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Device recommendation

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by her hubby uk, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Hi fellow CM'ers

    Long time lurker first time poster yada yada yada.

    We need some help trying to find the right cage our requirements are;

    trapped ball design
    ability to use a prince albert piercing to help secure

    and most importantly must fully cover the glans to prevent 'rubbing'

    all ideas gratefully received..
  2. theres lots and lots and lots now so if you goggles it you will see them all .
  3. My device from rigid chastity model 05 meets all those, is very comfy, and there is no "rubbing".

    It takes awhile to arrive but is high quality and not that expensive for a custom device. Mine was 360 bucks.

    I have a few photos in my gallery

  4. Funnily enough i have seen your pics back in April, Any ideas on a more decorative key??
  5. My avatar is the key...I made a pendant from the real key and an antique key that I bought on eBay
  6. Thats a really good idea !!!:):)
  7. Thanks! I bought another heart shaped key as well and plan a n making another for the spare but still haven't started it. This key will require a bit more effort, tools, and time.

    Haven't decided if I am going to make another pendant or if I am going to get all fancy and incorporate it into a broach using the real key as the back. That way all people would see is the steel heart.
  8. I had a idea of hiding the key in plain sight, sort of intertwined heart's pendant with a vertical drop where the bottom (in purple) of the drop unscrews to expose the key..
    Sort of something like attached #QuickMockUpInPaint3d

    Attached Files:

  9. Looks good, I had a problem with the solder sticking to silver...can't get it hot enough without ruining it...but I'm terrible at it.
  10. cheers, ponders a 3d printed sample..