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Curtsey Training

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by dollyanne, May 18, 2008.

  1. Dollyanne is reporting for her curtsey training. She does not yet have a copy of Mistress Lorelei's book, "A Charm School for Sissy Maids," but hopes to get one soon.


  2. Curtsey definition

    Here is what wikipedia says about the curtsey:

    A curtsey (also spelled curtsy) is a traditional gesture of greeting, in which a woman bends her knees while bowing her head. It is the female equivalent of male bowing in Western cultures. The word "curtsy" is a phonological change from "courtesy" known in linguistics as syncope.

    In more formal variants of the curtsey, the woman bends the knees outward (rather than straight ahead), often sweeping one foot behind her. She may also use her hands to hold her skirt out from her body.

    Traditionally, women would curtsey for those of senior social rank just as men would bow. Today this practice has become less common. In European cultures it is traditional for women to curtsey in front of royalty. It may then be referred to as a court curtsey and is often especially deep and elaborate. Further, some female domestic workers curtsey for their employers.

    Female dancers often curtsey at the end of a performance to show gratitude or acknowledge any applause from the audience. At the end of a ballet class, students will also curtsey or bow to the teacher and the pianist to show gratitude. According to Victorian dance etiquette, a woman curtseys before beginning a dance.

    The "Texas Dip" is an extreme curtsey performed by a Texan debutante when formally introduced at the International Debutante Ball in the Waldorf-Astoria. The young women slowly lower their forehead to the floor by crossing their ankles, then bending their knees and sinking. The escort's hand is held during the dip. When they get close to the floor their head is turned down towards the gown and floor. The rising is made as an awakening.


  3. Well done sissydollyanne!
    May be you should have explain the reasons for posting to the other members. However, as this is a place for us sissies dollyanne and i agreed to do a little bit of public curtsey training.
    Don't get it wrong, i am not going to be a domme for dollyanne :bigsmile: but rather some kind of mentor.

    I think that before starting to curtsey properly she needs to do some theoretic work. Dollyanne stated that she does not own Mistress Lorelei's book yet, which is definitely a good ressource, but there are sources that are as comprehensive as this book so i think dollyanne should start with a list of the various kinds of curtseys and when to use them. Additionally i would think a brief description of the different curtseys would be helpful as well. Of course, dollyanne must not forget her other duties while doing her homework on curtseys.

    maid katrin
  4. dollyanne, you may curtsey for Me anytime!! you are such a feminine and pretty little thing, and I do so love the way you write!
    Mistress Michelle
  5. Well done sissy dollyanne, you were quicker than i thought but you must not use "copy and paste" and your esseys should consider a sissy maid's point of view who is in service of a Lady.

    maid katrin
  6. Thank You!

    Thank You, Mistress Michelle! Dolly will be happy to curtsey for You!

    And thank you, missy katrin for the excellent idea. Dolly will research the curtsey, and come back with more information and, hopefully, some images, if dolly can figure out how to attach them here. The curtsey is a very important sissy skill!

    (Dolly is off to shower and shave her sissy legs.)


  7. Girls, thank you for posting. I do love the idea of the curtsey. It's a lovely way of showing obedience, servitude and submission... and it looks so pretty when done properly.

    I am disheartened to see that the book mentioned appears to be unavailable in Amazon... do either of you know where else it can be sourced? It looks very interesting.
  8. Dear Mistress Watchful,

    did You mean the book "A Charm School for Sissy Maids"? Please dont get me wrong, i am far from correcting You, but it is available from Amazon:


    It is definitely a good read anyway.


    maid katrin

    I am so sorry Mistress Watchful, but i just had another look and realized how much it is ... this is ridiculous ... i do not know what to say about the price (from $135 up). I did not know to have such a treasure in my bookshelf ...
  9. Ahhhhh, it's listed under just Lorelei in Amazon.co.uk and I searched for Mistress Lorelei.

    It's definately a pricey book! But then I suppose educational books usually are. :smile:
  10. I think the reason for the price is just because the book is not published any longer ... i just googled in Germany and the price was from 160 Euro or about 130 GBP ... i do not have an idea yet on how to help ...


    maid katrin
  11. That's ok, I will have a hunt around. I too have drawn blanks so far, but I will try a more in depth search later.
  12. Hi sissydollyanne,

    as you will have seen from my conversation with Mistress Watchful it seems to be quite difficult to buy Mistress Lorelei's book so i think it would be fair to give you some clues:

    Search for the following types of curtsey:

    The Bob, The Standard Curtsey (or Regulation), The Full Curtsey, The Royal Curtsey

    Now hurry up girl, there's work for you to do.

    maid katrin
  13. Dolly's curtsey progress

    Well, dollyanne is quite sore from curtsey practice! Doing curtsies is fun, but also quite demanding on a sissy's legs. It is easy to see why curtsey training can also be used as punishment in addition to a sign of respect for a superior. Dolly has been practicing the Standard curtsey, the Bob, and the Royal curtsey. (A sissy maid's uniform and heels are best for this, of course, but dolly doesn't yet have these, so she is currently barefoot in her pink knee socks and pink satin gown.)

    Curtsey, also spelled "curtsy" is derived from the word, "courtsey", as a way for females to acknowledge the presence of a Member of the Royal Court. It is still used today in Great Britain. For a sissy maid it is a sign of respect as well as an indication of readiness for service to her Mistress. It is typically used on entering or leaving the Mistress's presence. Each Mistress may have Her own preference for how and when Her sissy maid curtsies, but the Standard (or Regulation) curtsey typically goes like this:

    Begin: Stand up straight, both feet side by side, facing your Mistress with hands at side or crossed submissively in front of your skirt. Keep eyes downcast or looking at your Mistress depending on Her preferrence.


