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Drinking the Golden nectar

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Socal_locked, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. #1 Socal_locked, Jan 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 4, 2017
    Mod note: This thread has been locked, there is now a single thread about watersports, this can be found here: https://www.chastitymansion.com/forums/index.php?threads/watersports.22853/

    I just had my first experience drinking my wife's golden necter from the source. It was during 5 weeks of denial, and it was amazing. We really want to do this more frequently, but we are having a problem finding a position that works, that also lets her relax. We tried with her sitting on my face on the bed. This was really hard on my neck as well as hard for her to relax enough to pee. I managed to drink about half of what she had to offer, but she had to finish up in the bathroom. I feel she has a fairly large volume of urine. Our bed is not too firm being a Tempur pedic, so it causes you to really sink in.

    Does anybody have any suggestion for good posttions for receiving the golden offereing, or for even attending clean up in the bathroom? I would really like to make this a regular thing, and would prefer it from the source, rather then a glass.

  2. You can look into building or buying a queening chair, where you lay on your back and your wife sits down on the chair which has a toilet seat, she releases as if sitting on the toilet and you get the nectar. There are also funnel gags available as well.
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  4. i kinda like the idea of being forced fed by the funnel gag.
    I've had it from the source and mixed in my tea or coffee (my special drinks from her)
  5. For years i was fascinated with the idea of drinking my wife's urine, but never brought it up. Last year we had talked about it for the first time after reading something about it, & surprisingly she wasn't opposed to it. We never went through with the deed until several months later.

    She read that it was another way to exhibit dominance & liked the concept. i was pretty excited & pretty nervous since i had never done it before & didn't know what to expect as far as taste, sensations, etc. We decided to set ourselves up in the bathtub to reduce any chance of a big mess.

    My ankles were locked together with a short piece of chain, & my wrists were locked at my sides to a chain around my waist. The idea of restraining me was so that i had no choice but to remain on my back in the tub until my wife had finished urinating.

    She positioned herself over the side of the tub at first, but it proved to be too awkward. She then got into the tub, placing each of her feet at the left & right sides of my head while squatting over my face. She let her nectar flow into my wide open mouth. The warm sensation was wild, & the taste was much better than i had expected. i couldn't swallow it all, but did swallow quite a bit. Whatever i couldn't drink ran all over my face, neck & chest.

    My wife chuckled as she got out of the tub & said, "There, you finally got to drink my piss, hope you enjoyed it." She then left me in the tub with her urine all over me & closed the door as she went back to reading emails. It was about 30 minutes later that she came back to unlock me & said we would start doing that more regularly so i know my place.

    It was nice submitting to her in such a way & i can't wait to do it more often. The only thing that would make it easier is one of the queening chairs set up over me so she doesn't have to balance herself & can sit more comfortably.
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  6. Yes, the bathtub is the best place.
    i sit with my head tilted back and lock my mouth onto Her pussy and wait til She starts to flow.
    When She is done i lick Her clean.
    Seems to work OK for us.

  7. OK, I know this is not everyone's taste but I LOVE doing this to my husband. Very intimate. Lately I have denied him all pussy contact but I may revive this.
  8. Go to Walmart or a car parts place. Buy a funnel used for putting oil in the car. The come in plastic and you can get them as long as 6 feet, plus they are flexible. Your wife can pee in the large top of the funnel, sitting or standing up. The smalled end goes in your mouth> it is felxible so you can sit normally and the pee will flow right into your mouth.
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  9. Would love to try, but so far this is hitting Mistress' limits.
  10. I think if I ever used the porcelain toilet instead of my husband, his feelings would be hurt.
  11. I like the idea of the long funnel. I think she finds it a lot easier to get on the toilet and let loose, instead of have to be careful, and hold back while sitting on my face. Lately she hasn't need to pee at all after I service her, and just goes right to sleep. So I haven't gotten to taste her in a while.
  12. I am not allowed to go anywhere near my wife's pussy, except to shave her prior to her having sex and if she is in a very generous mood (rarely), lick her lover's cum off her pussy lips. But, she will indulge my craving for her Goddess Elixir. We've tried all sorts of ways over the years. Most days, before I am allowed to worship her asshole, she will pee in to a special tall mug and I drink it all down. A few years ago, I purchased a folding toilet seat and cushion (from amazon) and we've turned it in to a queen's throne. On the weekend she will sit on her throne while I lay under it (either in our walk-in shower or I lay on a large plastic bucket that has a two inch lip all around it). I stare up at her beautiful pussy and asshole. She does not pee right away so I have time to consider what is about to happen. She'll drink coffee and do things, like emails, on her droidpad. Suddenly her pee will come out and I frantically try to drink it all down. My face and hair gets drenched. The humiliation and arousal never gets old. I adore this opportunity to actually worship her pussy and watch her pee come down on me. She always uses toilet paper to wipe up the drops on her pussy lips and tosses it on my face. She leaves the room to give me time to consider my position in her life.

