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Cucky of a lesbian couple?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by eclipse, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Since Mistress realizes her bisexual needs again, i'm somehow a "cuckold" (wrong word, i know) of a lesbian couple. Quite strange, and apparently seldom, because i can't find anything about that kind of relationship in the internet (though it seems that any form of uncommonly perversion has its own community in the WWW). In fact, i don't have any rights according to my sexual satisfaction, but Mistress teases me with her new female partner.
    Has anyone here any hint for me where i can find any kind of information about such a triangle? Or maybe someone here has similar experiences?
  2. richard

    richard Just me
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    May 17, 2008
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    I think many of us would like that too!!!! Better than cucking.
  3. doesn't sound bad to me :happy0160:
  4. W/we had a threesome with another Woman but i was very much a part of the action. i'm turned on by the idea of being bound, locked and made to watch Mistress make love to another woman...very hot!!! in my fantasy, however, after They are done They release me and Mistress mounts my face as Her Girlfriend sucks my cock.
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  5. Imagining being teased and denied in chastity for a lesbian couple is my ultimate fantasy. It makes me very, very wet.
  6. My situation is a little bit different: mostly, i'm not allowed to watch (if i'm lucky, i can hear them). And i don't think that Mistress is ever granting a blowjob for my enslaved cock again...
  7. A little update: Right now i'm sitting in my workplace (and in Hamburg it's nearly 10pm!), cause i was told to leave home some hours ago. Mistress wants to meet her girlfriend - alone. As you might imagine, i'm locked in that chastity belt. But... what's exactly cool on this?? i sometimes wish i was "normal" or what we call "vanilla" in germany...
  8. it's called vanilla here in the states too.
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  9. As a native English speaker who knows precious little German, I do have the impression that in that language you could probably create a single, very long word which means "kinky man locked in a chastity device who wishes he were vanilly and wants to free willy".

    In any event, go with the flow, Eclipse, it sounds like a wild ride!
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  10. LOL.
    Thought quite a while about that, but i'm sorry to have no clue what such a word is like. :confused0082:

    i try to surf on, but sometimes i've got the feeling that this wave is a little to big for me...
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  11. wow

    i would say you are very lucky man . i would try to chat to her about the possibility of you being there ' bound ' so you could not participate ! just let her know you would love to there to enjoy their beauty! good luck & wish you well. later , disciplinedpet:anim_37: :character0114:
  12. For tonight it's exactly the opposite of that. She went out for party with her girlfriend in a sm-club... and left me alone at home - locked up.

    But i just received a SMS in which She told me that i'm "leaning to hate her girlfriend tomorrow evening". And i've no clue what kind of humiliating scene She's hacking out...
  13. I serve two ladies. Lady is my owner and Master is my trainer. They both have full time careers and I am kept at home. By day I am their maid cleaning the house, laundry, looking after the yard and garden. At night I am kept down on all fours with fistmitts and tackbooties locked on as their puppygirl. This may sound humiliating but humiliation isn't really part of it. The more docile, helpless, and feminine I am the more I'm praised, rewarded, and allowed physical contact. I am kept in a chastity device (cb3000) at all times but given a maintenance orgasm once a week (longer if punished or acting like a male).
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  14. hahaha, so true!!
  15. Dainty Demure. That sounds awesome!! I have always enjoyed puppy play and occasionally I get up enough nerve to ask my wife to treat me as a dog for the night. I also don't like the idea of cuckoldry as I have only ever had sex with my wife, we were virgins when we married and never plan to have sex with anyone else. But my fantasies do involve being a slut/sissy/bondage slave, or puppy to another couple, either lesbian or normal.
  16. OMG!!! Dainty Demure eclipse you are living my dreams! Enjoy every breath of it! and PLEASE do share more!!
  17. The latest episode of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" had a situation where a returning soldier was cuckholded by his wife and her lesbian lover.
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  18. SubVerity

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    Apr 2, 2014
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    Intriguing situation, but we might have to wait a while for an update. The OP was from 2009.

    My guess is that they split up shortly after.
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  19. Joroincharge

    Joroincharge Lock em up - 24/7/365!!
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    Mar 10, 2009
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    This is a brilliant setup. But the OP has not been on CM since 2011!
  20. Does anyone have any further thoughts on this matter? I used the search function before starting a new thread and this came up so I figured I'd just resurrect it.

    I came across a video on a popular porn site that was to do with being cuckolded by a lesbian couple and I absolutely love the idea.

    Are there any words for what it is? It doesn't seem to be a very popular thing when I search online and "Lesbian cuckold" just doesn't reveal much at all.
  21. L-u-c-y (Partner)

    L-u-c-y (Partner) Chief Goddess
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    Oct 20, 2015
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    BREAKING NEWS: Male likes porn video idea.

    I wouldn't pay much attention to what you see in porn videos if I were you.
  22. A good friend of mine is lesbian. We talked about her and her wife holding my keys at one point but the logistics and several other issues made it so it wouldn't work. Lots of thought and deep discussions went into this. In the end, it could have worked but it wouldn't have been anything like your porn.

    So I'll say it's possible, but not very probable that you'll find anyone to do this. If so, they're either out for your money, or like my friends it won't be like your porn and will involve a lot of effort to even get to the consideration stage.

    Normally, I'm a big advocate of trying to live ones fantasies, but this one I'd say is one of the ones where I'd question it. I guess if you were to find the right couple and we're friends, and they were kinky enough, and etc and etc it's possible, but I just don't see all the effort worth it for something that won't even be like what you think.
  23. It doesn't have to be a couple and it doesn't have to be a long term thing (for me). I'd be happy just with a one off experience... but I see your point.

    It just seemed to me to be one of those fantasies that I'd expect to be quite prevalent on the chastity scene but of all the groups etc I'm part of it doesn't seem to be talked about at all. The idea of being cucked by a guy just doesn't appeal to me... but another woman? Now that's hot.
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  24. I think there are some threads of a very common fantasy here. It's ok to have fantasies :) And some people try to make it reality.

    I did meet one guy in my town who's wife then fell in love with another woman and they both kept him in chastity, which he liked. I think he encouraged it all to happen, and the married couple ran a business together. And the guy said to me: "Be careful, it's hard to put toothpaste back in the tube."

    There is also a very fun erotic novel (actually a 3 book series) about a guy kept in chastity by two women. It's quite amusing and clearly the author is speaking from some experience with chastity. "Journey into chastity" by Stanley Jeffries. Book 1 is also an audiobook.

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