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Cum eating training

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Candela, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. I'm a fan of watching my cuck eat my lover's cum. I tried making him eat it once using a condom, but he hated it and started whining. Any ideas how should i train him to eat it and develop his taste ?

    (I'm thinking of starving him and just feeding him cum.)
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  2. well hes gonna get ever so hungry if that's all he can have. hel be a skeleton.
  3. Find ways to reward the behavior. It doesn't have to be drastic, like letting him orgasm. Let him know how hot it gets you, anticipating his slurping cum. While he takes the first lick, perhaps have a grip on his cock and squeeze and moan just s bit, as if it were involuntary.

    In time he'll get hot for it himself. When we were just hitting puberty, all sorts of things seemed gross, but our erotic experience of them changed our minds.
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  4. I will now tell a secret: I've seen "movies" where women eat cum most of the time! :p
    So in the end it might not be that much dangerous!:p
  5. What works for many is to save the cum in a condom and then edge your cuck some other day until he is nice and horny, then feed him the cum. I have had worse things put into my mouth when I was horny. As others said, offer a reward. Did you first train him to eat his own cum? That is easier for him to take since a lot of guys think gay when you want them to eat another man's cum. You can also mix it with something so he gets used to it gradually.

    I had a girlfriend in an open relationship plus I did orgies and various group sex activities back in the Pre-AIDs days when STD's were mostly transmitted by hookers, and the girls were all on the Pill, so condoms were not used. I liked performing oral sex so I tasted a lot of semen inside vaginas but nothing like you see in porn with globs of it coming out all thick. The girls did wipe themselves, but could not clean what was deep in them. It went with the territory and I rarely gave it a second thought. I am into things like sweat, pee, spit and other things placed in my mouth to swallow so as long as I am horny, I will eat anything. :)
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  6. Another thought on that is to give a ruined orgasm. He will still be horny and you could tease and have him taste before he gets a full orgasm.
  7. One single time @Thatgirl@Thatgirl threatened it while edging / ruining me. I was so horny I probably would have done it. But the last ruined went too far and i finished. I immediately protested having to eat it and she gave in. So there's definitely something to what these other are saying about doing it when he's all revved up. Especially if like me he sometimes longs for a bit more cruelty and unfair treatment. But if eating it isn't normally something he'd be into, then like me I'd imagine as soon as he's gotten off the thought of that fulfilling the need for some humiliation or arbitrary punishment will go from doable to no way.
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  8. Hi
    To continue the mornings posts on balls.

    Quite simply grab hold of them 3 or 4 fingers above his prize assets but oh so sensitive balls. Just start to pull and squeeze there will come a point when he will do as you say .
    Especially if he is on all fours facing away from you then you can use both hands . The addition of a mirror and vidio camera all to the good.

