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What play room style should I go with?

  1. Custom Closet Storage with HIGH Rod

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  2. Dresser in Closet Normal Rod Height

  3. Regular Closet Hang with Armoire/Cabinet

  4. Clothing in Basement/Storage in Closet

  5. Other (Please detail)

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    My wife and I just moved into a house and have a spare bedroom now that we would like to turn into a play room and I have a few options to weigh here. The options themselves are above in the poll and I wanted to get others opinions on it. I've also outlined what I think are the pros and cons of each option and would love to hear others opinions :)

    Note: We are not looking to design a lifestyle, it has to be functional as both a playroom and a spare bedroom (IE we have friends and family we do not wish to reveal our private lives to). If I DID design the perfect playroom that would ALWAYS be the playroom I would be going with full armoire/cabinet storage, normal closets, with a dresser for underwear and non-hanging clothes to go. Additionally it would be painted and have other feminine/sissy accents. However I can't do that I want to maintain the status quo and keep it as a dual purpose room.

    Option 1: Custom Closet Shelving with High Rod
    I like this option most because it keeps EVERYTHING in the closet. It's also cheap as I just have to buy a rod and 2-3 boards that I will need to cut to size with a circular saw. The downsides to it is the rod itself has to go HIGH into the closet. My closet ceiling is 8 feet tall so I can go pretty high up. I have to think about 45-50 inches for an average length dress to hang either barely touching the top shelf or 40 inches with some gathering of cloth on the shelf (which makes the top part unusable). So I get maybe 50 inches of usable space floor to bottom of garments only if I put the rod at the VERY top of the closet. (I can do this, I'd just need to get one of those poles with a curve on it like the department stores have. Additionally this gives me the ability to shut and lock the closet to keep unwelcome guests out.

    Option 2: Dresser in closet with rod
    This works well like above everythings in a closet but more expensive due to needing to buy a dresser. BUT I get better storage for toys and such.

    Option 3: Regular closet with armiore/cabinet
    I get full hanging space in the closet (well two hanging spaces if I add two rods) and I get toy storage outside the closet in the form of an armoire AND it's lockable. Downside to this is even on craigslist decent armoires that I like are about 100-200$ which is WAY more than I would spend building the custom shelving.

    Option 4: Clothing in Basement/Storage in Closet
    The best option for getting a great amount of storage, however bad because I'd have to go down into the basement for clothes and I'd just rather not store all that stuff down there.

    If you have any other recommendations I'd love to hear them. I'm a HUGE organization freak so any "just throw the toys in a box" answers are not good for me :p
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