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curious about cybelian merried /relationship

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JEWELFROMHELL, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. hello ,iam new in here but not in bdsm ,dominations is always be my real character even in real life .most i play just for play ,but one day 1 slave ask me about cybelian merried/relationship ,iam not really sure what its means , yes i know about cuckodling husband , contract merried or chastity device and often use that (kali , electro , etc ) but he look too shy to said with clearly what he want it, and iam not really sure what he means and need more informations about that before said yes or agree ( i never give bulllshiit or fake promise for some one even for slave ) so can any one give me informations about that ? thank you some much
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  2. I have no idea, never heard of it before. But you like using the kali's teeth on people? :eek::D
  3. yes that is fun , maybe you need try for know the feeling , chastity too normal for me
  4. I have tried one once. couldnt stand it for more than a few minutes lol
  5. ha ha ha , and iam play teasing and denial in the same time so must be more hard for slave
  6. Perhaps you should google Cybelians and read. Here is what I found.


    Here is a quote from the website

    There are two forms of Cybele marriage - the 'vanilla' one for those who prefer loving female-led relationships, and the FemDom one in which the wife is uncaring and feels little or nothing for her husband. The man willingly consents to be kept naked & collared when home, sleep on the floor, and serve as a toilet to the wife. Cybelian women can cuckold their husbands with as many other men as they wish.

    If this is the kind of relationship you are looking for... Good luck... I think the vanilla one would be the most long term doable, but the FemDom one is all fantasy based, and seems impossible long term.

    Good luck!

  7. i don't do that and how can you be keep with no clothes on and have to sleep on the floor all the time. you be frozed to death.
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  8. @macmagna@macmagna well is not me ask that.the sound is look not really bad in the real , is same like you have dog or other pet , dont need sleep in cold floor , can sleep with blangket or something like that
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  9. @jemima@jemima will dont have problems if have heater in home or parket floor or stay in tropic island
  10. If my wife insisted I would have no problem with a Cybelian life. I believe in the superiority of the woman and the inferiority of the man. I am the completely submissive hubby in a female-controlled marriage and my manhood already has been broken. My wife has the option to cuck me whenever she pleases. I've been drinking urine for months. Sleeping naked and collared would be uncomfortable but I would do it if commanded. This philosophy has much to recommend it.
  11. please i cant cos my Mistress lives here and i has to stay here.
  12. @demale@demale : the sound not really bad for slave .that just too hard for sub man .so you already in cybelian merried or not ?

    @jemima@jemima : you already get your mistress ,why still said that lol
  13. There's a Cybelian website. It's interesting. There are degrees of Cybelianism, all based on the premise of Female Supremacy, some more extreme than others. The tamer version is basically a FLR lived at a high level. I remember seeing some videos on their website several years ago but I couldn't find them when I had a look a few minutes ago, although they're probably still there somewhere. They were mostly of the woman, 'Cybele', and her very subservient husband.
  14. @frankie teardrop@frankie teardrop : i will love to watch that video .that will be help me for sure
  15. @frankie teardrop@frankie teardrop : the sound is perfect , i will love to watching that video , will be great if you can give me the link
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