    Xx Wendy
  9. Start by training him to eat his own cum twice a week , ,
    milk him and feed him his cum ,,slowly he will develop a taste for cum
    It worked for my slutty husband :) he loves it now :)
  10. I've never been into eating another man's cum . Despite my feminine disposition and love for female undergarments. I am completely hetero. I do love the taste of my own cum though and would eat it every opportunity I get .
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  11. The hornier you are the easier it is, it slowly transitions to something that becomes very normal.
  12. I started writing this article on how to get your man to clean you up orally after sex for WikiHow, but posting adult content there anonymously proved a tad daunting.
    I realize this is a bit different than what you asked, how to get him to eat another man's cum, but I think a lot of the principles remain the same. Also this is a very different audience, so forgive the low-information level; many people here already know a lot of this.
    I wrote this because I enjoy cleaning my wife up (and being fed my own cum) once I am pushed to do it, but left to my own devices, I will often balk. So I wrote this to help me build my own habits and help my wife help me.
    First, is he interested?
    If he has expressed the desire, but loses interest after orgasm, first you should know that many men find the idea of licking you clean intensely exciting before and during intercourse, only to lose interest or even be repulsed as soon as they have ejaculated due to a rapid change in hormone levels. If you want to press through to make this happen once or regularly, here are some suggestions.
    Start small. Start with his Cowper's fluid. Men produce a small amount of a natural lubricant called Cowper's fluid as they become sexually excited. After a few minutes of foreplay or masturbation, you will likely notice a small amount of fluid spear in the opening of his penis. Since the man is very aroused at this point either partner can use their fingers to wipe up this small amount and place it in his mouth, maybe with a little verbal encouragement. Cowper's fluid has a sweet taste that many people enjoy, particularly in contrast to semen.
    Tell him. Talking to him about it during intercourse may help psych him up and give him the will power to follow through. Remind him that you think it's hot or if he brought it up, remind him of that and that you want him to. The level of assertion can range from a simple reminder or a coy request, like "You will clean me up afterwards, won't you?" to an order, "You need to lick me clean after you orgasm" just depending on what will work in your relationship. You can also use other verbal or non-verbal cues like, clearing your throat, pushing his head down toward your abdomen, or depending on the position, raising your pelvis up.
    Put yourself in charge. Another thought would be to set up the intercourse session so you finish on top. If you use a position where you're riding him, like the reverse cowgirl, it will be easier to deliver his semen back to his mouth. In that position you can simply push yourself back on your feet and then rock back on your heels so your vagina is right over his mouth.
    Snowball him. If you like to perform oral sex on him and you don't mind him ejaculating in your mouth, then snowballing would be a simply way for him to try his semen for the first time. Simply take in as much of his ejaculate as you can handle and then stand up and start kissing him, pushing the semen from your mouth to his. Your tongues can play while he swallows what you took in.
    Ruin his orgasm. While we don't often think about them as separate things, ejaculation is not the same thing as orgasm, and so if you can get your man to ejaculate without having an orgasm, often his mental state doesn't shift from arousal to disgust when it comes to ingesting his semen. The process of getting a man to ejaculate before orgasm is often called ruining an orgasm. To do this you need to withdraw all stimulation from his penis before he gets to the point of no return. There are several ways to do this. You could be having sex with you on top and you simply lift up right before he starts cumming or you could masturbate him and stop as he is approaching ejaculation. You want to stop about eight to ten seconds before you think he will start ejaculating. You should also wait eight seconds or so before continuing stimulation, if he doesn't cum. If he's very close, you might try fingering his frenulum very lightly. This often causes the semen to flow out slowly. You should find that your man is still very aroused (and maybe a bit disappointed that he didn't have an orgasm). Then you can collect it in any way that's convenient and bring it to his mouth. Methods include you or him scooping it with your fingers or collecting it in a shot glass or condom. More often than not, if done correctly, the man will not lose his erection after being ruined, so you can continue to enjoy sex after he's had a snack break.
    Save it for later. If you let him ejaculate whether by ruining or by a full orgasm, you can collect it and save up as much as you like, although it might be better to start with smaller amounts like an ejaculation or two. I would suggest refrigerating or freezing it, if you're going to store it any length of time. Then wait til he's horny and ask him if he'll eat his cum in exchange for something you desire.
    Use visuals. Visuals are very powerful for men. Make memes of yourself encouraging your man to drink his cum. I may post some of our cropped memes as examples later.
    Use your voice. Make an audio recording, encouraging your man to drink his cum. Remind him how much he wants to. Tell him how good his cum tastes.
    Masturbate him into his mouth. Masturbate your husband and as he approaches the point of no return, pull his legs up over his head and have him open his mouth so that you can shoot it in.
    Make it a habit.
    Set up a habit loop in which he is rewarded for eating his cum with a more frequent orgasm or some other activity that turns on his reward circuitry.
    Finally, if he's not interested, but you are
    You really have two options that revolve around making it habit. First you can reward him positively or you can manipulate him with some sort of punishment. Failing that you could simply strap him down and force him by a variety of methods.
  13. Here are a two of our memes, the text of which we pretty much stolen from Tumblr and place on a photo of Mrs. Freedom. Sorry her naked elbow is all you get to see. :D IMG_8102.PNG IMG_8103.PNG
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  14. Here are the last four of our memes, again shamelessly stolen from Tumblr and placed on a photo of Mrs. Freedom. The last one is combined with a great cream pie photo. Yes, those are Mrs. Freedom's inner thighs in the second and fourth photos.
    Clean Up_03.jpg Clean Up_04.jpg Clean Up_05.jpg Clean Up_06.jpg Enjoy! :D
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  15. That was the one and only time she ever brought it up. The idea of it excites me the same way most anything humiliating / degrading excites me, but the realty of it not so much.