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  13. What a wonderful post, marcus. It's so nice to see that you recognize that you have no right to your Wife's pussy and that you understand her generosity in letting you shave Her, lick the cum from Her, and enjoy Her delicious pee. What an honor for you to have Her pee on you and into you. you are a lucky cuckold!
  14. I like being "forced" to drink my wife's urine. She ties me to a board and ties a ring gag to my head forcing my mouth open. the ring gag has two extra straps that get secured to the left and right side of the board. Once complete my mouth is forced open, and I can't turn my head. She pees in my mouth and I just hold it there without swallowing. She sees this and says "Oh, so you think you won't drink it?" and then simply holds my nose closed. Now I can't breath through my nose and I can't breath through my mouth (it's full of urine). So If I want to live, I must swallow the urine. Restricting the head and holding the nose is such a deceptively easy way to absolutely force me to drink her urine. I love it!
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  15. Mistress Brenda. Thank you for your encouragement. Your posts are truly delicious and I am honored to have you comment on my posts.

  16. How sweet that you think my posts are delicious, marcus. But I am sure what your Wife feeds you is much more delicious!
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  17. When i received the treasure of the nectar it was in the tub as it's the easiest for all but it was a free standing tub (not enclosed in wall). Sub/bottom simply lays in and Mistress sits over and can direct the positioning of both - it's Her control after all.

    The funnel is wonderful for many a reason but can be overwhelming unless She can control Her output, but hey, it's a messy business to begin with.

    i like the ice cube trays as well and enjoying it in drinks along with my cum cubes. She REALLY enjoys seeing this and directing of course - receiving something that W/we both made.

    It's powerful stuff once you get over the hurdle of it.
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  18. The pisscubes sound like a good idea, very versatile.
  19. like the idea of the flexible funnel, we also had similar problems.
    i used to lie in the tub with her over me, but be careful to hold your head slightly forward, otherwise it goes up your nose and that isnt a pleasurable experience
  20. I would add that a rolled up towel placed under the subs neck can help position their head more favourably
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  21. Same answer as above, build a toilet chair, its very easy to build and fairly cheap also.
  22. We ran into the same problem as my wife would put one leg up on the edge of the bathtub while I laid down in it. Not very comfortable for her. As some have said, they sell chairs for this kind of thing and you can make your own if you know to leave the openings a few inches above the lowest level so nothing flows out and coat the inside with something that is moisture proof.

    We used to love when we went to luxury hotels that has huge walk in showers that could fit many people. Then it was a simple matter of my wife sitting directly on my face as she is less than 100 lbs. When we moved to my current house I had them put in a seat in the shower so she can sit down and I can lick her while kneeling or she can stand up while I sit and lick her.

    One other thing we tried with success was to simply buy a cheap inflatable pool like they sell for kids and put that on the bed and then empty it afterwards. Works real well.
  23. One of the joys of being in a female led marriage is occasionally I get to worship at the font so to speak.
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  24. Quick update. I got to drink at the golden fountain a couple days ago. We just used a thick towel to catch spillage, and a lay under her hoping for the best. Well, it turned out that she had a ton to drink before bed. It just kept coming and coming, and I kept on drinking until I thought I couldn't drink any more. It was very dilute and pleasant tasting, and I lay there determined to empty her completely. Finally she got off me and laughed when I commented on how much she peed. It was an great experience and I hope she has a big bowl of soup before bed sometime soon.
  25. Just wanted to ad something I just came across. I believe it is called the She-we. It is basically a cup with a long spout that fits over the vagina so women can pee standing up. Something like that would work if she was standing in the shower and you were laying on your back. She could direct the stream into your mouth. They also have portable camping toilets that are basically a toilet seat on some legs. They also sell toilet seats in BDSM stores but they tend to be expensive. The camping one would allow her to sit and you lay under her. Other than that I can only suggest that you kneel in front of her while she pees. I was able to put my mouth on her vagina this way.

    I am lucky in that my wife was 85 lbs. when we were into that and I almost three times her weight and over a foot taller. She could sit directly on my mouth and did not feel heavy at all. However, since we played our watersport games in bed, I learned how to open my throat so that it went straight into my stomach or else I had to clean up afterwards. Sometimes if my wife felt like she had to go a lot, we would simply cut open a large Hefty plastic bag and put it under my head to capture any stray urine. A small inflatable kiddie pool also works for this purpose.

    Just be aware that sometimes with urine, comes an unexpected surprise when she bears down to pee. That is a whole different kink. :)
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