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Diving in...

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by JanusTree, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. I am really new to chastity and only have a CB 6000s that I have been wearing for two days now (self locked) and have a HolyTrainer on the way. I started being interested in chastity when I realised that I was masturbating three to six times a night. That was about the time I overheard a conversion regarding male chastity. The part of the conversion that struck me was "some people appreciate rareity" though I did not do anything with that for a few weeks when I was approached for play by someone who wanted to put me in a device I said that I would try one and let her know what I thought. I quickly found that I was trying to occupy the time that I would normaly spend with my dick in my hand in more constructive ways. Chastity Mansion helped immeasurably in my research and decision to continue on my own after the person that nudged me to try lost interest.
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  2. It's snow day 3 for me. Day 2 wasn't bad at all it almost became just a natural part of my very existence. But today Kama today was difficult my erections more frequent and actually rather annoying. Mostly because yeah I have an erection and I can't do anything about it but also because I am still waiting for the holy trainer to come in.
  3. Sorry my computer iskind of an idiot. But as soon as the holy trainer comes in I plan to go much longer in chasitty than I have before seeing as my current record as the 3 days that I have been in so far. I hope to go at least a week with the new device.
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  4. Nice start. Just keep on pushing on and take one day at a time. Good luck with your next device.
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  5. Thank you sweetie I will keep on as long as I can. Being so new any tips or tricks would be nice.
  6. Day 4 I'm sure but I wouldn't have too many people disagreeing with me. But the cb6000s does make me kind of hope for a better design. With my holy trainer on the way I do look forward to something that is more geared towards long-term wear.
  7. I have had 5 devices. The Holy Trainer was the best of the one size fits most brands. I found it very comfortable. However I went to a custom Jailbird when I realized that I was spending in excess of what a Jailbird from Mature Metal would cost and my search for a custom fit cage to wear 24/7 was not going to be found off the shelf. I did not think a custom cage would make a big difference but it does. It fits me like a glove. My backup is the Holy Trainer for when I need to send my Jailbird back for modification or a new sized ring.
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  8. I'm new Holy Trainer chastity cage and I aim to stay in for three days unless I feel I can go longer. I hope I can :)
  9. I'm just under 24 hours in to lockup with my new Holy Trainer and I'm so happy about it this it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more comfortable than the CB. heres to 49 more hours (at the least).
  10. So I did 10 hole days in my Holy Trainer and even got the next ring size down from where I started I am happy with the device. Having no key holder I find it hard to figure out what my chastity schedule should look like.
  11. please if you aint got a person to have your keys then some folks i seen on here gets a little safe and put in the keys and a clock on it stops the door being open for a long time.
  12. Thank you ill look into that :)
  13. I think more then keeping myself locked in for a certain period of time I have trouble figuring out what that period or time should be. it almost feels like I should just roller percentage die (two, ten sided dice) and go from there at the moment. I do like to be in chastity actually it makes me look for better ways to fill my time than porn and masturbation but, I also crave a structure to it.
  14. After wearing the smallest HT2 for 3 months I started just slipping out all the time so I'm getting a MM cage and I'm super excited.
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  15. The wait for a new cage is more than I expected I know there is still another week or two to go before I hear anything but I'm starting to get a little stressed about if and when I'm going to have it and if I'll be able to lock myself in for as long as I should.
  16. I have worn CB3000,cb6000s,Birdlock,Holytrainer 2, and now the metal cage you see in my avatar --
    The holy trainer 2 was nice but the cage and ring over stretched and allowed one of my balls to pull through --
    So I switch to a smaller Chinese model - cost, comfy, easy to wear, hides well --
    the cage list is over a 10 year period -- I never had enough funds to get MM cage -
  17. New dress... pics soon hopefully :p
  18. I have a friend whois very excited for me to get my new cage and lock myself up I think I just needed someone outside of the chastity specific community to show interest for me to rekindle my love for being locked.
  19. I want my cage to come in already :(
  20. 14 days feels like such a long time when your waiting on a cage... I feel like I should take my opportunity to enjoy my self before I Lock up for the long haul.
  21. The wait is indeed excruciating! Well worth it though in the end.
  22. Just got some correspondence from MM, and I'm so happy.
  23. The 16 is coming up and I'm so excited because my MM cage is coming in about then <3
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