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Defintion of a sissy?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by imasissytoo, Sep 8, 2017.


What makes a sissy?

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  1. i'm caged

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  2. i provide services to males

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  1. See many refer to themselves as sissies. Just wondering how they define a sissy? What does one need to do to be called a sissy or prissy sissy?
  2. There are many opinions on this question, but I feel that it takes a person who likes to dress as the opposite gender - a crossdresser (which I am) and it also requires that crossdresser to be submissive to another person - (Which I am) - so therefore, in my opinion, as a crossdressomg submissive, I AM A SISSY!
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  3. Thanks! By your definition DonnaSue I am too. :) For a long time I resisted using the term because it seemed derogatory. My wife often says, "you're a pussy." But lately I've come to embrace it, and being locked in a cage seems to enhance the feeling. I LOVE BEING A SISSY!
  4. i don't mind being call a sissy if folks wants to but i don't wear lots of frilly lace and stuff like sissys i seen do. i am locked in a cage but that's just cos i like it and so does my Mistress.
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  5. I agree with @DonnaSue@DonnaSue on the two criteria of being a sissy. I would add though that it is also comes with a degree of desire for humiliation. I think that is an important difference between a cross dresser and a sissy. The desire/threat of exposure or the mocking of a lack of manliness to me are an integral part of it.
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  6. This is an interesting question, I honestly believe that the vast majority of crossdresser are submissive, but I am not sure about the word sissy....I suppose if I were truly honest and look at my fantasies, there are a lot of sissy traits. But then I am one of those people that refuses to be put in a category...lol