DIY 0 gage fit...for 5000 ring

Discussion in 'PA5000' started by spaiii, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Just A quick DIY for those with larger PAs than the 5000 offers
    Mine currently is 00 gage so a quick trip to the HARD-ware store and bought one foot of clear vinyl tubing, 5/16 OD 3/16 ID (fit Perfect)

    5/16= about 0 gage so unless I find a fatter OD tubing with the same ID that is still urethra friendly, 0 gage thats about good for now

    Cut a 3 or so piece I used a very fine wet dry sand paper to give the cut end a nice smooth finish before pushing it on,

    Youll have to warm it up in a pan of HOT water and leave it wet so the water will help you work it all the way up the 5000s ring. Trim the excess off the tip off the vinyl tubing

    Hope that helps some one get a better fit and fills that hole


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