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Dorsal nerve injection

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by optimusprime, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. After many years of planning and careful thought, I have now acquired the following items:

    TENS unit
    Sterilized 25g Hypodermic needles and syringes
    96% Ethyl Alcohol

    I'm going to try locating the dorsal nerves of the penis directly, and if I can reliably do that, I plan to perform neurotomy with the procedure described here: https://www.bme.com/media/story/837235/?cat=hard

    If all goes well I plan to inject this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes!

    I don't really expect this to completely end the possibility to orgasm, but that would be a welcome result.


    - Optimus
  2. Wow, that is heavy.

    I've read the story in the link you added...
    I'm not sure it would be something for me: having my penis locked when knowing that the cage reduces the frequency of my ejaculations as to how many or few my wife wants is what makes it exciting for me.
    Being not able anyhow would change that dynamic too much and I fear the thrill of chastity would no longer be present...

    Anyhow: I wish you good luck in achieving what you want (when you are in a relation, I trust you discussed this with your better half and she seconds your desire..)
  3. I have an online friend who used one a hand cranked generator from an old hand cranked telephone on her husband and it has permanently fried the nerves in his penis. Be careful what you wish for! Have you tried numbing it with banding yet?
  4. Yes, I've tried banding before. I don't like the idea of de-oxygenated blood returning back into the body, it always makes me queasy and feeling sick. I especially don't like the way I find sensation returning, it is the painful kind of pins and needles sensation.

    I am pretty sure I could fry the nerves if that is what I wanted to do. I don't want to affect nerves below the penis itself, or the ventral nerves. Precision is required here, and I am targeting only the dorsal nerves. The idea is to eliminate the glans and deep urethral sensation that drives the ejaculatory reflex, with the hope of eliminating that reflex. I seriously doubt that orgasm will be eliminated, but it should be much more difficult to achieve.

    I did inject both sides as close to the dorsal nerve as I could get. Unfortunately I couldn't get precise enough with this. Using the TENS, I was able to pinpoint the dorsal nerves and find good locations without superficial veins in the way. However, I was erring on the side of caution with depth and I don't think I went deep enough. I need either a smaller gauge needle or a way of clamping the penis in place to proceed with confidence.

    Currently healing up and will try again next weekend.
  5. Do you mean you did hurt yourself?
  6. Obviously sticking needles into and injecting alcohol directly is not something the body is quite used to. Just going slow to make sure all is well.

    Seems like things are well enough, so I tried again, this time with 27g needles. 3 injections of 0.2cc on the right, one on the left, as close as I could pinpoint to the nerve. Still no dramatic effect. Am I being too conservative on depth or just missing because I am not using an electrode on the needle itself?

    Problem I am having is that the TENS unit is too powerful on the second lowest setting, and not powerful enough on the lowest setting. Either I need to move the other electrode closer and use the lower setting, or move the other electrode further away and hope the increased resistance will help. Will take some experimentation to figure out.

    27g on the needle is the way to go however. Goes through skin and flesh like a knife through butter.
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  7. You may want to look at 30% calcium chloride
  8. I see; indeed better to be careful that you only get the result you want and nothing unwanted..
    Good luck!
  9. It has escaped my understanding as to why you want to fi this. It is my understanding that these fetishes are sexually driven.
    Elimenating the very heart of that seems counter productive and if you achieve success there will be no reset available.
    Are you sure you want to transcend the fantasy?
  10. Why exactly are you wanting to reduce or destroy your ability to have an orgasm again? I missed that part.

    I'm not trying to judge here, but maybe you should talk to someone about you and your feelings and emotions before you destroy your penis. Just saying. I don't know you, and I'm not a counselor but if you are going through something and you need to talk I can listen.
  11. i wish i had not look at that web place, eeeeek.
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  12. Me too Jemima... Me too...
  13. I have a bisected glans like the person on BME said they have, but there is no way on earth I would permanently want to remove feeling from my glans. The split glans increases the sensations I get through a larger surface area, and it gives my Wife more power over me. If I removed the sensation from my glans permanently that would destroy her ability to tease and deny me. She couldn't tease me as there would be no sensation, and you can't deny someone something that can't happen.

    Like the person in the BME description said, make sure you absolutely want this.
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  14. Well after several rounds of injection I have not successfully killed dorsal nerve sensation yet. I would peg my sensation compared to when I was a horny teenager as around 3/10 now.

    As for why do I want to remove those sensations - I don't want to feel or be driven by my penis any more. I prefer pleasuring my wife, and I prefer not having any sensation in my penis whatsoever other than being able to get erect and have the feeling of arousal. Removing feeling from the glans should get me about as close to that as possible.

    As for orgasm, I don't expect that to entirely go away, although I would happily accept it if it did. What I can say is that the less I feel from my penis, the more intense my orgasm has become. I literally get off by pleasuring my partner now, from fantasy and arousal alone, and the last orgasm I had that way was - I am not a religious person, but holy mother of god, jesus, allah shiva and shakti combined - one of the most intense and best experiences of my life. So satisfying that I don't actually need to have it again.

    And I would actually prefer not to, and just focus on giving that kind of pleasure to my wife.
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  15. Dear @optimusprime@optimusprime
    Looks like you might want to talk to our administrator (@Administrator@Administrator who is in a similar arrangement (only he does it with banding).
    Just an idea.
  16. Actually banding may be useful - it is far easier to pinpoint the nerves when engorged, and banding with a cock ring to keep the member enlarged should help me get a better fix on the nerves. I've been following this couple as well, but repeated application of banding is not my thing, I am looking for a permanent solution.
  18. @Numbpierceddick@Numbpierceddick

    My Wife absolutely hates my split glans, it's the reason I wear a chastity device. She didn't want to control my orgasms. It was done so she didn't have to see the modification. Everything else that has happened from wearing the device is a happy accident.

    As for the how it is pretty graphic and not for the faint hearted. I numbed my penis by banding the base and then used surgical clamps to crush the area below my glans into my urethra to perform a meatotomy and a subincision. This is done using a scalpel or surgical scissors. The top of the glans was slit simply using a scalpel, just a small amount each time. You bleed like a stuck pig so a good understanding of first aid is critical. I used a strong cord as a tourniquet at the base of my penis.