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Cucky of a lesbian couple?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by eclipse, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Whilst there is no question that porn can give some men unrealistic ideas of sexual scenes, there is plenty of stuff in porn that can be played out in reality with 'real women'. Wife doing naughty stuff with another women whilst I watch, been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and she enjoyed it!
  2. If I were to be a cuck for my KH, she has made it clear, her first choice would be a man. She expresses or shows little desire to try with another woman. But, if she wanted a triad with another woman, there would be no hesitation on my part. Being a cuck is a huge fantasy for me and may remain a fantasy. Not sure she will ever want to really make me a cuck, although I pledge and gently offer the possibility of this to her at times when it is appropriate. I do not hinder, beg, or suggest with any frequency. She knows she is in control and free to take another as she pleases if she desires at any time. From what i have read relating to others experiencing 2 woman cucking a man is this. The second woman from outside the marriage can be and often is tougher and more demanding than most men would or ever could be. Bulls usually take their direction or approach regarding the cuck from the KH/Miss. A second female in a cuck situation seems less hesitant to take control, enforce rules, provide punishment, and just be more involved with the arrangement in general. At some point, I'd love to experience any part of it, even if for just one time.
  3. Before we embarked on our FLR, my wife had multiple casual sexual relationships with women, mainly just 'friends with benefits'. She had them in our -I mean HER bed (lol)- but I wasn't invited to participate and was always working or invited to sleep on the couch for the evening.

    Now that we are in a formal FLR, and I am owned so to speak, in our Contract I gave her the right to freely engage with women as she sees fit without my knowledge.

    I happen to know right now she isn't actively in a sexual relationship with any girlfriends, but she has a few she seems interested in. She usually doesn't tell me much, except after the fact she occasionally tells me tidbits to tease me. I admit, it's pretty hot.
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  4. I have somewhat of a similar situation. I can't be in Chasity 24/7 due to my work. So one of my mistresses we'll call me and tell me to make sure I'm in my chastity cage because she's going over to her girlfriends and have wild lesbian sex together. And then after it's over she'll call me back and give me all the details of her sucking her friend's pussy and having her friends suck hers all the while she's keeping me in Chastity while doing it.
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  5. I would have to agree with this fantasy
  6. Am I the only one who sees a flaw in this? As I understand it to be cuckolded is to be forcefully denied by someone who has sex with other men, replacing the cuck. While I can see that the same thing could be said about a lesbian having sex with another woman, there is one fatal issue. A lesbian never wants sex with a man, so you aren't being replaced, you never had a chance in the first place. Also there can never be feeling of I wish that was me, you can't because you aren't a woman. At least not without corrective surgery.

    I also see much written about the humiliation aspect of being a cuck. How can you be humiliated by not having sex with someone you never had a chance with?

    I can sort of see that a bisexual woman could be said to be cucking their partner if they have sex with a woman, but not a lesbian.
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