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Device advise needed

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by PaladinDD, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Hello everybody,

    I am looking for a new chastity device for long term wear. I have been experimenting with lots of different devices, plastic as well as steel and have not yet found the perfect one for my needs. I have found that perfect security is not possible for me, since full belts are out of the question and with all cage devices it is possible for me to cum with the help of vibrators or electrical stimulation. It's more of a ruined orgasm, but it is an orgasm none the less. So perfect security is not a priority.

    So, with that in mind I thought about what is important to me. First I'd like it to be of a rather open design to be able to keep it clean more easily since I have to wear it without cleaning releases for multiple days at a time when I travel for my job. When traveling, I do not have access to the toys mentioned above, so I'd like it to be of a design, that at least prevents me from cumming without them. For me that means, that the frenulum region has to be unacceptable to my toying fingers. Playing around there can easily make me cum when sufficiently aroused.

    I recently tried this one but it was too open at the front and the frenulum was easily reachable.

    Currently, I am wearing a Looker01 from steelworxx. It is custom made and I had an additional bar put to the underside to prevent frenulum stimulation, which works kind of ok. My problem with it is, that I can't really take the plug and hence there is only a very small opening and things tend to get messy when using the toilet. When I remove it in the evening for cleaning, it is kind of smelly, I don't even want to think about what it would be like after a week.

    I really like the openness of a JailBird from MatureMetal or the one I posted above but they are also open in the frenulum region...

    So my question is: does somebody know of a device that fits both requirements? It would be great if it were an "off the shelf" device. I'd like to test-drive the design before getting a custom made one, just to reduce cost ;-)

    It would be great if somebody had some tips :)

  2. I'm currently locked in a Ghost from Custom Chastity. Its 3D printed in surgical nylon. Now I believe it would be to open for you but they do have the leopard as well which is solid with the exception of multiple holes throughout the cage. They are light weight and do have 4 options for size or can be custom. Hygenicly the ghost is a breeze with the multiple holes. I could probably pull out of mine but getting back in would be tough, if not impossible. I have to do the sock trick in order to get the cage on. Unfortunately they are not cheap. $300 is what i paid for 3 double rings and cage with integrated lock.