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Cum eating training

Discussion in 'Cuckolding' started by Candela, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Sounds like a great
  2. oooh giggle, i think i know what that mean. :)
  3. Condoms are for gurls that don't give 100%. ;)
  4. Including pee and poop? What is your ritual? How did you train him to do that?
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  5. I agree completely, Amanda. I always go to the direct source. No spillage there!
  6. First step can be having frozen cum in sissy's mouth when he is allowed to masturbate, to associate the taste and pleasure.
    Another possibility is to start by making sissy lick his cum from the floor after cumming, and bring it into the toilet bowl in his mouth, and spit it there.
    Next cums swallowing:) First small amounts produced by his ruined orgasms.
    After keeping him on a strict regimen of ruined orgasms, tell him that he can have a full orgasm, but only by cumming directly in his own mouth and swallowing it all! You can tie him up for security, because it can be a big step to swallow a big load after a full orgasm.
    Next step is making him give a blowjob to your bf and swallow.
    I have written some stories on this e.g. http://slave2mywife.blogspot.fi/p/working-at-hotel-garrison-part-i_30.html
  7. Nice ideas, I was once made to cum in the toilet bowl and Ms. made me bob for cum out of it. Brushing teeth with my cum is also pretty extreme. Not being allowed to rinse after and have the taste in your mouth all day.
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  8. Hadn't thought of that but it's inspired. My wife won't let me suck and swallow other guys but she says she has no problem with my using my own semen as dentifrice. Thank you for the suggestion. Will try it tonight.
  9. Very creative. Love to hear new ideas. lol.....
  10. Well finally happened to me. My keyholder let me come and a lot got on her hand. She held it up to me and told me to lick it clean. I was very resistant and she was very insistent. I eventually did it and hated every second but afterward when I had gotten over my refractory period it seemed hot in retrospect.
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  11. To each their own here, sorry if my kink is off topic a bit.
    The idea is humiliation of course. The replies are along the lines of forced gay, which is not my kink.
    On the other hand humiliation where the man eats cum is great, his or other man's saved up, great.
    Condom as long as -- if you save it, refrigerate or freeze it, same as pee, does not keep safely.
    If you restrict food, make the food humiliating but enough to live on.
    You can combine pet food with human food -- corn flakes -- and then add flavor.
    As long as it is FRESH your own female hot urine is sterile.
    Morning urine is best, stronger taste. After some foods, stronger (more bitter) than usual.
    Almost tasteless after drinking, say, lots of water.
    Humiliation is of course the point, so must do verbal interaction with it.
    Pour over the corn flakes -- is it a reward or punishment? Should he say he likes it or not?
    Same with cum, should he beg for it or show disgust? your choice ...
    Should he wear cum in public? Be careful, is illegal if obvious, disorderly conduct.
    If subtle, he knows, no one else knows, white dot on his nose haha.
    He carries your purse in store, etc.
    Wearing the cage, must always cross legs when sitting down, never sit lets apart or as men sit one leg horizontal.
    Consider women's swim bottoms rather than panties for their stretch aspect, many sizes too small please.
    That way you can add the vibrating plug in public or just a silent but big one.
    No allowed ejaculation should go anywhere but his mouth. (mine go there). best if all stimulated through prostate, but can be hard to accomplish that.
    sorry if the pee idea offends any one here. it's the humiliation dialogue that counts, not the thing itself, as with any fetish, n'est pas?
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  12. @forcedcunnilingus@forcedcunnilingus i cant read the little words in Your avatar but i think that the one Lady has been bad and the other Lady has gived a big smack to her.
  13. YES. the best way to eat cum is straight from the tap. How submissive can you get beyond making someone else cum and letting him cum in your mouth with the expectation that you're going to swallow it. If you're into humiliation, I sucked off 4 guys one night and they all came onto a table then watched me lick it up. SEEING it made it really difficult for me. i actually asked a friend to pee in my mouth once. I wanted to do it but I didn't want to see it or drink it from a glass. Bottom line,....taking it right from the source is as personal as you can get. Think about it. you just sucked some guys cock, why would you NOT swallow the results of that????
  14. Exactly so. The whole point of sucking cock is to feel the throbbing and spurting inside your mouth and slurp down every drop.
  15. Update: Hubby had PIV sex with me over the weekend. He came inside me, (he did ask for permission), and without hesitation went down and cleaned up afterwards. It's taken many years of "training" and "conditioning", and now it's second nature. Although his frantic penetration of me didn't cause me to orgasm, his tongue did. I do like a good clean-up afterwards.

    For those who asked, he did ask to be re-caged earlier than Christmas Day. He said he missed his cage. Who am I to deny him his desires... ? Oh wait, don't answer that. LOL We are shopping for a metal cage..... something VERY permanent.
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  16. Thanks for the question....I have a male submissive tumblr dedicated to female domination and straight sissy training.
    the emphasis is on EXTREME humiliation to break the male ego which is so much a problem as recent news only proves
    there are numerous reblogs and "likes" but the main content is original photoshop alterations of artwork to create situations.
    this post is pretty far back in the past so it's best to use the /archive link
    In this offering, the dialogue is:
    , Top Bubble upper right: Goes with the SLAP: "You're not Slutty Enough when you Eat My Pussy! I have a new slut coming to do that!"
    left bubble from girl being slapped:
    "Then may I please be your Rim Job Slave Mistress?"
    In my imagination the left girl is her husband who is permanently cross-dressed and in a chastity cage.
    she will not be able to perform cunnilingus any more because she did not do a slutty enough job, and will now only be able to perform rim jobs IF that!
    ha! luckily, sometimes my wife demotes me to rim-job slave in a scenario similar to this, which i find immensely enjoyable!
    i only wish i were as attractive as the slave in the image![​IMG]
  18. " Thanks for the question....I have a male submissive tumblr dedicated to female domination and straight sissy training.
    the emphasis is on EXTREME humiliation to break the male ego which is so much a problem as recent news only proves
    https://kissherfeetsoftly.tumblr.com/ "

    WoW ! forcedcunnilingus, great site you posted , best turn on ever ..