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Cum eating training

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Candela, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. tasty

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  2. I've loved cum for years. I went to a lot of wild parties in the 1970's where swallowing was the norm...regardless of gender. I guess I'm just used to it. The only advice I could offer would be to, maybe, spread it onto a muffin or doughnut or in his tea/coffee until he gets used to it. It doesn't taste bad...generally.
  3. My KH on the rare occasion when I am let out, and I get lucky to service her for long periods with my cock, the rule is I am not allowed to cum got to go to the edge and stop if I cum without permission I must clean it up and get punished with paddle at a later date, KH users a cumulative punishment system so far I have only slipped up once after you have cum its very humiliating to have a pussy on top being ground into your mouth and forced to swallow your cum
  4. Mistress enjoys me eating me cum love the look in her eyes as I did it . i have licked it off her out of her and made to cum in a glass and drink it .
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  5. I'm not interested in cuckolding bf & I know he's not interested in being cuckolded. Another thing is I don't want to share him with anyone, so I don't even want to see him go down on another guy or have another guy take him.

    The first time I spanked him, he ejaculated, so I made him eat it. I thought he wouldn't do it, but instead, he begged me not to make him, but I insisted. He was en femme, at the time (as he always is for spanking), so it confirmed even more how feminizing him makes him submissive.

    I make him take a fingerful of it at a time, put it in his mouth, swirl it around inside until I give him permission to swallow it. Once he's eaten most of his ejaculate like that, I make him lick up what's left. Anytime he ejaculates without permission, he has to eat it (he also gets a tawsing). During supervised masturbation sessions, he can ask for permission to ejaculate, but alot of times, I'll bargain with him, like making him beg to eat it if I let him.

    I love to watch him eat his own ejaculate. I'm going to have him do alot of supervised masturbation, though and he won't have to eat it. Instead I'm going to collect it in a large pill bottle and freeze it. Once he fills it up, I'm going to unfreeze it, put it in an ejaculating dildo, make him suck it, and so much ejaculate will come out it'll look like he got bukkaked on. I suppose I'll have to let him use it to work off a couple of weeks of chastity time. At least I can let my best friend watch him, though.
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