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Damn, that was intense...

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by SteelPleasure, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Just spent the entire evening with a steel butt plug locked inside me while out for dinner with friends. 6 hours of squirming around. First time we have tried something so public and intense. Lots of silicone lube. At first the sphincter kept wanting to clench and push it out. It was only when I completely relaxed and let it completely slip in and out with each movement, rather than trying to fight against it, that I could flow with the intense sensations.

    Towards the end of the evening it did become hard to bear. I guess it was like being taken in the ass for 6 hours by a small steel penis that curved around and kept probing the prostate. A lot of it was very stimulating and enjoyable. I loved the feel of the hot steel slipping in and out and would frequently squirm just to feel it. However, bending too far in any direction caused it to apply serious pressure and this would be painful.

    Overall, it was an experience to remember. Not sure how often I want it to happen, but I am sure it will be on the cards every so often. It was close to my limit, being honest, despite that a night to remember.
  2. Sounds wonderful!!
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  3. I think that next time you should try wearing it for a shopping trip.
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  4. Shopping trips while locked and plugged are just wonderful. Is great to walk around a supermarket with only me knowing my situation and wondering if there a any other guys doing the same. We need an app to find each other, now that could be fun!
  5. I see a market developing for some super light weight Titanium Butt plugs, thanks for the post @SteelPleasure@SteelPleasure
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  6. Sounds hot! But 6 hours look like a lot, no? Have you tried it for shorter periods?
  7. I'm impressed! I had trouble going over 4 hours due to bio-needs
  8. I had a deep enema beforehand to reduce that as an issue.
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  9. Very exciting. we went to a friends birthday party a few months ago. Before leaving home at 11:00am I was cleaned and plugged with instructions that if I asked to remove it at the party she would take me to a bed room and Spank me my wife forgot I had it in till we went home at 10:30. It was a very interesting day
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  10. I actually gave my wife a remote control vibrating butt plug to use on me. When it works it's phenomenal. We'll be around the house or office and she'll start pushing my buttons ;). Unfortunately it doesn't have the best range and the on/off switch is in the base so sometimes you can deactivate the device while sitting down. Best outing she gave me was to go grocery shopping and I was given the remote with instructions to use it as often as possible in the store without attracting attention. At lowest setting it's barely audible unless you're right next to somebody. Longest time in was about 6 hours and by the end I couldn't wait to get it out.