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Describe your best ruined orgsam

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Vinny, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Last year when I was still getting ruined orgasms, I was annoying my wife after two months of orgasm denial. She decided to do something about it. She got the key and told me to unlock, which I did. She then told me to put on my silk panties that I had not worn in a long time. I put them on. They were fancy with lace and very expensive. I stood before her and she played with me through the panties. When I got erect, as I used to be able to do, she pulled the panties down just barely enough for my penis to pop out, or as far as it could pop out. She then teased me with her mouth and I thought she was going to let me cum in her mouth. I was very excited. At the last moment she removed her mouth from my penis and quickly yanked my panties back up so that when I came, it was inside the panties. Then she said that hand washing them should keep me busy and out of her hair for awhile. I really thought I was going to have a full orgasm, but instead I filled my panty with two months worth of semen. I am lucky that she did not tell me to lick them clean. I would not have liked that. There is still a faint outline of the stains on the panty. I did not having any cleaner specifically for silk and I do not wear panties anymore, so who cares.

    What is your story?
  2. This happened sometime before my fiancé and I started chastity. We didn't even know about ruined orgasms at the time either, it just happened. I was inside of her and just before I was about to cum I slipped out. I just laid on top of her with my cum dribbling out.
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  3. Well, best ruined orgasm...
    For me a "good" ruined orgasm is when it "just dribbles out" - I guess, that's common sense;-)
    A method I use from time to time is E-Stim on a relatively low power-level over a longer time (usually about 2 hrs).
  4. During my first denial over a month. Halfway through a 34 day denial in 2015. She had me inside her and I was proving my stamina and self control. I had pulled out to rest and kiss her passionately. I hung there slick from her. She felt me pour out onto her shaved mound.

    Did you cum? She asked. I was surprised. I hadn't felt a thing. Not even the spill. It was the absolutely most romantic and perfect ruin I've felt.
  5. Mine was 3 ruined. It was on purpose and she had been working on it. Many times I had to say stop with nothing happening, before it finally got to that magical tipping point.

    I told her when and she gave it a few more strokes and let go. I could swear that it wasn't enough but waited another 20 seconds and then it just started flowing. Weirdest thing ever. I was still rock hard and horny as all get out. I've experienced them before while having sex when I pull out to keep from cumming but never witnessed it happen.

    She did it another 2 times until I told her if we kept at it I will have a real one and won't be able to play. So we stopped, but since she had already finished it was just the end. She actually made me relock. It wasn't going to be an easy chore, a bag of frozen peas were almost completely thawed before it succumbed to the cold.

    She hasn't been doing them as often as we used to, and thinking about it now believe that if I didn't clean up the mess she would probably not bother with them at all. I do like looking at her face when it happens...the only thing I can compare it to is the same look when she wins a jackpot on a gambling machine lol.
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  6. Last night. Spent the good part of an hour and a half with a vibrating toy on her cock. She also used a crop on me at various times. Finally see wat ready to use her hand to tease and deny me. I then went down on he and she wanted to use her cock but no cumming for me. I gave her a pretty good orgasm and then pulled out. About 15 seconds later, out comes a some cum. Still rock hard and ready to keep going, unlike when I normally orgasm where I have increased sensitivity and get soft. Used an ice pack to help get soft and back in the cage I went.

    Good god what a great night. Stared with me sucking her toes and licking her feet. I would try and move up to start pleasuring her but she kept pushing me back down with her feet. Last night was the best domination she has provided me. I'm such a lucky man.
  7. I think my "best" ruined orgasm was with my wife's ass on my face.
  8. Last night for me. My Keyholder where cuddling in bed . I was so pent up i couldn't stop humping her leg. She asked me if i wanted out for a little bit . Hell ya !!! She Took the key , unlocked it. I was so hard and excited the lock was in a bind and tough to get out. Then the cage didn't want to come off the pin. It even took some effort to pull it off her penis. Needless to say the base ring wasn't coming off.
    She went down on me with her mouth and got thing all pump up. Didn't take much . She asked if i wanted inside her HELL ya. she made me put my hands behind my head and got on top of me. Took her penis and guided it in. Slid up and down a few times until i was all in. She sat there maybe 10 sec and said don't cum. I took a breath and said GET OFF!!!! She did and turned to watch . Cum just dribbled out. A lot too. She had never seen that before AND couldn't believe it. NO Spasm, NO squirt , Just dribbled out and down my shaft and crack. I was Still rock hard and she got back on. this time i slid in with ease. Again GET OFF!!! she ruin another and the same. Dribble dribble. down my crack. I have never seen so much cum from her penis. STILL ROCK hard.
    I rolled her on her side and poured it to her . I was dry no way i could cum now. Went for 10 min or so and nothing She said enough go put your cage back on. I washed off still hard . Took another 5 min to deflate enough to even attempt to lock back up. Got it on and the lock back in. Went to her so she could click it shut. She said how did you get that thing in there. Guess i was pushing out all over . I thanked her Over and over and over. That was the first real ruin orgasm She did on her own And done it twice.

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  9. All are great, but the best I would say was one night we laid on the bed, I began using a glass dildo to milk myself and my wife, "iholdhiskey" began stroking me. When I got close I would tell her to stop while I keep using the dildo and ruined three times. Tried for a fourth but just wouldn't come. She loved it as much as I did.