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Cum while Caged?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Zeb6, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Because jerking off in a case results very poor orgasm, feels like a ruined one.
  2. In my humble experience, I can cum via two main ways while being caged.

    One, vibrator to the cage or exposed genitals. I feel like that is "cheating" for me so I rarely try to cum or get "release" that way. I do use vibration as a means of edging. Last night I edged too far and had a ruined O in my panties - I hate when I do that to myself.

    Second is via prostate stimulation via a dildo or digits. This is my preferred way to "cum" while caged. If it has been longer than 2 weeks of no climax/cumming, I will have a whole body climax with minimal to moderate ejaculation and fluids emanating forth. It is not like male masterbation climax and forceful ejaculation. Sometimes it spurts but most often, my cum just flows out. If it has been less than 2 weeks, most often I get a good, warm feeling and feel fluids leak out as I stimulate my p-spot.

    Hopefully that helps this discussion. Any questions, please feel to comment or ask. Thanks!
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    and you enjoy that, do you ???
  4. So I learn about ruined orgasms, and practiced a bit. I found a really cool German hypnosis site, and there's a new file that "makes" you have ruined orgasms, times a number you write on a piece of paper, before you can have a "full, satisfying orgasm." I picked five. I am in by three. My new cage comes in yesterday afternoon, and I promptly install it. Slept through the night, no problem. I get a steaming mug of coffee this morning, and climb into the hot tub. The heater kicks on, and I notice this big, slow, throbbing circulation jet with my name on it... I park my locked (expletive deleted) directly in front of the gently pulsing jet. I think to myself, "Hum, I'll bet I can get off by just sitting here." Yep. A few minutes later, I had a mind-blowing, fantastic, full-orgasm. Hypnosis? Steel cage? Doesn't matter. Self-induced orgasms are going to be really, really hard to quit!
  5. a little bit.
  6. That's roughly my experience too. At one week, prostate stimulation leads to non-ejaculatory, whole body orgasms. I also get that pleasent glow, which is fun, but not nearly as satisfying as a "standard" orgasm. At two weeks, my body becomes sensitized, and the same stimulation causes me to cum (ejaculate) easily.

    I can only cum if a vibrator "rattles my cage" as it were. Hard plastic vibrators transfer enough energy to my cage (Holy Trainer) to be pleasurable. Silicone or rubber coverings absorb too much, making them extremely frustrating.

    In either case, my caged orgasms aren't nearly as pleasurable as when I'm unlocked.
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  7. I have made My husband orgasm from anal play a few ways. We occasionally do milking and every once in a while I can get him to that illusive prostate orgasm.

    I have noticed with the prostate orgasm it's much more like women's small orgasms. I can keep him on that edge with wave after wave going through him until he's so exhausted he safe-words and begs to go to sleep (this normally takes about an hour of anal play to get him to this point with 20-30 minutes of it being riding the waves of small orgasms).

    Once I got to take him further and he had what I call a full female style orgasm. It really rocked him and he was flabbergasted he could feel something so intense. I think this event was after almost 2 weeks in chastity and with anal play almost every day for over a week.

    We can almost always get him to the smaller rolling orgasms with stretching for or doing a fisting scene (he's been fisted a couple of times). I have found if you get his bum nice and full it sets his pleasure meter to overload.

    All of this is with cage on and no vibration on the cage.

    If I just want him to ejaculate quickly my "Magic Wand" on the ring of the cage does the trick in about 2 minutes, but it's a hollow feeling.
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  8. I achieve the similar thing with a dildo stuck to a wall always the small orgasms now as you explained but lately with time a full and most intense orgasm I have ever experienced in my life and I am 50 haha.. they are far more intense than a penile orgasm I feel it in my muscles the next day ! Lol
    I am caged all year year after year so have grown to enjoy anal stimulation my wife loves it and I am beginning to prefer it as they are so intense and draining :)
  9. Hi Everyone! First of all, thanks everyone for being kind, giving answers and guiding my way into a world of chastity. Yesterday was my first experience with a chastity cage, wearing it for almost 12 hours now. In these past hours, I never have been hornier. It's so rewarding being submissive, not able to fully erect, and most important to me: not having an orgasm whenever I(!) want.

    I know following question is very personal and the answer is different for each individual. But I see lots of people dropping 'tears' whilst being so horny in their cage. Could you tell me your experiences? After how much time being caged does this happen? And taking it one step further: I hope this will not occur, but how long were you caged before you 'were able' to ejaculate whilst being caged? Again, I know it's very personal, but I'm very curious about your experiences. From what I read in this discussion, it varies between being caged for 1 - 2 weeks? Thanks for the responses.