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Cum eating training

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Candela, Nov 19, 2016.

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  2. I've loved cum for years. I went to a lot of wild parties in the 1970's where swallowing was the norm...regardless of gender. I guess I'm just used to it. The only advice I could offer would be to, maybe, spread it onto a muffin or doughnut or in his tea/coffee until he gets used to it. It doesn't taste bad...generally.
  3. My KH on the rare occasion when I am let out, and I get lucky to service her for long periods with my cock, the rule is I am not allowed to cum got to go to the edge and stop if I cum without permission I must clean it up and get punished with paddle at a later date, KH users a cumulative punishment system so far I have only slipped up once after you have cum its very humiliating to have a pussy on top being ground into your mouth and forced to swallow your cum
  4. Mistress enjoys me eating me cum love the look in her eyes as I did it . i have licked it off her out of her and made to cum in a glass and drink it .
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  5. I'm not interested in cuckolding bf & I know he's not interested in being cuckolded. Another thing is I don't want to share him with anyone, so I don't even want to see him go down on another guy or have another guy take him.

    The first time I spanked him, he ejaculated, so I made him eat it. I thought he wouldn't do it, but instead, he begged me not to make him, but I insisted. He was en femme, at the time (as he always is for spanking), so it confirmed even more how feminizing him makes him submissive.

    I make him take a fingerful of it at a time, put it in his mouth, swirl it around inside until I give him permission to swallow it. Once he's eaten most of his ejaculate like that, I make him lick up what's left. Anytime he ejaculates without permission, he has to eat it (he also gets a tawsing). During supervised masturbation sessions, he can ask for permission to ejaculate, but alot of times, I'll bargain with him, like making him beg to eat it if I let him.

    I love to watch him eat his own ejaculate. I'm going to have him do alot of supervised masturbation, though and he won't have to eat it. Instead I'm going to collect it in a large pill bottle and freeze it. Once he fills it up, I'm going to unfreeze it, put it in an ejaculating dildo, make him suck it, and so much ejaculate will come out it'll look like he got bukkaked on. I suppose I'll have to let him use it to work off a couple of weeks of chastity time. At least I can let my best friend watch him, though.
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  6. Cecilia B, I couldn't agree more with you. I have love to watch my hubby eat his cum also. It is sooo entertaining for me. I have made him brush his teeth with it before bed and not allowed to rinse his mouth until the next morning. I used to make him eat it almost daily years ago. He hated that punishment more than the cane. Now I only get to watch it every 4 to 6 weeks when I milk him anally. I miss the doing it daily thing though.
  7. Was something brought up from a Tumblr meme we were sending back and forth. Not sure if I sent it or her, probably me in a horned up state of I'll do anything to cum statement.

    She asked me about it, if I wanted to, I said absolutely not, but I would for her. I told her I liked the idea of being pushed past my comfort level, but because it is well past my comfort level, it's not something I enjoy or would do on my own.

    My willingness to do it like most coincides with my state of arrousal. Not a big push when horny, need to be told when not. I will say this though, once she tells me to, I go back into subbie mode much faster than if I wiggle out of it. She must have realized this...She has been pretty adamant about making sure I follow through. I think she particularly like when I clean her pussy after, more than the ruined orgasms.
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  8. I agree with Jemima, what is all the fuss about? I it is a natural way to greet Miss
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  9. Make it a rule that he has to clean any release. He may whine now, but eventually his desire for a release will out way his dislike of eating his own cum. Eventually he will crave it. My mistress makes me eat my own cum when I am allowed any release. Also have to eat the cum of her bull by her snowballing me, cleaning her, cleaning him, the occasional blow job by me, and her favorite of cleaning her after him cums on her breasts and my chastity.
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  10. I don't have any experience YET of eating another man's cum, however I have had my own numerous times. I personally think cum out of a condom would be more difficult to take than the from tap itself.
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  11. Here is what worked with me: edging. Really slow and long edging sessions with multiple ejaculations. In the beginning of my (self)training I would ejaculate at least 2 times and the first time I would be so horny that I would eat the sperm without hesitation. It took me several sessions until I was comfortable to eat the second ejaculate. After a while I took it to the next level - I promised myself that I would play with my clit only if I eat my cum at the end. It takes a bit of discipline, but now I can say I feel quite ok with cum eating. Still, I cannot say that this is my favorite "drink", but you know, it is an acquired taste, it takes time :)
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  12. Once you get some, you learn to want more.
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  13. When I started to introduce Chastity and FLR to my Mistress/Wife I told her that I was willing to committe to her totally and do what ever she asked me to do, even consuming my own semen. Being told to consume your own semen is a show of Control for the KH. My wife never really took that control until a couple years ago

    We were in a Fancy Restaurant after ordering our meals and waiting for our salad. She handed me a small container and the Key and said " go to the restroom and get your salad dressing". This was when she took Control of what happened to my semen after an orgasm.
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  14. Wow, you're super lucky. I hope to find someone like that.
  15. When I was last locked long term it was a condition that I swallowed any sperm I produced. I will state now that I hate the taste & texture of it and when I was first ordered to swallow it I refused.

