Diary of a locked up sissy

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    Diary of a Locked up Sissy ....
    The build up:
    My need to submit is inbuilt in me and I was vulnerable and feeling unworthy with no one to serve. I had been in a cuckold relationship which had ended in what on paper was the worse way possible as my ex had fallen for a bull. Worse than that I had not only lost my girlfriend but had also met with her bull and he had wanted me to submit to him. I couldn't go through with it however as I knew she had feelings for him and if she was going to be with him he had to be faithful to her. However it was more than just that she had fallen for him, both of us were looking for things neither of us could provide for each other. She is too caring to be dominant and she had seen that I wasnt happy at playing at being male. I've been struggling to find some kind of balance for a long time now with being trans but not being able to express my true self.

    Around this time Mistress started showing up in my newsfeed on Twitter. I read her posts about the sissies she was exposing and the things she was making them do and her website before I dared even message her. I needed to know if she could be the one who would help me be who I really was but at the same time keep me in a safe cocoon.

    First message was a little hesitant just to say hi I liked the games she was playing. Wasn’t quite ready as was still sorting some things out in my head but she wasn't like other Mistress's who would have demanded a tribute or blocked me and was prepared to listen and support. I promised to gift her for her time when had the chance and would be willing to play a small game. This began with a tweet and then with a few games with some exposure whilst worked out rules and boundaries before she told me to cage myself. It was just a few days which was good as been a little while since had worn my cage. She made me throw out my boxers and men's underwear. I enjoyed a few days out with some edging which was frustrating before again told to cage but this
    would be for the weekend. A few days of wearing the cage and Mistress was asking me what the longest was I had been caged for not that would be breaking any records but never know in the future. It was only 2 weeks but had been very frustrating so was a little worried when Mistress mentioned doing a RT game. Saturday morning I woke up from a dream which had a semi naked man in my bed stroking his cock and was so horny that I had started leaking which made Mistress smile when I told her. A little concerning I would already be thinking like that after only a few days but at least Monday I could unlock like Mistress had said.

    Weekend went without any hitches and Monday arrived but I was up early to get ready for work I left still caged. She messaged me on my break
    "Can unlock and edge for 5 mins on your break."
    Well that wasn't going to happen as left the keys at home so I was left in chastity another night. Next morning I followed her instructions to the letter as now I had to wear a bra and stockings to work. I even added my own little touch and plugged myself and rushed out the door. Was about to get on the bus when realised didn't have the keys on me. I remember picking them up surely? What if I had lost them I wouldn't know till got back home in 5hrs time. Mistress thought this was hilarious and made sure to mock and humiliate me. Thankfully when I got home they were there and later on I begged her for release and to cum and she said yes I could do so but........I hadn’t asked her if I could orgasm so I had to ruin it. I was told to enjoy the next couple of days as come Friday the retweet game would begin and I did enjoy a nightly play. Mistress kept reminding about the game and teasing me about how long I could be locked for but I'm not sure if even she was prepared for what would happen next.

    Friday morning I packed my cage in my bag to be prepared I only had 1 more chance to play before 12 and then the game would begin. I didn't get chance to play and I
    was so turned on I didn't get to cage either but Mistress told me not to do so until she told me. I was apprehensive about the game but told her she could start the game as be a good surprise for when I finished work. Lol how wrong was I and the damage that could be inflicted in just a few short hours!

    I checked my messages and 10 minutes after she had put the game up I was up to 21 days, hour later 60 I couldn't believe my eyes. Mistress displayed mock surprise at my fate.
    "Imagine satisfying someone in 100 days and when they go to reciprocate you'll be crying because it's been so long and that cruel Mistress of yours will have you locked away.....lol x"
    I asked as I hadn't had my last play if I was still allowed and because of the time adding up still she said yes enjoy my last orgasm.
    “Thank you Mistress I need it otherwise going to struggle getting cage on x”
    I received her next message as I was in a grotty public toilet doing exactly that and I came when I read it.
    “Lol.....not surprised.....but you have fun my sissy slave.....God you're going to be such a humiliated bitch for me..... and sometimes it might be little fun games to amuse me......xx”
    Mistress sent me a link for a timed lock and instructed me to buy it, I didn't realise but it was for my cage! The game had finished and I was still non the wiser how long but Mistress asked me if I remembered the safe word she had gave me. A little ominous when you’re being asked by your Mistress something like that in all honesty so I asked her how long was it and then quickly said ‘wait I best get caged before you tell me x'
    I hadn’t meant it the way it came out she naturally thought I meant I was going to cage myself!
    “Excuse me!! I fucking said wait until I told you to get in your little cage.....I think I'll be rounding your number up to the end of the nearest month. If that doesn't make sense you'll see in a minute.....NOW get in your fucking cage and send the pictures. You have 5 minutes..”

    I've never been on the wrong side of my Mistress before and maybe that had been part of the plan to make me feel safe and then take control?
    “Sorry Mistress I didn't mean I was” I remonstrated.
    “That boat sailed, chastity whore. Get in that fucking cage now!”
    I did as I was told after all I really didn't want to get even more time added on and Mistress was pleased again.
    Notification came up that she had tweeted October 22nd was the total but because I hadn’t followed instructions I was to be locked up till Nov 1st though possibly that might even have more time added on. 15 weeks that is and way past anything done before! Then QueenB024 replied to the tweet to say she had missed the game and could another 7 days be added on! Think Mistress was expecting me to use my safe word but I told her once that I keep my word and I had promised to serve, amuse and please her so what else was a sissy like me to do then obey?
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