on me before, I have never had the pleasure of drinking her urine and it's something that has never been mentioned. However, that She-we sure looks interesting (thanks for mentioning it SteveM) and could be fun to use in so many ways!
  3. A neat low cost solution that I saw in a friends playroom is to use an off the shelf plastic storage box, an off the shelf toilet seat and some foam pipe lagging. Cut out holes for the toilet seat on top and subbies head on the side then line with the foam. A nice added extra was restraints on either side to secure subbies wrist too.
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  4. We use a Portable toilet seat, Shes in the shower and calls for me, I rush to her with toilet seat in hand, I cant get enough of it, It is so Dominating, I lay on my back head under seat, and see it all, The smells of a woman will drive a sub crazy. I work her rosebud and Kitty real good with my tounge, Then it flows into my mouth and face, She pisses slow at first, then hard, I love watching it leaving her, And feeling her warmth as she sprays me. When locked it drives me insane, When unlocked ,sometimes she will allow me to masturbate as she sprays me, I love it so much, It runs into my ears and noise, and I drink as much as I can. I adore her. She has trained me well, She feeds me at least three times a week her piss, I will then please her . I know it sounds weird, But I cant get enough of it, To me its the most Dominating thing she does, to me. And she humiliates me as she sprays me. And it really turns her on.
  5. Just buy a toilet seat and fix some short legs to it at a suitable height, so that you can lay underneath whilst she is sat on the seat streaming for you, all available at your local diy store.
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  6. I have never felt closer to her, as when she pisses on my face. Very, very submissive. And sometimes I get lucky to receive her farts, when she releases her flow of urine on me. OMG HEAVEN!
  7. That's what we have, We made a queening chair. It has a leather neck sling, So I can get right into it as she sits, That's so hot. The waiting to get a good feeding. My face feels like what a pantie feels like, What a place to be!
  8. I did it with a girlfriend before I got married and then again early on in our marriage. It was a weekly thing for a while. My wife just drank a lot of water during the day so when she urinated in my mouth it hardly had any taste at all. I happen to be blessed with losing my sense of smell and taste when sexually aroused. Probably because my nose clogs up so that I have to breath through my mouth. This has enabled me to do things that would otherwise be a turnoff.
  9. Not done it yet but I think it will happen! My wife said not too long ago in a jokey way that I should be her toilet slave!!!!
  10. I just had a nice full belly of golden nectar the other night. After all kinds of oral service, she completely relieved herself right over my pillow. Luckily I didn't miss any. She is gaining control!
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  11. Good for you. Been doing this for a very long time now, on and off. We started out using the shower but after I mastered the technique of just opening my throat (hard to explain) so that her pee just went down it without having to gulp, we moved the fun to the bed. We also used a towel and there is a plastic waterproof mattress cover on it. We always used a waterproof mattress cover because you never know what is going to wet the bed.
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  12. I used to wonder how those guys in college could guzzle beer like that. Just opening up their throat for cheap beer. Now I'm doing it with pee!
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  13. Yep, same technique.
  14. It has a nice deep taste! Yummy! Love hearing it and watching it flow from Mistress.
  15. Do you like when she sits on your face so that you have no option but to swallow (my favorite) or like to see it coming?
  16. Love watching it release from Mistress, And Drinking it as it flows.
  17. My wife has several positions. If she has a little, then she is usually lying on her back while I suck the nectar out. I also got a camping toilet chair. Most of the time she sits on the edge of the tub, its a large whirlpool tub so it is fairly easy. However if she is upset with me she will with hold her nectar or make me drink it from a glass. I love it when she uses me as it reminds me of my status and I am being her ultimate slave
  18. there are few ways yes queens bed for sure,lay in tub an let her squart over your face but she has to learn to control the forced at which it comes out my wife took long time doing that,we find it much easier to catch her pee in wine glass
  19. So submissive, having wife/mistress piss all over my face. And cleaning her rosebud and clitty with my tounge. The smell and taste is so awesome.
  20. When Drinking wife/mistress urine, Do I receive her Estrogen? I always feel so girly, afterwards.
  21. My wife has a Go Girl Urinal. When she releases I suck her piss from her funnel. Its hot and yummy. And so humiliating.
  22. To start with see if she will allow you to kneel by her while she pee's, once she's use to that hopefully she want you to clean her when she's finished. It's but a simple step from there to get her hold your head right next to her pee stream in time she'll allow you to drink.
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  23. We have a wet room instead of a tub or shower tray, she just calls me in before her shower, I lay down and she squats over me and lets her nectar flow,i drink as much as I can, she always stops short, raises up a little and pees all over my face just to humiliate me and show her superiority.
    I then lick her pussy drips and give her ass a good licking, tongueing and kissing and thank her. (that smells and tastes so good).
    She really appreciates this submission....and I enjoy doing it for her.
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  24. Wonderful description thank you I'm a little jealous ;)

    My KH always had me clean her after peeing, or if she was busy in the garden and didn't want to stop what she was doing she would use me as her toilet. I think this form of submission is one the cornerstone of submission and serving your mistress.
  25. Oh my, its so hot, Drinking her warm piss, And licking her ass, The smell and taste is so awesome, I cant get enough of her, I so understand you. Kissing her soft ass. And if I am a good girl she will pass gas, As I work her wonderful asshole , for me to enjoy, and laugh and humiliate me, I was born to serve!
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