    Now, one of the rules was that at any time the belt was off I would be bound and blindfolded so refusing possibly wasn't the best idea. She said nothing about it the first time but next time I was milked She did it with me tied on my back (She used e-stim to take my cum every time so the position She put me in didn't really matter).

    When She had emptied me I felt what I later found out to be a jennings gag being slid into my mouth. My jaws were forced open and before I had a chance to complain the cum was poured in. The gag prevents any chance of spitting so the only options were swallow or choke. I swallowed. There then followed 10 hard strokes from Her cane before I was allowed to get up.

    For the next 2 months this continued ever tome I was emptied, with the number of cane atrokes increasing by 2 every time. I eventually cracked and just before my next empting promised to swallow my cum without protest if She would not gag & cane me.

    So...I never learned to like it but that is how I learned to accept it.

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  16. I'm with Jemima and Holly on this. Like most men I've tried my own, what's the problem?

    My girls, whether trans- or cis-, consider it an honour and a privilege to go down on me, and then swallow.

    But you could have some fun with fake cum:

    Perhaps make him eat the fake stuff for breakfast every morning, then add the real thing ...

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  17. I had the same problem and she used the cane every time, hard and at least 20 strokes so my ass was red and striped. It took me some time to do it with a smile on my face and now there is no problem at all. Funny thing is that I have no problems swallowing other mens cum just my own.

    And when she was satisfied with me swallowing cum she demanded me to lick her ass clean - after toilet and that my friend was even harder but i did it, but it took some time.
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  18. I like your way of thinking
  19. I gently remind my Bride every so often that she can take control in this manner, but she is still reluctant to make it happen because she's not comfortable with it. The only time she finds it acceptable is if she allows me to orgasm during intercourse, and then she will allow me to go down on her so she can orgasm again. In this instance, she is getting what she wants and it forces me to deal with my remnants. However, with my being denied longer and longer periods of time, this scenario seldom happens anymore.
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  20. I'm having to roll a dice for punishment tonight, and that is one of the 6 punishment options. :eek:
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  21. Ruined orgasms are great to get started. Just make sure he stays horny, make him eat his own cum. Positive reinforcement is the next bing thing. Tell him how much you love him doing it, how proud you are of him. Tease him about being a cum-hungry slut. Make it a routine little by little. If he's cum in you i.e. orgasmed, take your time, wait for him to cool down a bit and ask him to clean you after 5 - 10 minutes, enforcing him. Also a little force won't hurt, sit on his face etc. Might want to tie him up at the very beginning....
    It's fun, it's natural and yummy.
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  22. I first began to eat cum from my girlfriend when I was 19. I loved going down on her and I never thought much about it at first. She didn't say anything so I just continued doing it for the remainder of our relationship. I did eventually start thinking I might be doing something wrong, but by then I had been doing it with several women and none had ever complained.

    Now, almost 50 years later, I never even think about it. I try to eat it as often as possible, but since my wife began permanent denial of intercourse with me, there isn't any cum to eat from her.

    Interestingly, out of all the women I cleaned up, only one ever complained. All the others loved it and most of them had never experienced it until I came along.

    When I tell other men how to get past their initial hesitation, my advice is to just go for it. As soon as you start to feel the tremendous reaction from the woman, you'll want to do it again and again. She'll soon be saying "You know what to do..." after you cum too soon inside her.
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  23. Some of us are just natural sluts for cum, others not so much. Make him associate it with a pleasure. Start by allowing( forcefully if necessary) him to lick it from Your fingers. Ask Your lovers to cum on Your belly or breast then allow him to clean it up. The next time make him beg to clean it up whether he likes it or not. I know there was one scene my Lady required of me that I disliked very much and She forced me to beg for it. After a few times, something changed in my mind and I found myself begging because I wanted it.
  24. So many great ideas in this thread. Can't wait to show Miss J. Thus far, our experiences in this area have been centered around cleaning her after use by our Alpha, but we would enjoy a training ritual of our own.
  25. I have found that once I start milking him, he's horny and will just about do anything. I'll sometimes have a glass under him, when he's on all fours, and milk him into that. He'll even hold the glass for me, so he won't lose any. Then, I can pour the contents slowly over my pussy, and make him lick it off. My favorite part is when it runs down over my butthole and feel his tongue lapping away there. God, that makes me so horny, and it's not long before I'm on my way to another orgasm. He never complains, I know he's still aching for more relief, and he enjoys pleasing me. For him, it's really a state of mind, when he's horny and frustrated he will do anything I ask... which is pretty much any time I want.
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