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Defintion of a sissy?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by imasissytoo, Sep 8, 2017.


What makes a sissy?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2017.
  1. i'm caged

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  2. i provide services to males

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  1. See many refer to themselves as sissies. Just wondering how they define a sissy? What does one need to do to be called a sissy or prissy sissy?
  2. There are many opinions on this question, but I feel that it takes a person who likes to dress as the opposite gender - a crossdresser (which I am) and it also requires that crossdresser to be submissive to another person - (Which I am) - so therefore, in my opinion, as a crossdressomg submissive, I AM A SISSY!
  3. Thanks! By your definition DonnaSue I am too. :) For a long time I resisted using the term because it seemed derogatory. My wife often says, "you're a pussy." But lately I've come to embrace it, and being locked in a cage seems to enhance the feeling. I LOVE BEING A SISSY!
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  4. i don't mind being call a sissy if folks wants to but i don't wear lots of frilly lace and stuff like sissys i seen do. i am locked in a cage but that's just cos i like it and so does my Mistress.
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  5. I agree with @DonnaSue@DonnaSue on the two criteria of being a sissy. I would add though that it is also comes with a degree of desire for humiliation. I think that is an important difference between a cross dresser and a sissy. The desire/threat of exposure or the mocking of a lack of manliness to me are an integral part of it.
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  6. This is an interesting question, I honestly believe that the vast majority of crossdresser are submissive, but I am not sure about the word sissy....I suppose if I were truly honest and look at my fantasies, there are a lot of sissy traits. But then I am one of those people that refuses to be put in a category...lol
  7. A "sissy" has a long list of characteristics that people give to one. I only use it on my bf when he's under discipline or chastity. If we are going to have intercourse, I prefer him in lingerie, makeup and perfume, but he's not a "sissy" then.

    When he's under discipline of chastity, he is a "sissy". I call him one and make him say he's one. I use humiliation to discipline him. If I give him an opportunity to work off time in chastity, one way will be a supervised masturbation session often in front of a female friend or two. I encourage the visitors to join me in making comments about what a sissy he is for letting his girlfriend make him put on her underwear in front of her friends, masturbating for them and eating something that came out of his dick (as a Disciplinarian, I try to use proper words and insist he does, but "penis" just doesn't seem to work in this context) because she told him to. I encourage them to call him a sissy for letting his girlfriend spank him and make him cry.

    It's funny, he won't say anything about me or my woman friends calling him a "sissy" but he made it clear "wimp" will bring the Absolute Red Light Stop safeword. "Wimp" is one of my best friend's fave words, so she's had to work hard not to call him one. She hasn't, so far.
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  8. you are so cruel.......but I kind of like the idea myself!
  9. If he doesn't want to be disciplined, whether it's with spanking, humiliation or chastity, or any and all of it, he can stop looking at pornography and masturbating. He can learn to control himself while I'm not there. If he won't learn to control himself on his own, I'm going to teach him to control himself and I'm going to control him until he learns to control himself. I am to be the only source of his sexual pleasure. Pornography and masturbation violate that. I punish violations severely.

    It doesn't hurt that I enjoy being bossy and a Disciplinarian, either. He gets enjoyment from pornography and masturbating. I don't like it. He doesn't like it when I'm not available to pleasure him (if I'm there, all he has to do is ask. I never tell him "no", unless he;s under discipline or in chastity. In that case, he's not even allowed to ask). If he gets pleasure from masturbating and looking at pornography which I don't like, I'm going to get just as much pleasure from humiliating him, spanking him and denying him ejaculation.

    Stay away from pornography, don't masturbate, control yourself and you'll be fine. Don't do any of that, and you'll be across my lap, eating your ejaculate, having a sore bottom and be locked away for a while.
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  10. I hate to ask but have you ever masturbated when he is not there? Women are so different when it comes to sex and pleasure.....men have little or no imagination and need visual or vocal images/sounds in order to "get off", women have a different level of imagination and also the very essence of what is arousing......that's why they can have multiple orgasms.....men get only 1.......such a one sided arrangement....and so cruel, can you imagine if men had the same number and levels of excitement as "the girls" I do like your reasons for doing what you are doing and your punishments are just.......can I ask a personal question?
    Do you get anything out of this "scenario"......
  11. If he's in chastity or under discipline, I will, but if he's not, it's the same for me as it is for him. If I need that kind of pleasure, I just get him or wait until he gets home.

    I get alot out of it. One thing I enjoy about being Upper Management at work is I get to be bossy and hand out discipline. I won't go out of my way to penalize anyone, but I do so enjoy giving penalties when it's called for.

    With my bf, I've managed to take this in my life away from work. I enjoy being in control. I enjoy having him submit to me. I enjoy having him dressed in a cute maid dress and waiting on me. I enjoy giving him orders. I enjoy listening to him beg me not to spank him or put him in chastity. I enjoy it when he's had enough of chastity and begs me to spank him, instead. I enjoy it when I tell him to bring the cane or the Brown Spanking Paddle and he begs me for chastity instead. I enjoy watching him get the instrument that's about to make him cry, kiss it and ask me (or beg me, if I order him to) use it on him. I enjoy it when the tears start to flow and he begs me in a crying voice to stop. I enjoy it when he's counting out the strokes of the tawse through his tears. I enjoy listening to him thank me for his lesson and kissing the implement that just made him cry.

    Usually I require him to service me at some point. It brings me to orgasm quickly an it takes me longer to recover from one. My orgasms have been much more intense since I've been with him. Some of it's been due to his skill, but some if it's been due to me being in charge.

    It's funny, I don't approve of him looking at pornography, it makes me angry, but every time I go to his computer, I hope I find some, so I can penalize him.
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  12. You have literally taken my breath away, please tell him from me "he is very lucky to have a caring wife, as you are" I really shouldn't but for your time I must tell you, you have caused me a little pain inside my CB3000.....Thank you.
  13. I am sorry I shouldn't have said anything about myself, I tried to delete it but couldn't, I am sorry for that.
  14. Very simple for me. Goddess said "You're a sissy." End of discussion :)
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  15. I think sissies are submissive by nafure. I'm a sub hubby who is not sissified but if my wife insisted I happily would be put in lipstick and heels permanently.