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    Demoted Darling
    by suzette la soubrette
    aka sweet piggy pooh

    Oct 2021

    This is a short story written under the direction of my most recent Miss who gave me about two hours one evening to write her an amusing tale of FLR. Two hours!? Eeek! She was such a bossy boss! tehee

    If you enjoy it, please let me know. There are a couple of other short FLR stories written under her control that I will load here, too; Bitchsuited piggy poohy, and, Plugged, Pantied, and Pacified.
    My longer work is called, Preparations for Afternoon Tea, part of a longer saga of FLR, feminization, control, body modification, Pavlovian conditioning, pony play, and more.
    Demoted Darling

    Limited ABDL is deliciously humiliating. I say "limited" because i'm not into actually using diapers to pee and poop because who wants to deal with that?! Ick!

    No, for me it's the embarrassment of being dressed as an adult in diapers, crinkly, noisy plastic panties, diaper covers, extremely short party dresses, tights, heels, mittens, bonnets, and having an adult pacifier slipped into my mouth by my very amused wife who giggles at my discomfiture, then locks my wrists in baby pink leather cuffs which she attaches by a short chain to my baby pink posture collar, then attaches my baby pink leather leash to the back of my matching baby pink leather harness for "walkies," tho' she is the one walking.

    I'm crawling.

    Yes, I'm crawling at her pretty, high heel-clad feet, with my head near the floor due to the short chain keeping my forearms on the floor and my butt well up and exposed. I'm sucking away on my paci and she's talking down to me literally and figuratively, telling me what a good baby I am, how she's so proud of her strong, masculine boy, while laughing and playfully swatting my exposed, diapered and well-padded bottom with her pink leather Hermes riding crop, relishing in the absolute control she has over me! Eeek! She's such a meanie! But she looks and sounds so sweet, affectionate, beautiful, and lovey-dovey!

    I'm so confused. I feel butterflies in my tummy. I'm a little dizzy with her charming manners and the scent of her perfume, the glimpse of her nylon-clad feet in her beautiful 5-inch Jimmy Choo heels.


    Oh, my bootie!

    "Keep crawling, Darling, just wike the good wittle baby you are!" as she laughs so merrily.

    l have no idea where my darling Mistress is leading me. But my only focus is to obey her and crawl at the end of her pink leash. All I need to know is that she's in control. Always in control. Especially of moi.

    She tugs the pink leather leash. I follow. Her ever obedient, subservient and sometimes naughty pet.

    Yes, she thinks I'm a bit cheeky, as the Brits say, but I think she secretly enjoys my witty observations regarding her feminine ways. Plus my sassiness stimulates her keen mind and gives her an excuse to spank, paddle, whip, flog, cane and discipline me in ever increasing imaginative ways. Most recently as last night when I was suspended upside down, holding my weight up a bit with my tiring arms, palms planted on the floor, and She so languorously circling me, sipping on a fine Anderson Valley red, while listing off all my demerits, punctuated with a stroke from any one of the implements previously mentioned, interspersed with tender caresses and affectionate pats, "ooohs" and "aaahs" for being such a good boy to fulfill my promises to her to submit to whatever disciplines she deems necessary to transform me into her ideal pet... uh... I mean, husband. Well, she originally used the word "husband," but now I'm referred to as her pet, hubby, subby hubby, sissikins, little oinker, her piggy pooh, her sweet babykins, her poppet, sissy pooh, and any other number of condescending pet names.

    She swats my diapered bottom, I pick up my pace.

    Her list of pet names for me seem to be growing by the week. Meanwhile, my allowed names for her are rather limited, though she does "politely request" that I use my imagination when addressing her. So rather than simply "Miss" or "Mistress" or "Goddess" she expects adornments of adjectives and superlatives that reflect my love and devotion, such as, "My most darling Darling" ... "My ever lovely Goddess"... and so forth. It amuses her to no end to hear what I'll come up with next., even as she knows I'm sometimes being overly emotive and melodramatic... again, it's that cheeky streak in me she is always correcting, pretending like she wants to expunge it, but actually enjoying it and the disciplines that ensue.


    All I have to do - all she requires me to do - is obey her, completely, without thinking or second guessing her intentions. Obey and amuse her. Make her laugh.


    Just obey!

    Mistress Mommy will tell me what to do and when to do it.

    She sits down on her large, comfy office chair. I'm under her desk. How did I get here? I must have spaced out as I simply responded to her swats, tugs on my leash, and "tut tuts" and baby talk one-word commands, so easy for me to grasp. All that a well-controlled pet needs to hear to comprehend her commands.

    I look up and discover her most beautifully pantied pusspuss right before my face. I move towards it like a moth drawn to light, but discover that she's attached the back of my baby pink posture collar to a hook on the underside of her desk top. I let out a little moan of frustration around my oversized translucent and sparkly paci. I hear a giggle above me. "Patience, Baby!" Then she bunches up her snug mini pencil skirt up to her little waist, spreads her stocking-clad thighs, and rolls her luxurious leather executive chair up to her desk..... that used to be MY desk and MY executive leather chair!

    Now I have enough slack in my neck chain to reach my target, my nirvana; her delectable and smooth pusspuss highlighted by her transparent luxury La Perla panties. She has spritzed them or her inner thighs with the Coco Chanel perfume I bought her during my business trip to Paris. Her scent mixed with the perfume is utterly intoxicating!

    "Now, Baby!"

    It's the only command I need to hear to begin my task of licking, sucking, tonguing, kissing, nibbling her thighs, beauty lips, and happy button over and over again.

    Above me I hear her speaking to someone. "Yes, Natasha, I'm ready for the conference call now. .... Greetings All! I see we have representatives from all over the world in attendance. My husband begs your pardon for not being able to be an active participant in our meeting this morning, but he has assured me he is going to be working very very hard to make me - uh, us - very happy. So let's begin. This is going to be a long but very productive - and fulfilling - meeting. I can just feel it!"...... I can sense the knowing smile that must be playing upon her beautiful, oh-so kissable lips above, while I focus on her oh so beautiful lips below. mmmmm

    I feel an affectionate pat on my head, then a pull on the back of my bonnet to direct me where to focus my tongue and lips.

    Just lick and obey.

    Kiss and obey.

    Suckle and obey.

    Yes, my darling.

    As you wish, my most darling Mistress, owner, directress, supervisor, mummy, goddess.

    lick lick
    swirl swirl
    suck suck
    kiss kiss
    nibble nibble

    This is so much more fun than whatever it was I was doing before.... uh.... What was that again? It's so fuzzy.... So difficult to remember what I was doing before my visit to Aunty Agatha's House. Aunty Agatha and her beautiful assistants.


    Then I feel my wife's graceful fingers idly playing with the frilly trim of my dress' collar under her desk as the video conference call drones on and on...Her questing fingers stroll down to my new D-cup boobies as she lovingly searches out and tweaks my pierced nipples that sport sturdy rings and embarrassing nipple holder extension thingies, then traces my embroidered name tag in girlish cursive script that reads:

    "sweet piggy pooh, CEO"

    {the end?}
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