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Dorsal nerve injection = success!

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by optimusprime, May 8, 2017.

  1. While, it seems to have worked! I ended up going back to a 25G needle in the end, and this seems to have been key - harder to get through the flesh, but less bendy and more able to stay on target. I targeted nerves all along the dorsal branches and injected pure dehydrated alcohol. Currently I estimate my sensitivity around 5% of what it used to be. This is awesome - I can get erect purely from a fantasy, so autonomic arousal appears to be working correctly, but manual stimulation produces nearly zero results.

    I have almost no feeling in the glans at all, yet I still feel the erection as a sense of fullness, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I have not tried to orgasm yet. I think it will still be possible, but quite likely different now.

    I'm actually thinking I want to go further and target some of the ventral nerves as well - I would love to kill the sensation inside the urethra itself and actually totally block the ejaculatory reflex.

    In any case, I am very happy with the results but going to take a break before going any further.

    I think I've also proved to myself that even with the penis 100% gone I would still be orgasmic, just the only way I would have to achieve that is from a fantasy or from pleasuring my wife - which is also exactly what we both would want.
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  2. Very interesting.
  3. Really thinking about doing this my self. I would like to just do above my circumcision scare line. So about an inch before the glans and the glans them selves are numb. How numb is it for you. Do you still feel heat and cold. Or is it totally numb to anything? I have been banding but can only seam to get it so numb with banding. I already have a tens and the needle size you used. How hard was it to get everything worked out? Thanks
  4. I managed to get a good result, but I would highly advise against anyone doing this to themselves. Chances are you could hurt yourself and end up with an infection or even more serious problem if you hit a vein or artery by mistake. I even went a bit too far with one of the injections and now have some healing to do before I can proceed farther. I got greedy and wanted to numb that sweet spot just below the corona on the underside of the glans - innervation there is much more complicated, as is the venous system, as far as I can tell, and the skin if you are circumcised, without a tight circumcision, makes it hard to target things precisely.

    As for results, for me, the skin of the penis shaft and the glans are almost completely numb. Can barely feel a pinch. Have not tried hot and cold - will do! The sub-dermal penis body is fully alive and working, so I can still get totally erect when aroused, but stimulating the penis itself is completely useless, and it is thus far impossible to masturbate or reach orgasm that way. So far I am loving this result.

    I tried using the tens unit again to see what sensation I could find in the skin around the shaft and in the glans. I had to turn the unit up to level 3, and still could barely detect any sensation above the line of injection. Maybe one place in the glans that might be innervated by a stray nerve coming from below. Before doing this, I could barely tolerate the unit at level 0.5 without feeling electrified down there so clearly I've had some good progress.
  5. Very interesting will have to do some research on this subject.
    . Xx Wendy
  6. No response to cold. Have not tried heat - do not want to risk a burn until I'm fully healed. Ice cubes on the glans produce no feeling. I can barely feel anything by pinching the skin on the glans or the shaft, even very hard.

    Liking the numbness so far, but if I really try, I do get some sensation, mostly from underneath. By rubbing was able to generate a little bit of pre-cum. Would like to numb even closer to the base (I did it at about less 3/4 inch from the base of the cock, so almost 80% of my shaft is numb). There is still a little skin sensation underneath, I think targeting the ventral nerves that can be reached about 50% of the way from the base would probably help numb that sweet spot under the corona.

    Not messing with anything near the corona again.
  7. Hope you heal well. Not trying to numb under like you tried to. I would still like to orgasim with a bit of work. With banding I can only orgasim with doggy style and my wife scratching the under side of my penis. Works almost every time. For me I want this like I stated just the glans and maybe a inch or so before. My glans are super sensitive and I get very easily aroused by any little touch. Doesn't have to sexual just move the right way in my pants and I'm hard. To the point I feel like I need to have an orgasm or it won't go away. With banding and my penis numb I'm a lot more focused and spend a lot less time thinking about sex and get a lot more done. Also sex is a lot better with my wife because I don't focus on having an orgasm , more focused on enjoying the act.

    I wouldn't want to have more numbness then you already have. When I first started banding I could get it completely numb to where I didn't have a feeling of hot or cold or anything for that matter. You could scrub it with a brush and I couldn't feel it. At that point it harder to maintain and erection. If you have some feeling , you can keep your erection going for pretty much as long as you want but not reach orgasm. To the point where your partner will give up lol I would stop where your at depending on you goal and let it heal and try it out for a few months to see if you want to go further with it. Since your original post seams like you haven't experimented with banding.
  8. Yeah, I am definitely stopping to heal.

    Using the TENS on level 4 I can now find only one spot left on the glans that has any sensation at all. I have found two places on the shaft where there is still some decent dorsal nerve involvement, will definitely be numbing those in the next round.

    So hard to refrain from doing it now, but I want to be safe. Will be using chlorhexidine next time around to avoid any chance of infection.
  9. Sounds rather extreme - take care and don't give yourself an infection!
  10. No infection, I am healing very well in the injection sites, but one site where I did my initial test with 27g needles has still not fully recovered. I believe I was scared to go too far in and just injected into the dermal layer, resulting in a pool of 100% alcohol directly under the skin. I also think I injected far too much at once. This created a sore that is still healing. Cleansed last night with chlorhexidine swabs and applied a waterproof bandage, hopefully after this weekend all will be well.
  11. If you are not health care trained, then you are taking a major risk. If you end up with sepsis, then not getting an erection will be the least of your worries!
  12. seems extreme for sure and limiting at best. when i want my puck's penis to be without feeling (which totally ruins his orgasm) i mix a 1% dibucaine and 20% benzocaine ointments and fill an inch at the bottom of a condom. i take some in my hand and rub it in till he's fully erect. then slide on the condom insuring the entire shaft is covered in ointment. then i wrap it tightly in rope. wait ten minutes and undo the rope. slide the condom up and down making sure he has a good blood supply. then i wrap it for another ten minutes. he can't feel his penis all day. still gets hard. still satisfies his ma'at and he gets it with no feelings at all.
  13. @Ma'at Rebekah@Ma'at Rebekah I like your chemical 'cocktail' and would like to give that a try. Are those components readily available (if so, under what brand names) or only through prescriptions? Humble regards.