Dream or Nightmare

Discussion in 'Journals and blogs' started by Deleted member 53138, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. Deleted member 53138

    I just had my first Chastity dream!
    I was walking down a busy city street, when I suddenly needed to pee. I quickly found a men's room, I was desperate.....it was one of those open plan Victorian ones with the large banks of porcelain urinals. I always sit to pee in real life, but for some reason I had to stand. I looked for a quiet corner and made my way towards it.....at this point I was bare footed and I was aware of walking through wetness! I glanced around and removed my caged cock, or rather my Mistresses cock, and everyone was staring at me.....at that point as I started to pee I woke up!
    Anyone want to analyse this??
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