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Delay sprays?

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Anonoman, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Quick question, does anybody have any recommendations for a ‘delay spray’? I don’t want my first PIV sex to last all of 10 seconds when I get released! I had a look on places like Love Honey but there are so many products and with varying reviews. My wife wouldn’t like something with OTT packaging or Chinese writing on it, we use Durex condoms and she likes branding she can recognise and trust. Is there an active ingredient to look out for or avoid? Doesn’t have to be in a spray applicator but guess this is easiest.
  2. I posted on my experience with them a few months ago. They can be a lot of fun.

    The basic ingredient is a numbing agent. They usually ende with cane or Cain in the name. Instead of getting ones in a sex shop, go to the drug store and get a numbing agent. They'll be much less expensive and safer.

    From there, experiment and make sure not to get any on your wife. Condoms will help.

    Not to recommend misuse, but if you go beyond the recommended amount you can effectively not feel anything during sex which is an insane mind fuck. One that's a lot of fun. So use at your own risk.

    Don't be afraid to experiment, and don't forget the mind is your biggest sex organ so that control your orgasms more than anything
  3. There is a brand of Durex that has a delay agent included but I haven't used them. I use Stud 100 Desensitizing spray for men. It's brilliant. A few sprays and you lose a bit of sensation for a few hours. Half a dozen sprays over the glans and penis shaft and you lose most feeling. My Wife has completely covered my penis in eight sprays and I lost all sensation for about three hours.

    A few issues to take into account. First is with a loss of sensation you can struggle to keep an erection. We have found the use of a few cock rings, one encircling my testicles and another at the base of my penis, works wonders. Second is the fact that because you are numb you can get a bit overzealous. Take it slow and make sure she communicates with you about speed, depth and so on. Third is, should you be practicing orgasm control, you can still orgasm when fully numbed. It will be a strange orgasm where you don't feel much, but you can still ejaculate. It's as if your body takes over and realizes what is happening.

    For me the hands down best thing about using delay spray is I get to have amazing sex with my Wife where I can actually watch her arousal grow to the point of orgasm. I'm not thinking about brussel sprouts or doing the washing up to delay or stop my own orgasm, I can totally focus on her and what she wants. I can even talk sexily to her and not worry about stimulating myself to the point where I have an orgasm. It's quite amazing. I love how the penis rings make me look as well. Big, veiny and darker than normal.
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  4. As @tomf_22033@tomf_22033 a trip to the drug store will be much cheaper ...

    Just go online and look at the "delay sprays" read the active ingredients and their percentage ... go to the local drug store and see what you find. For example I just picked up "First Aid Antiseptic Spray" at walgreens ... 20% Benzocaine ... 3 ounces for $6 ... I gave it a spray the other day to see what numbing effect it had (not intercourse related) and it seems like it will work out just the way I want ... reduced sensation but not number to a point of losing a hard on.
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  5. I spent $100 on what was supposed to be the best Lidocaine spray available. The same stuff they use to number your gums and skin. It is called Promescent and you get as small canister of it for that money.

    As far as I go, my orgasms are not based on not feeling my penis. I do not feel it with the spray but the jerking off motion makes me cum. You can still feel pressure so for me it was a waste of money. I am sure that it works for others and for some it may be the Psychological edge they need. Give it a try. I do not have intercourse anyway but my wife can use her hand or mouth (yes it is safe for ingestion after 10 minutes) and make me orgasm.
  6. Ive tried a numbing lube with Lidocane but unfortunately it did nothing to delay me.