    I assume she hasn't tried again because she doesn't like it when she makes a threat / promise / whatever and is then not able to fulfill it. Understandable. And I feel bad when I do that, but short of some very serious threats of lock up (that I believed) I just can't see myself going easily into it. Whether I would grow to like it or not, I can't say. But I will never do it easily. It will not happen unless she figures a way to make it happen.

    To me, there are times when if you expect to see submission at a high level, you're going to have show dominance to match.
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  16. i don't why men makes such a fuss bout it all.
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  17. The last time I was locked up I was feeling quite a bit horny so I used the Hitachi on the cage to make myself cum. I did this without my KH knowing so my penalty was to catch the cup and lick it up, which I did. That is the only time I've eaten my cum so far. Although I am interested if/when I'm locked up again that if I'm allowed an orgasm to do so on her feet and be made to lick it off her feet as well, but that is my fantasy not hers. :)
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  18. This is all about behavioural training. Punishment alone is unlikely to make him do this as he has an aversion to the activity that is based on the expectations of his sexuality/gender from the whole of society. So you need to do as others have said and use positive re-enforcement and denial. Not just punishment. Take a tea spoon at a time and treat it like medicine for him. When he's a good boi and takes his medicine, you give him a prize. After a while he'll be begging for the medicine for the prize. Obviously you need to make him work harder and harder for the prize, so one tea spoon becomes a table spoon or two.
    You definitely need to tell him it's a good way to make you proud of him but also be clear theres a denial activity should he fail to obey the training.
  19. I have no partner to play with at the moment and I'm denying myself.
    I decided that if I fail and end up wanking and having an orgasm, this is going in my mouth.
    I don't like the taste of it and the arousal disappears so far I have avoided that, on the other side I'm not disgusted to eat it after a milking. Once in a FLR I'd expect the mistress to order me to eat it.
  20. Wish I could find a way for my KH to make me do it. Because she is not particularly comfortable with the act, I am embarrassed and afraid to partake in the activity which would be self imposed at this point. She seems to enjoy it only if it flows from her as a part of intercourse. Then I can go down on her and "clean up." Any suggestions for getting her beyond that as my KH.?
  21. The last time we had sex I came inside her . I said if I finished before her I would go down on her to finish her off. She finished first so I didn't get the chance .later we went for round two I wanted to go down that I was addicted to it . She said I must be addicted to cum always wanting to go down on her after I've cum. I just said that all I could taste was her pussy and blew it off and went down on her anyway. Am I addicted to my own cum ? She may be right !!
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  22. Try giving him a ruined o, then scoop it up and feed it to him.
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  23. Speaking as someone with a good bit of experience in psychology and behavioral analysis, positive reinforcement is more effective than punishment. Essentially, you need to create an association between mutual arousal and reward (not just orgasm) for him with cum eating.

    In addition to FreefromBondage's excellent advice you should consider the following:
    1. Watch porn together where creampie eating occurs (but not in a humiliating way, just something that happens).
    2. Make sure that he orgasms while you talk about cum eating.
    3. Tell him how much you enjoy the taste of his cum, and that he'll probably like it too.
    4. Offer to let him do something non-sexual that he exclusively enjoys if he eats his cum (e.g. let him watch sports or bad kung fu movies).

    The more varied and frequent you make the rewards the better.

    Good luck!
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  24. I cleanup my wife on the regular from her lovers. I've just acquired the taste with pleasure of making sure she's clean for the next guy. I'm trying to figure a away to get her to go more cuckold/sissy and have her me cage then just swinging.
  25. pull a condom after ejaculation and you just shake the empty condom in his mouth.

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