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Cucks Period Punishment

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Padlover, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Another one of my wife's favorite humiliations is period punishment. It statred when i remarked about her mood during her period and realized that men should suffer this also. She started with making me wear Tampax Super Plus Tampons in my ass and also wearing her soiled used pads. When she would masturbate me with her rubber dishwashing gloves she would hold a soiled pad over my nose and mouth making me inhale her odors as i came. She soon noticed that the odor and humiliation of it all produced the strongest orgasms she has ever seen me have. Hence the nickname Padlover. She was soon bringing pads home from the recepticle at work, her sisters, her girlfriends that she removed from thier bathroom garbage cans. She also gets them at the mall and ather bathrooms. Usually i am always wearing a pad. Sometimes especially in the summer if i am not allowed to clean my privates the odor is very noticable. My most humiliating moment was when we went to the local mall. Before leaving i was dressed in a white T-shirt that showed my bra straps, a white nylon pair af female shorts, my cotton white panty and a very soaked heavily soiled pad that my wife retrieved from her friends bathroom earlier in the day. i was shocked after she dressed me when she stated we were going to a mall a distance away from home. During the ride to the mall in the car i could really smell that soiled pad and it was intoxicating. After sitting for lunch for about an hour at the mall we paid the bill and proceeded up the escalator to the second floor and unknown to me after sitting so long the heavily soiled pad leaked thru not only my panty but my shorts also. We both were unaware of it. As we stepped onto the elevator three teenage girls got on behind us and all of a sudden one of them started laughing and said to her friends " Oh my God that guy is leaking thru is shorts" They all looked and laughed. My wife turned to me and stated "We have to change your pad as soon as we get to the car" With that the girls laughed even more. As the heavyset brunnette passed us she made a comment to her friends in very loud voice "I thought only girls get thier periods" and they all laughed and my wife remarked to them "He's such a disgusting sissy" i was never so humiliated and embaressed in all my life but at the same time it was so exciting. When we got home i had the strongest orgasm ever. i just love the humiliation of it all.
  2. Padlover,

    i, like many other submissive husbands, am period trained as well. It all started in quite a different manner. i am locked in a cb6000 most of the time. i am only released for the occassional times i am permitted to put my clittie in my wifes pussy ... and then for me to masturbate for her. Other than that, i am locked up 24-7. By the way, the only other time that i was released, was for a recent airplane travel. My Mistress Wife did not want me to be detected at the airport. It's important to note, that she was not concerned about me being humiliated, but with the nervous nature of airport security, she did not want to cause me any delays, etc. i was instructed to immediately lock myself upon arrival and to send her a picture, from the airport and then in the hotel room ... so that my location could be identified ... and i was given a numbered plastic lock. i had to send her a picture every three hours throughout the day and night ... showing my location (as best as possible) with the numbered lock clearly visible for her to confirm my locked condition.

    i was required to wear nylon panties that she had pre-worn over the prior week. Each one had the day of the week on it. i wonder if that showed up at the airport scan? Each day, i had to wear the panty of the day ... and show that the locked clittie cage was on underneath it. The plastic lock-tag was also made visible outside the front of the panties to further confirm my locked condition. By now, you are wondering what this has to do with your topic ... period punishment.

    Well, Mistress started putting a pantyshield in my panties ... to absorb the leakage from my clittie. i am milked almost nightly by my Mistress and when away, i am instructed to milk myself with a prostate massager. i leak all the time, especially when at work with a butt plug and my clittie cage. So this all started innocently enough ... with me having a pantyshield in my panties to absorb leakage (including pee that dribbles out of the cage).

    Mistress then decided, i should suffer her monthly period. When she has it, i must as well. So she started plugging me with tampons and sanitary pads. Then she decided that a slutty gurl like me should actually feel the misery of blood in the pad ... and the uncomfortable wetness that it causes. So then, i was put in her used pads as she took them off. i would not want to have other women's pads put on me, because you never know what they may have ... and what it mighty pass on to me. But, i do wear her pads. Sometimes she comes to my office to exchange pads.

    Anyway ... i just wanted to share my experiences with you. Good luck and i hope you enjoy your life. i do!!!
  3. i thought that was normal when wife has period i have period with tampn an pads an full panties also
    if i go away for few days an not flying i have to keep metal lock on
    panties well my wife allways picks out my panties to wear for the day
    sometime used panties sometimes not i have no say in the matter

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