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Cum eating training

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Candela, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Lol Ma'am, not to be rude, but isn't that what this is all about?
  2. I agree with an earlier reply I too don't know why men make such a fuss about it.I have never cleaned up cum from a vagina I missed that opertunity a while ago but I have eaten it from men's mouths and anus and cleaned it off other body parts. I did not train to do this but I did work up to it. Practice makes perfect as they say. From a Gay point of view I would think reward to make your man clean up and eat may work better than punnishment. I would think definitely at first get him to taste his own rather than another mans. I should think if he gets to the point of eating his own and cleaning from your vagina he is ready for another mans cum if he is a true sub.
  3. I agree with above posts about that some men make too much fuss about it. In my opinion, cum eating is more or less natural and especially cuckolds should practice it and learn to like it. Unfortunately, even though I have cleaned my wife several times, she's not really into it and it's quite indifferent for her.
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  4. Well, it sure is... and your point?
  5. My wife was the same way for a number of years. But now, she does not think anything of it and even has suggested it on occasion recently. Sometimes, though not always,things can change if given the right circumstances
  6. I can see where dommes are indifferent to subs slurping up their own stuff. That's simple cleanup. Gobbling it straight from a throbbing cock while on one's knees is a different matter. Much more humiliating to the sub.
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  7. I would have to agree with you on that point. Definitely a more submissive and humbling act.
  8. Especially when the male then turns his back to you, spreads his cheeks and demands your tongue.
  9. Just checking if I get the picture right: directly from the penis to your mouth or underneath a dripping pussy? I still regret that I couldn't do it when the perfect 69/doggystyle chance was there. However, swallowing big globs falling down is so much easier than licking it from her belly or legs. The big globs give the best pictures, the hard work on her belly is the most rewarding to me.
  10. Directly from the dripping cock is the most efficient and you can squeeze out the final drops onto your tongue. Next best is open-mouthed beneath the seething pussy.
  11. The odd thing is: man-man activities don't appeal in anyway to me, but I definitely could see this happening.
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  12. Very often it just happens. Your wife is sucking the bull while you watch and she beckons to you. Next thing you know his cock is filling your mouth and you realize that you're enjoying it.
  13. My Wife/Queen not only likes for me to do "clean up duty"... She expects it especially if she is still aroused, does not matter because it is what she wants and demands. But I do enjoy clean up especially after a ruined orgasm.
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  14. Do any of you use a device of some sort to catch the cum so it can be efficiently fed back to the sissy as part of his cum eating training? Something without the yucky rubbery taste of a condom. Ideally some sort of glass enclousure that fits over the penis head but leaves the glans exposed for stimulation. Any ideas?
  15. Assume we're talking about the sissy's own cum? I'd make him lick it off his own fingers.
  16. As you make him masterbate or edge put a small ice cube of cum with a lot of sugar mixed in.
    pleasure + Super sugar with cum
    Gradually reduce the sugar till there is none.
    Then gradually reduce the edging.
    then do without the edging..,
  17. Very hot idea!
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  18. My Mistress has taken my consuming of cum very seriously. On the rare occasion that I'm now allowed an Orgasm consuming it after isn't even a choice. She also had be consume it directly from other men. This has become a normal part of my being her submissive.
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  19. Swallowing from the source is much more efficient. Do you enjoy it?
  20. That depends on the situation. I have given a blowjob I front of my wife and another lady and Yes in that situation I did enjoy it. It pleased me that the ladies enjoyed me doing it. In another situation when I was alone with a man I didn't enjoy it at all. It's not so much the act of sucking on someone else but the circumstances of when and how your doing it. Also I have no problem with the taste of semen from someone else but it's still difficult after having my own Orgasm to consume it but I always do because it's pleasing to my Mistress, and that's what's pleasing to me. I hope that answers your question
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  21. It does, indeed. My most satisfying time as a cocksucker was when others (always male) were watching me.
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  22. My man is my only man and that’s just what I am into. I had him locked and he was using my hitachi on me. As he did he leaked on my foot, after I climaxed I snapped my fingers (which is a trigger for him) and told him to lick his stuff off of my foot and the bedsheets is he saw any. He started to do this but he was shocked because this was the first time I had done anything like this. I said “not so fast, I want eye contact and do it very very slowly. He did. He said later there wasn’t much taste and he thought it was fun. when I can I make him do it. Have a few pics and videos now too for my “blackmail” folder.
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  23. I feel like as a cuck that now loves to eat cum I am an expert on this... hehehe.

    1)I have only eaten cum from a condom once , it was my own and it tasted AWFUL!! It tastes like a condom.. not cum. YUCK!
    2)ruining his orgasm a few times is a great suggestion.. and/or feed him pre cum.
    3)Before I realized I even had a cum eating fetish... I started to store my cum. I would eat some of it as a punishment but didn't really find it sexy. Then my wife started talking about how hot a gangbang with creampies would be and I stored my cum up.. like 7 to 10 loads. Then one night I warmed it up in the microwave... very tricky.. it takes several short seconds and check... very very tricky warm up right. I injected a few OZ in her pussy and would eat it out of her. There was enough cum to do this several times. The combination of her juices and the cum and the fantasy of eating her lovers cum from her used pussy... well I have been addicked ever since.

    Tips: I use a sandwich bag, smaller the better. Also keep it frozen just till the next load is about to be added. If cum sits to long at room tempature it turns very watery and Bitter, like really really bitter.

    So each load is added on top of a cum icecube and each load is another layer. The sandwich bag is nice but I found it is not freezer proof. I think day 7 or more the cum starts to tast like freezer burn and doesn't even taste like cum anymore.

    My suggestion is edging him and do a ruined a few times. If you can do it with out letting him cum. This isn't easy... I know since sometimes he can cum ... store the cum till you have about 4 to 5 loads. Then talk dirty to him, stuff he likes and stroke and let him know when he is done cleaning up he can have a real orgasm. I would let him see you inject the cum (I used a medicine syringe). And then work your magic. For me I love serving after my Mistress has been fucked... so for me that would be a roleplay. After going down and tasting both juices a few times I would be surprised if he isn't in love wiht it. If not giving him a bunch of CBT and force him hehehehehe.

    BTW, he is very lucky.

    I think I could write about this and other ideas on reinforcing and eating cum for a cuckoldress daily... hehehehe. THANK YOU FOR THE POST...it made my cage ache. ;-)

    Also, I have virtual software that tracks my punishments and chores. This helps keep track when my wife/mistress is busy wiht her life. I am not forced to wear a cage all the time but when I masturbate with out permission I lose alot of points and I am required to eat my cum right after. If I do not eat my cum right after I have a triple punishment (enter masturbate wiht out permissin 3 times.. ugh). Oddly enough I failed to eat my cum sometimes... not sure why.. but that is why I serve.
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  24. Would enjoy reading whatever you have to say about cumeating. A favorite topic of mine.