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Cum while Caged?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Zeb6, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. I was kind of disappointment the other day...I sort of had a misunderstanding with mistress that lasted 4 days and she wouldn't speak with me...I actually still don't know why other than it had something to do with her feeling guilty about us not having sex for ages and all I have done recently is supervised masturbation (although I did get to taste her a few weeks ago but i wasn't allowed to put my penis inside her), She is menopausal which is a challenging time.

    I ended up feeling resentful only because i thought I had been pretty well behaved and there was no explanation...she just refused to talk to me turned off her phone and wouldn't let me in her front door :( it was like i had committed a mortal sin...(even now she cant explain why or what it was about and it would be a mistake to push her).

    Point of this story is that managed to cum 4 times in a day in the looker 2...now I know how to do it its actually pretty easy....that said its not nearly like holding a fat cock in your hand and wanking...and because the cock is so squished not much cum comes out compared to a full blown wank....but it did help with the anxiety that I was feeling which was very sever....if it were not for that i think would have asked for the keys back and that would have dug the hole even deeper. Even though she doesn't like sex at the moment she wants her cocked locked...we are working through this but its not easy.

    Wearing a cage when your fighting sucks...at least I worked around it...but its still a bit messed up.

    real world :(
  2. For those who are caged and have had a orgasm does it feel any different caged or not. Seems like it may bc you are not "hard" thnanks
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  3. I have had orgasms in my cage while partially erect. For me, orgasm does feel different in the cage. You have little to no control of your muscle contractions. For me, it is a briefer experience and I don't get to completely empty myself. It is not as physically enjoyable and has even left me with a bit of scaring and chaffing after, so I don't really like this as much. Mentally, it still leaves me feeling somewhat frustrated. However, I do enjoy cumming, pegging or milking in my cage more, even if its just little drips at a time, having little to no erection and am properly stimulated from within my behind. Orgasms this way are a bit more challenging though.
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  4. well its nothing like a spurty and it just dribble but its better when you am milk cos it last longer.
  5. I too was guilty of thinking I was helping my wife out by giving myself a ruined orgasm in my cage. I too get too clingy and needy. My wife had been in a solemn mood all day and I really didn't anticipate any sexual interest from her would be following any time soon. It had been this way for a few days. So I thought I was helping my wife out by giving myself a ruined orgasm. Later that night she called me to the bedroom gave me oral sex and was going to allow me an orgasm but when she told me I started to go soft in her mouth. She had me stroke myself hard again and put my penis in her vagina where I was able to last for a few minutes before I started to get soft again. Pure feelings of guilt. She finally asked me if I had masturbated which I had to admit to. I got a severe spanking, but my helping out by giving myself a release unwittingly ruined a rare night of pleasure that she had planned for me. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.
  6. I have hinted that i can...i think she would rather let it go when we are having a disagreement then me asking for the key back..I know no matter what never to do that...Actually at the end of the week she actually offered them to me...and I declined...I said that they are hers for as long as she wants to keep them.

    I was thinking about this today...and I have a design in mine to adapt a cheap full belt on DHgate to include the looker 2 that will prevent the action necessary to cum in the cage...even better that it will be removable separate to the looker 2...ie the full belt can come off leaving the looker in place....A good punishment device...for a person like me...the looker 2 is such a great device as its so easy to pee normally but this design would force you to sit down and the tip would be pulled largely down against my body...I doubt cuming would be possible with the exception of a powerful vibrator.
  7. I like to keep my girls locked up, but for me it is mostly about the humiliation they feel of being locked, the regular reminders that they will get by discomfort and occasionally pain.

    It is true too that when I favour them by feeling them up, finding a fee cock there turns me off, but feeling a locked cock to which I hold the key turns me on, and they like that.

    I am well aware that some can 'cheat' and a few will, but usually they'll admit it if I ask and take the consequences.

  8. i dont know how folks can do it in a cage really cos i cant. can everbody else do it but not me.
  9. I discovered that it is possible, and fairly easy. Now my goal is to not go there, and remain O free!
    Having that buildup is such a turn on / torture / turn on.
  10. In my old metal cages careful application of a vibrator, or even the right manipulation of the engorged cage by my KH could eventually push me over the edge. Especially if it's been a while. But that cage had a LOT of access, particularly at the underside of the glans, which we all know is a sweet spot for most of us. I had to wear that while my new PA did its thing.

    My current, as more and more likely seeming my last, cage, this Evotions, is extraordinarily difficult to reach orgasm in. It can be done with a vibrator but it takes FOREVER and frankly doesn't feel great. It's just too tight. Its more like a ruined that throbs with a little pain after. The only way I am realistically able to get over the edge in this device has proven to be via prostate stimulation. Thankfully its not terribly often that Im made to wait long enough between releases that I give in and ask her for a prostate O. Though its a fun and intense experience when it does happen.
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  11. I spend most of my life as an alpha male but have always been fascinated by what it might feel like to be caged.......so I bought a CB6000 and with the help pf a SO tried it on.....and do you know what I actually like the feel of it at find that when I'm moving around it is quite stimulating....I'm not sure I could cum without external stimulus but irrespective of any psychological stimulus through teasing and denial I just enjoy the feel of the thing.....I think I'm addicted and regret having to take it off when I slip back into the alpha male role :)
  12. My old cage if given enough time I could tell that wand would lead to an O, not a lot of stimulation but I could tell enough got through.

    New cage, with the piercing prong attached to the cage itself is from what I could tell impossible, or at the very least would take more time than a person would want to spend. The cage is fairly enclosed, and the exposed tip still covers almost everything. I can tell the the cage is vibrating, but nothing is getting through to an area that will help me cum. Pure evil
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  13. Yes, quite different. I've had two extremely different kinds of orgasms while caged, the standard male dorsal, full but compressed erection, which is like an orgasm plus pain depending on the level of constriction and tightness of the cage. The second type of orgasm that is possible while caged is completely different, with no erection at all, and non-standard ejaculation, just one continuous flow instead of spasms. The second is by far superior, at least to my tastes.

    Also, been able to orgasm in every device I've ever had, no matter what diameter, ring size, material. Not pierced so not fully qualified to comment on a non-ball trap device but pretty sure that everything would work the same there regardless.
  14. I can cum while wearing a cage, but it is extremely difficult. Most of the time, the release is like a good milking were semen flows freely while my keyholder/mistress uses a strapon. If it has been long enough and I am extremely excited, then I get an actual ejaculation; however, it is not like one you have outside of a cage. Firstly, it is much smaller since there is not enough room to fully release. Secondly, you only really shoot the strongest spasms during an ejaculation. The majority of the cum is just a very intense milking. In any case, my keyholders think a locked ejaculation is the ultimate goal. When my first mistress achieved a caged ejaculation, I was not allowed unlocked again until I repeated the caged cumming.
  15. The best way to cum in a cage is anal stimulation while playing with the cage. If you don't have a mistress to use a strapon, put in a large butt (vibrating is better) and then use a Hitachi on the cage while playing with the balls. Doing that while watching porn will help. You still may not be able to cum the first time yo do all that stimulation, but if you keep it out you will eventually get there. It is no different than when a keyholder keeps fucking you with a strapon and plays with your balls every day until you cum.
  16. yes but i don't think that Mistress wud let me do all that. and anyways the hitachi thingy is lock away in the cubaord.