    Flare: Grab your skirt between the thumb and first two fingers of each hand and lift and spread your skirt slightly.

    Dip: Swing the left foot in a graceful arc until it is directly behind the right foot with the left toe in contact with the floor, keep the back straight, head up, eyes on Mistress, and bend the knees to gracefully dip down 12 to 18 inches. While dipping, raise your hands, fan your remaining fingers, and spread your skirt into a graceful arc.


    Rise: Straighten up in one graceful movement to the beginning position. (This is very hard, particularly after doing several curtsies!)

    Repeat: If practicing or being punished, repeat as often as your Mistress dictates. You will be sore!

    The Bob curtsey is a dip of only about 4 to 6 inches with a slight flaring of the skirt and nodding of the head. If the sissy maid is holding something, or if yourMistress prefers it, it may also be executed with a bending of the knees alone with both feet together, and/or a nodding of the head, depending on the preference of your Mistress.

    The Full curtsey is a more extreme dip to a point of almost kneeling.

    The Royal curtsey is a full kneeling curtsey of supplication with the left knee on the floor and the head on the right knee or toward the floor. Dolly has yet to be able to do this properly. It is very difficult to lower oneself smoothly and rise gracefully!


    Doing a proper curtsey--especially Royal Curtsey--is quite difficult and a Mistress may take pride by showing off Her sissy maid's curtseying ability to friends and guests. As a sissy in training, dollyanne is still a long way from having the that kind of curtseying skill!

    For reference, missy katrin (maid_katrin--dolly calls her "missy" because she is a superior sissy and mentor to dolly) has a very nice picture of a proper curtsey in her gallery.

  14. Well done, sissdollyanne :kiss:

    i found your essay on how to curtsey very good in particular as you added some pictures showing you practicing.

    Of course you need to carry on practicing every day. As a real maid in service you'd have to curtsey every day but since you do not have a real life Mistress yet you need to do the following:

    10 bobs + 5 full curtseys in front of the mirror every morning
    20 bobs + 10 full curtseys + 2 royal curtseys every night

    You might ask for how long. Well sissy you must do that as long as there is no one you have to curtsey to.

    As for your next theoretic work you must think about which curtsey you are to use in different situations such as when a Mistress enters a room you are working in, how to curtsey when you are entering a room, when you acknowledge an order, when greeting Lady guests etc.

    As for the clothes you are wearing at the pictures you know for yourself they are not appropriate at all. May be you need to get a skirt, blouse and for starter a pair of medium heeled shoes. You will find curtseying in heels far more difficult but only that's the real thing.

    So now don't be lazy girl, there's lot of work to do for you.

    BTW, have you already joined Mistress Constance's sissy school? You should do that as soon as possible and complete the homeworks.

    :kiss: missy katrin
  15. curtsey practice

    Thank you, missy katrin! Your experienced opinion and insight as a proper sissy maid means so much to dolly. Yes, dolly has joined Mistress Constance's site and is looking forward to Sissy School. Also, dolly is doing her curtsey practice, and will add the repetitions you suggest. Dolly stopped and did 10 curtsies this morning at a midway point on her sissy walk. Roly poly dolly needs to lose weight and curtsey practice will help her achieve that goal.

    huggs :kiss:


  16. I love your pictures dolly. I see that curtsey training suits you. :smile:
  17. What a lovely thread . Thank all of you for sharing .
    { curysey }
  18. Hello wetlips, why don't you join sissydollyanne in her training?

    Dollyanne, your are a very good girl. i know that it is hard to find the stamina every single day but you know, only practice makes perfect :smile:
    I dearly hope to see a video of you curtseying very soon. I am sure Mistress Constance will be happy to post it to Her new site and may be even Mistress Watchful will find a way to show it off at Her place as well.

    Keep going girl

    :kiss: maid katrin
  19. Thank You, Mistress Watchful! Curtseying in natual for a sissy. Your pet should learn it too! Dolly hopes to be able to improve her curtsey with practice, and eventually do a smooth Royal Curtsey! It will take some time, but dolly is working on it!


  20. Thank you, missy katrin! You are so encouraging and sooo right about the practice. Dolly needs to keep doing it to improve and get smoother.

    Such a good idea to have wetlips join sissy dolly too. Any other sissies who see this thread are welcome also! (Mistress Watchful's pet...if you're reading this, why don't you join too (if Mistress Watchful approves)!)

    A dolly curtsey video would be a nice touch. Thanks, missy katrin, for the idea! Dolly will work on that to post on her blog. Is there a way to post it here? (Dolly's spanking video was deleted from the photobucket site because of "inappropriate content." Dolly is now looking for a new video hosting site. Any ideas?")

    BTW, dolly got a new sissy purse (handbag) and has posted a poll on her blog asking for help in packing her purse with appropriate sissy things. Any help or ideas about what dolly should put in her sissy purse are welcome!


  21. There is now! pet has been working on a video upload section, and it's here today.

    We may very well have teething problems, but it would be great if you girls would try it out and let us know.

    Check out the notification in the Study.
  22. Dear Mistress Watchful,

    as You can see from the new thread in the video section, it works!

    Thank You very much indeed and a deep curtsey.

    maid katrin
  23. I have seen many curtsies in my time - good old British manner, eh?

    My comment on the animated gif is that is more of what we call a 'bob' than a curtsy.
    A curtsy is a lot deeper and the left foot should go behind the right. The head should be bowed more too.
  24. Thank yo for the correction. Do yo want me to remove the animation?
  25. Great thread. Thank you Dolly Anne for suggesting it. I will be sure to practice.

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