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Do I want this or not? Semi-forced bi-sexuality... Hmmm?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by SteelPleasure, Oct 14, 2016.


Men in chastity made to suck cock?

  1. I am a keyholder and want my chastised male to do this

  2. I am chastised and want to do this

  3. I am a keyholder and am uncertain about this

  4. I am chastised and am uncertain about this

  5. I am a keyholder and do not want this

  6. I am chastised and do not want this (but might for my keyolder)

  7. I am chastised and would NEVER do this

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  1. I am in permanent chastity, in a steel belt. We live between the UK and Ireland. My wife has a fantasy of watching me sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass at the same time, while I am locked up.

    Personally, I am not too sure about it. I think I'd have to not know it was happening beforehand. I'd want to have a hood covering my eyes, as I would not want to even see what is happening. Nor would I particularly want to hear what is going on. If it is going to happen I just want the cocks in my mouth and ass and nothing else at all. Just the cocks... The feel of them in me. And I am paranoid about the hygiene and cleanliness, but know it won't feel right if they are encased in rubber. I need to feel the heat and taste the meat and have the hot squirt of cum.

    I am not a sissified guy. Just a man in chastity. She knows I often fantasise about cocks, but she also knows I have absolutely zero attraction to men. The longer I am in chastity, the more I crave cock, any cock. It's a weird feeling. To kind of think that if I can't get erect myself, the more I want erect cocks around me. If I can't cum myself, I want other men to cum in me.

    She loves how I am so horny all the time with the belt on. She loves how my member swells out of the cracks in the penis tube. She knows that I'd probably get off on it, even if I am not at all sure about it myself.

    She may want to find another woman who has some men she can bring with her to the party and the two of them can get off on watching.

    Will it ever happen? I honestly don't know. I am not at all sure. The dark side of me longs for it, but the rest of me is not comfortable with it.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on the subject?
  2. I would think long and hard about expanding your marital relationship to bring in other people. There may well be risks and, if your relationship and communication is not strong enough, you my well be risking your marriage! Open communication about this potential should really come first.
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  3. In our relationship it's a must. My Lady really loves the idea altogether. We haven't done it yet because our relation is very recent but we have been talking a lot about this and we will do it for sure. Of course will all the possible care since involving others into a relationship is a delicate issue.
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  4. If you are going to let ANY man fuck your arse then for goodness sake make sure he is wearing a condom. I would suggest the same for oral sex to be on the safe side. It's not just HIV these days, there are plenty of other nasty diseases around.

    Like the previous post, I thing you both have to be 100% ok with it otherwise pressure will be put on your marriage or relationship and could cause a break up going forward.

