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Cute Pony Girl Harness

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by Mistress Watchful, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Love the site. I can see Master and I making some purchases in the near future.
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  3. What a great site MW! I also have to agree with Bakerboy. Nothing turns me on quite like a beautiful pony girl. All of the accouterments which involve attachments to the breasts (bells etc.) and tails that disappear into glorious posteriors- so lovely and those demure downcast eyes. You may think it's odd that a sub would feel this way about a pony girl, but don't forget I am identifying with her
  4. Yes Mistress Watchful, very pretty indeed :happy0158: For a long time i would have strictly refused to be dressed up and humiliated as a pony girl but i must confess that it now has become one of my fantasies and may be one day my Mistress will grant my wish and takes me to such an event and who knows, i might really like it and another fantasy will be turned into reality :happy0030: ...


    maid katrin
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  5. And I can just picture you wearing that too!

  6. I never thought much about a pony gurl but the I do like those images - so sensual in their harnesses. Are they led about by remote controlled electrical stimulation in place of reins? Perhaps one on each breast to indicate to turn right or left as they prance about?
  7. I have seen the movie. The electric gizmo is only a starter ( like in your Chevy:) for the rest it is still old fashion reins and a whip .... as it should be !
  8. i am Master Cherry Leopard's pony girl "Autumn Joy". i have been training for several months and the book She gave me for Christmas is fantastic.

    Being Her pony girl is an honor and a privilege and i am so grateful for this wonderful website reference and am excited the weather is turning warming and training may begin soon.

    Thanks for the great site references.

  9. Oh, I'd love to hear more on your experiences. (And see pictures!) :anim_26:

    I was always more of a doggy person as a submissive, but the idea of depersonalisation and becoming any sort of animal still intrigues me.
  10. Nice name


    Autumn Joy is a perfect pony name - nice. Has She trained you to prance?
  11. i apologize if i gave an impression that my ponygirl training has gone beyond having received the book from my Master for Christmas and practicing some of the exercises on my own.

    i did not mean to mislead and apologize for the confusion i have caused.

  12. #14 bakerboy, Nov 25, 2009
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    A sequel to my earlier post: Slave Huntress 2

    Catch them:

    Hang them

    Brand them

    A Trailer and a full Gallery

  13. i think they look cute in there pony outfit
    i dont think i would look as good lol
  14. It<s a privalage being a pony girl and although i pretend to object when my mirtress harness's me I 'm realy excited and proud she walks me out .I cant wait to be harnessed again especially if she deceids to fit a cock restraint on as well
    Great site
  15. When I was 18 I had an affair with an older, married lady. A couple of weeks into the fun she invited me to her house as her husband was away. She greeted me and led me up to the bedroom, where I disrobed while she went to th bathroom, leaving behind her a promise of something special. I was lying in bed with my enhanced expectation when she returned in full pony girl outfit including a horsetail butt plug. I hate to admit this, but being young and foolish, I laughed ....
  16. I love pony girls as well, so sexy. I would love to be a pony boy as well.
  17. Do not know what is tvrea post all about all the stuff crossed out ?? Anyone knows?
  18. I would love to buy this outfit for my ponygirl, but can not find anywhere that is close. Any suggestions welcome. :)

  19. :whip:
    I don't know if you are near to North Wales but Simply Leather(wales)make a very nice harness and bridle

    Rea :sex020:
  20. I think i'd like to be used like this by two ladies <_<
  21. Remove the "I think" part, and I second that. Oh yeah..
  22. I have asked on their forum. It is home made ( prop guys I guess) a few straps, rings etc. ( from hardware store) and a bit of imagination and you are done. The whole gag less then 50 dollars. The beauty of it being that she must stand and wait while you are testing it on her, during the process of manufacture :)