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    Hello everyone,

    I would like to offer my services to a London Domme as a domestic house boy to carry out Her cleaning, chores and errands, so She can focus on getting on with Her life without worrying about menial activities like those.

    As a starting point, I would look to complete the following tasks, but of course You could add to the list as You want -
    • Vacuum the carpets & mop the hard floors.
    • Cleaning and polishing windows and mirrors.
    • Clean & scrub the toilet, basin, bath and shower
    • Collect dirty and used clothes for laundry.
    • Dust, wipe and clean furniture and fixtures.
    • Wipe down all units in the kitchen from top to bottom including over.
    • Perform yard work, mow the grass, sweeping up leafs, watering plants etc
    • Vacuuming the inside of your car and washing the paintwork.
    • Wash and dirty plates in the sink.
    • Basic DIY and home maintenance.
    • And to run any errands you may need.

    About me, I ’m a friendly guy in my 30’s, 6 foot tall, medium build with with a decent sense of humour and all my own hair. I also appreciate people’s need for privacy and for the need for discretion, so depending on your preference, I would offer to wear a completely normal looking uniform of black work trousers and a polo-shirt while working so as not to alert your neighbours.

    If that sounds of interest, then please message me with any questions you have.

    Many thanks,
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