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Do I want this or not? Semi-forced bi-sexuality... Hmmm?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by SteelPleasure, Oct 14, 2016.


Men in chastity made to suck cock?

  1. I am a keyholder and want my chastised male to do this

  2. I am chastised and want to do this

  3. I am a keyholder and am uncertain about this

  4. I am chastised and am uncertain about this

  5. I am a keyholder and do not want this

  6. I am chastised and do not want this (but might for my keyolder)

  7. I am chastised and would NEVER do this

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  1. Forced or suggested bisexuality by your KH is a humbling act and rather feminizing to say the least, requiring some real surrender on the subs part, ready or not. Not something I have to think too much about presently, although I wouldn't hesitate if I thought that's what she wanted.
  2. Well, I love doing it. Always have. I'm not gay as I don't actually fancy men but I really love cock. The fact that my wife doesn't like sucking cock means if her BF wants a bj, she points to me and says "He'll do it." Heaven.
  3. :)
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  4. (
    My wife doesn't like sucking cock either. Since starting in chastity and surrendering to her, it is something that no longer takes place for me. Wish she had a BF so I could be on the other end of it for her. lol....as I would do anything like that to please her. (and him)
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  5. Wow. This was a hard limit of mine at one time. But as we all know things change.

    I'd warn anyone who's thinking of going here that once you start bi play you won't go back. It'll get in your head and you'll question your sexuality, you'll be all confused and eventually you'll accept that it's just another fun sex act.

    Once you get past the self doubt, the questioning of yourself you'll realize that you love it, and if your keyholder enjoys it it'll be something you want to do for her as well as yourself.
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  6. I agree that it is a very humbling experience and an act of surrender for a man to sexually service his Mistress's lover. While a bit extreme for some, my feeling is that many cuckolds and other men who are not cuckolds, derive pleasure from watching their wife with other men. Why should I not get the same opportunity? If the lover I am with is so inclined, I enjoy having the power to tell my cuckold to suck my lover hard for me, or to give him oral sex to a nice Happy Ending, or to bend over the bed and spread his cheeks and take my lover anally. To me there is no control over my submissive man's sex life unless I have total control. I like it when my submissive's surrender to me is that deep and pure. And sometimes I am simply in a kinky mood and just want to see two hot naked men go at it with each other.
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  7. That was a very hot post. My feelings are so mixed on the cuckold, or her flat out making me suck someone off or take in the back side for her. Think I would do it but the circumstances would need to be just right. At the end of the day though I would probably be in for whatever.
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  8. I have been the bull and cuckolded a few husbands, one husband for 25 years. It would still be going if I did not move away. I cannot be submissive to a male. Even when I had sex with the two males, I was the pitcher and they were the catchers. They were effeminate gay teens and submissive to me. I never heard the word bull until two years ago. I considered myself as a lover to married women whose husbands enjoyed having their wife have sex with me and then hearing about it afterwards. I never used a condom as it was pre AIDS and STDs were pretty much limited to prostitutes. The good old days where the only question before sex was if the girl was on the Pill or some other form of birth control. I also never had sex with a wife when her husband asked me too. I always declined. It made me feel like I was being used by a male. I met these wives during the course of my everyday life. They seduced me, not their husbands.

    I engaged in open relationships and group sex, so tasting semen in women after they had sex with other men was part of the game. Not something we wanted. Just something we ignored. I have gone down on my wife after a guy had cum inside her. The semen did not turn me on, just the fact that he ejaculated in her aroused me. The fact that she had sex with another guy or girl, made sex very intense but it was never about the semen. I cannot imagine myself being submissive outside of sex. I will assume the role of a sub during sex with a women I deem worthy of submitting to, but once sex is over, I run the show again. Made for some interesting times. I was whipped until I bled and then 15 minutes later the woman who whipped me was submissive to me after sex was over. Kind of weird but it worked for us.
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  9. Miss doesn't think it is strange or bizarre, it is natural. As a chastised sub I have been trained to the cock, before I met Miss and started a FLR I wasn't bi, or so I thought. Now, I am required to suck cock when it is presented and to present my ass for fucking when requested. Really it is something I like and it and take pride in being a good cock sucker and a great fuck! I wasn't forced at all, just a requirement :)
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  10. It is not what you want or whether you have an attraction to men. I do not have an attraction to me, but my mistress KH loves humiliating me and watching me suck her lovers cock. It is part of her enjoyment, so I do it as she requests. I have to clean his cum off her tits as well as out of her and off his cock when they have sex. Often, I am required to prepare him to penetrate her. Occasionally, she will have me entertain her or her friends by giving a full blowjob. She thinks it is super hot and she keeps telling me how it gets her wet.

    A few times, she has used her strap-on on me while I suck her lover. She keeps telling me if I am not good, they switch and she will have him fuck me in the ass. I know she has done that before with other subs, so I think it is really the bull who objects to fucking me or else it would have already happened.
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  11. My Keyholder is my wife and though we have been to sex clubs and nude beaches it has always been as exhibitionist and voyeurs. She would never actually share me or herself with another couple.
  12. To be intimate with another man than No. But to be told or forced by my Mistress to give someone a Blow Job, than Yes. I enjoy receiving a BlowJob and don't mind the taste of my own cum. It would be interesting to experience someone cumming in my mouth. It's something that's on my Bucket List maybe someday
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  13. I am a switch but I consider myself submissively bi-sexual. I am not attracted to men and I would need female presence to participate in bisexual activity. I am also not fem. However, taking cock in my mouth and ass under the direction of a female, or during a cuckolding type scene is a fantasy. Adding a chastity device during this time is icing.
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