    I fully understand why you would want to be blindfolded and not be able to hear, in any form of sexual adventure that makes it more excitimg
  5. I so want to please Her by pleasing a man. My fantasy would be a (Sissy/She-Male/Shim/Dude-Looks-Like-A-Lady, take your preference). I have seen so many that are just beautiful, and the thought of having the Boy-Bits down there is a turn on for me!! And yes, I would remain locked, before, during, and after.
  6. Given that you just managed to throw out a choice selection of names that are all pejorative in nature I hope that this just remains a fantasy for you and no transwoman actually has to put up with you in real life. We are real people and prefer not to be objectified by your porn-watching fantasies.
  7. I meant no harm.... I know several trans, all of whom find a different term "acceptable". As a WASP, I am so confused by what all the other people want, equal rights and all. I hope that one day we can stop pidgeon-holeing each other and just be people who get along.
    Again, I meant zero harm.
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  8. I have had anal with two males but that was about 51 years ago. I have had many FFM threesomes with my wife and her longtime girlfriend so I keep asking my wife if she would like a MMF threesome and watch me perform oral on a guy. She wants no part of it. Says it would ruin her view of me as her alpha male protector. Personally I am not sexually attracted to males but I am not repulsed either. I am heteroflexible which means I view myself as straight but under the right circumstances can have sex with a guy. I have never done oral with a guy and am just curious to try before I die. For a bi woman my wife has some conflicting ideas of sexuality when it comes to men.
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  9. I am a trans but don't really want a man. I like women hence I love to look like one.
  10. I always think of licking my wife and giving her many orgasms. After being locked up a week or two I start to crave any sexual experience. My wife has used this during our cuckold sessions. I have sucked our Bull hard for her and I have sucked him clean afterwards. It is a huge power exchange and drives my submissive nature. My wife likes seeing it and our Bull does not mind because he a good dom,
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  11. @SteelPleasure
    Liked our post ++, the way you express the utter ambivalence of enacting this fantasy is very powerful. I share this fantasy, and share your ambivalence. I also shared it with my KeyOwner who promises me she will make it happen for my next birthday (before i die :D) and then of course denies she promised such a thing :oops:.
    So, reading your poll, I was about to pass it off. Because I have an inborn mistrust of those polls that try to put you into boxes, and because I am not sure where to locate my answer in the first place. And because I am not sure whether I comfortably fit in your definition of 'chastised'.
    But now that have read your post, I have to reply. It will be answer 2.
  12. I crave the submissive aspect of a women 'forcing' me to service a man.
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  13. I was not sure about progressing to the real thing either. I to am in chastity for the vast majority of time and also crave cock the longer I am locked and denied. Although my circumstances are different in that we do partake in fem/sissy activities along with a healthy dose of submission and humiliation – it is just our thing.
    I am not sure how my Wife/Mistress got the idea or desire to “force” me to suck cock for her but I am glad she did. I believe it progressed from her delight in making me consume my own cum and my desire (stronger the longer I am locked) for submission and humiliation. The caveat to this is we talked a lot about it prior to it happening we have exceptional communication. Additionally we are lucky to have a vary close circle of friends that we play with that made it safe and easy to happen.
    I also have zero interest in men and Mistress has zero interest in intimacy between men for both of us it is simply about the cock it just happens to be attached to a man. Every time I have been made to suck cock or had my ass used I am usually bound or in a very compromising position and always under Mistresses supervision. I can say if you do get the opportunity it is amazing feeling the real thing. The key is communication and safety.
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  14. i have make men cum with my mouth and it make me feel important and nice.
  15. My Master KH/Bride said a while back (September) that she would like to see a man give it to me like only a real man can, although I don't know if she really will ever have what it takes to follow thru. She also knows that I have a buried desire for this. I indicated to her more than 10 years ago, long before we started living in a FLR, that if she ever wanted to have sex with another, it was really OK, as long as I at least was made aware of her activities. At that time the thought repulsed her. Doesn't seem to be so offensive an idea to her today. Even told her to make me a part of it if she wanted, but this didn't help. As of late, she has made it fairly clear that she will not make me a cuck, although this doesn't mean she wouldn't find another man to pleasure me or punish me, but not as a part of cuckolding. For at least some period of time, I would love to be a cuck, but really don't ever see it happening.. She likes to talk the talk but can't walk the walk. It also doesn't help that we have yet to find a friend or friends locally that we can share our experiences with, talk to, or in some way become involved with.
  16. Including one or more other people in your relationship or just activities within it is potentially frought with potential problems not something to enter into without a great deal of discussion and reflection, and preferably when you are not horny.
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  17. Maybe you should try and find out what repels you about it. The fact that you fantasise about cock, that you crave cock points in a certain direction. Is it possible that you (secretly) want and crave this but feel ashamed about? That your head tells you that this is a taboo for a man? Maybe you can work this out, get to the bottom of it and in the end, embrace what your heart tells you to do, ignore what you think you should do. Let yourself fall into giving in to your craving. Play it safe. Get on the rollercoaster?
  18. It is a fantasy on mine too,.although it would be my mistress pegging my ass while I was forced to gag and deep throat a cock balls deep. But don't know if I.would do it, I would be afraid that it would do irreparable damage to the relationship,for her to.actually see me doing it, even though she says it wouldn't. Knowing that someone has done something is different from watching them do it. I don't feel gay, but like the submission,.and like being forced.
  19. I think this is the hot fantasy especially for the couples who are into pegging. Wife saw you're doing it with her strapon dildo, and then let her see it with a real thing, sucking it, taking it in the ass, cum from it, take a cum on yours... I don't have such an experience in life, but I know that my wife does have such fantasy, it's a big turn on for her. And for me, it's a big turn on that she fantasies about that. I'm not sure should you put that in a real life, but it's a definitely hot fantasy.
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  20. I think I would if told, definitely not something I would bring up or ask for.

    I am probably in the minority but am sexually androgynous. I can find the beauty of maleness and would have no negative angst about their parts, touching them or them touching me. I would however feel grossed out and sick at the thought of kissing a man.

    Weird huh? If she told me to suck a cock or take one up the ass, I probably would, but kissing a guy is definitely a hard limit. Just thinking about it makes me want to puke. Have no desire whatsoever in doing the other stuff but could manage it if told to, but kissing? Holding hands would creep me out too...No way. Maybe it's because I can separate sex from intimacy, it's just not going to happen with me.

    So if it was something she fantasizes about, wants to watch, or something she just wanted to do to test me... I would perform for her. I would respectfully decline any physical sign of intimacy such as kissing, holding hands, or embracing. I think I literally would get sick.
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  21. Your limit can be additional turn on for your Mistress actually)
    What if she tells you to suck that cock till he cums, and then have a cum kiss?
    She knows how difficult for you it is, but that means the more value in your obedience.
  22. lol HARD LIMIT
  23. That actually makes a lot of sense, I feel much the same way as you do in regards to sexual androgyny. There are many things I'd be willing to do that I would find very sexually exciting with another male but there's no way I could be "intimate" with another man in that same instance.
  24. I actually wouldn't find it all that appealing, but tolerable. At least more so than affection. That would gross me out.
  25. I know what you mean, I guess what I was trying to say is that it's more about the scene and the act of semi forced bi versus an actual desire to try something with a man. But yes, intimacy in this situation makes my stomach turn as well.