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Cum eating training

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Candela, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Would love to hear more from subrigger as well. One question: How into your cum eating training is your Mistress? Does she love it, like it or meh about it?
  2. Thank you. I can't tell really. She knows it's all a big thing for me now. But it has been limited on her really supporting it.
    For the first time a few days ago we were watching a nice gangbang creampie video and some cum was leaking way down the girls leg... more than usual...and she ask which part would I clean up first?.. but she didn't say it so much like sexy dom but a geniune question. lol

    And I try to get her to encourage me to clean her right after I cum in her but she has yet to do it. But 80% of the time I go down on her between 3 and 5 minutes after she gets filled up. It is really difficult after a nice orgasm to do clean up with out encouragement. But she doesn't object or seem to pay attention when I and cleaning.

    And when I say "Thank you , it was so good. You always taste amazing" or "I can't wait till it is another guys cum." She just gives a bland smile and says nothing.

    I really need to get her a guy to fill her up and I know she will change this. I had a great guy lined up last weekend but she chickened out at the last moment. Which is her right and I simply let it go.

    SIDENOTE: I'm really enjoying this topic.. lol And a sub cum eater is a more sensitive subject that really only my wife knows about (expect you pervs... lol), all my swinger friends... well never.. not yet..
  3. So we had some great sex last night. While I was warming her up I told her it would be hot if she encouraged me to clean her after I came in her. And she said "That is your treat if you are good. Why would I encourage you?"

    I can't argue with her logic. But after an orgasm it is hard to get moving to clean up. But with in a second of cleaning up with my mouth it is easy and yummy.

    Recently while I am warming her up she watches gangbang creampie porn while I go down on her. She claims not to like anal but while I go do on her and put a finger in her ass she seems to cum much more often.

    After going down on her for a long while we had sex but I was too sleepy to orgasm... sucks but not the end of the world. So I went down on her again and masturbated till I was close. Then I asked for permission to cum (of course) and she said yes and I cam on her stomach.

    She didn't really seem to care one way or another but she watched. Once I finished and sat down in a chair next to the bed feeling very relaxed and satisfied. She waited a few minutes and then point at the cum on her stomach, "you need to clean this up." Right as I was going to lick her stomach she started to say "Wipe it off with.." but I started to lick it off her before she could finish. I wish she would have been more kinky about it but it was still hot.

    I think I will put a task on my virtual mistress to take a picture of cum on my wife, or in mywife, before I clean her up. It is so hard to get motivated after an orgasm but since I always need points for my virtual mistress I bet I will get motivated.
  4. I’d use classic operant conditioning. Get a few condoms full of cum. Several, really. Then period of chastity.

    Lots of tease &denial. When he is super horny, put drops of cum in his mouth periodically. dont let him cum. Before every T&D session, start with the taste of cum. Don’t make the mistake of putting cum in mouth post orgasm-when the horniness is satiated cum is disgusting (initially).

    The goal is to teach him that the taste of cum will precede sexual pleasure. After that association is made in his mind, you are well on your way. After a certain amount of time the cum can actually BECOMe generalized as the sexual pleasure. At that point, he wil lap it up after he cums & (I predict) hornier sooner than before.

    This is how you get orcas to jump through flaming hoops, or get dogs to go bananas in the hopes of hearing a little “Click” or praise from a person. It doesn’t matter if the organism is a mouse or a man; operant conditioning works every time,
  5. [
    SIDENOTE: I'm really enjoying this topic.. lol And a sub cum eater is a more sensitive subject that really only my wife knows about (expect you pervs... lol), all my swinger friends... well never.. not yet..[/QUOTE]

    Some things are best kept between a cuck, a Keyholder and a Bull/Boyfriend.
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  6. Excellent advice for Keyholders!
  7. I’ve never understood why women own more than one pair of the same type of shoes.

    Men & women are different, or this website wouldn’t exist. (Neither would computers or the internet....but that’s for a different thread...)
  8. well its cos shoes are lovley things. :)
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  9. Wow, I couldn't agree more jemima. Probably a good thing I have a hard time finding my size, or else my closet would be full of shoes.
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  10. Men and women Are Different, you can get all stressed out about it and give your self a head ache trying to figure it out. Or just go with it and enjoy the differences. I own Four pairs of cowboy boots does that mean I'm getting intouch with my feminine side?
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  11. I gotta go with yes.
  12. I was away for a work conference last Thursday and I was locked up. My wife kept texting me all day to send her a picture of my licked dick with some identifier to be sure it was current. It was driving me nuts. That evening was apparently accompanied by some fairly heavy drinking by my companies executives and our customers alike. I was feeling it so I went back to my cabin.

    I was listening to one of those hands free hypnosis videos while trying to sleep but I just got really horny. Of course being locked up I had no remorse. Then I remembered that I had some lube in my travel kit. So I did what any depraved locked up drunk sissy wannabe would do. I got on my knees and lubed up the lube bottle and used it to milk my prostate. I have always been able to get a few drops out but this time was way different! I had put on an anal orgasm track through my headphones and went to town with the lube bottle and it just started flowing out. I couldn't believe it. I was catching it in my other hand and of course I was so horny that I had absolutely no inhibition to slurp that pool of goodness right off my hand. I thought I was done but gave it another whack and dam if more didn't come out! Properly disposed of that handful as well and finally got to bed at around 4:30 am with a mouth taking like cum and those were 2 glorious hours of sleep before I had to get up and go back to the conference.

    I was exhausted but it was so worth it and I couldn't wait to tell my wife. She liked it of course and has teased me all weekend about it!
  13. True chastity keeps your cuckold high...and if you are sincere in your need then your cuckold will devour anything you want....see his pre cum dripping as that is his brain aching to please you...my cuckold devours any of my bodily fluids and wastes...
  14. You dont know how much I crave this your so lucky
  15. chastity is a powerful teasing tool, arouse him in your skilful ways and he will suck a condom dry like my cuckold does. Keep up the daily toilet training using him as your toilet paper, rise and bend over and hold the toilet seat when you need him to lick you clean.
  16. Be strict and yet firm in your needs and find the results of owning a real chastity cuckold just like mine is, Giles is my perfect trophy chastity cuckold and I display him with my delightful humiliation of his ego which i love doing in public and in front of his friends and mine
  17. Good stuff Wendy, i love doing that to my cuckold.
  18. He will over come the tast of cum in time like we all did but changing his diet will help to. He needs more greens and less meat
  19. greens am very good for you. yes.