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Doing our part to help

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Queensbitch, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. My wife's best friend called Saturday saying she was in the area and wanting to hang out. Her, her bf, and her son. While her and my wife was talking, she asked my wife what she was doing. Wife told her she was picking out my outfit for under my regular clothes then asked her if she wanted to help. She text her a picture of all my stockings and bras laid out and the two of them chose my black stockings, garter, and teal bra as my outfit.
    Her friend had expressed interest in my cage previously after my wife had told her about all the benefits that she has learned over the last 3 years.
    Before they left Sunday to go home, my wife and I decided to donate the old CB that was just collecting dust in the drawer.
    Now we are just waiting to hear about she has started locking him up while they are separate from going to work.
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  2. Superb, can't wait to here on their developments.
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    And maybe your wife will be wanting to see it in use again soon too.....:):):)
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  4. As far as I know she is yet to get him locked in it. My wife said her plan is to leave it in his towel to find and get fitted. Of course in the beginning it won't be on very long before she is getting him out to be put to use.
    He has no idea yet that she is planning to get him locked safely away
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  5. You will have done him a great service. The more men who are caged, the better world it will be.
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  6. That is our opinion too. We even talked about how a cage would be a great gift for a bridal shower. Originally they would think it's just funny, then once they tried it. Well we know the rest.
    It sure could help the marriage success rate
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  7. I think caging is an extremely effective method of initiating hubby into his submissive role, if he isn't already there. He must understand that his wife is his Mistress.
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  8. Very good.
    Spread the word.
    Sing it from the rooftops.
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  9. She might want to leave a note with it asking him (or ordering him - which depends on their relationship) to put it on and to give her the key when he sees her next

    (I initially thought of not leaving the key but it might be a bit more practical for a first time wearer to have the key to fit and adjust it)
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  10. It'll be interesting to see whether hubby will take the hint. Most men tend not to. He may think it's a Lilliputian birdcage.
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  11. Did your wife have you show off your outfit to her best friend? That could be pretty embarrassing and/or humiliating.
  12. Actually I was going to have to model it, but there was never a chance without kids close by. Of course I would of modelled, after all she helped pick it out