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Cuckolds and Bulls

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by mrfelix, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Does the bull and your relationship use your husband as an accessory to your sex? Such as a fluffer, clean up man , or urinal. Was this the Bulls choice or do you encourage him? Do enjoy watching this activity?
    Cuckolds, do you enjoy assisting, or get off on the humiliation.
    I think if I was in the position of a bull, I would want to mark my territory and that means humiliating the husband somewhat.
  2. Ya know that's a very good question, one I will have to ask about in the event she ever wanted to add someone.

    After having let go, and telling her that if she felt the desire to get pleasure with someone else, she could, and would be a small set of boundaries...I really hadn't discussed the other guy and what he or my mistress would prefer.

    I think with us it is understood that I would do whatever she asked, but didn't consider his desires...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't feel comfortable with him calling the shots on me. Then again, if she was dominant about it, and in charge of putting him in charge it might be ok. I don't know. I get very weak knees when it comes to submitting to her, and the more dominant she is the hotter I get, so I can see if she told me that he was in charge I wouldn't balk, but it would be pretty difficult.

    I have heard stories of the bulls requiring the cuck to be feminized if the cuck was going to join...I guess so the bull doesn't feel gay or something.

    So I guess my thoughts on it are that if my kh was adamant about something, was totally in control, I would be fine with whatever she wanted, even if her control was that she was sharing it. If however, she did not want or indicate that the bull was to direct traffic, or make demands, I would have zero inclination to be subbie to anyone else than her.
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  3. Was a cuckold for a woman I did not love for a year. Humiliation was not part of it. I would never be submissive to another guy or because of him. Too alpha for that to even consider. Men are submissive to me, which is why I became a bull. I cuckolded a few men, one for 25 years as recently as 7 years ago. I am sterile and used to be good looking, so that was attractive to cucks. I did not have a big penis. I was just eye candy who was good in bed and made women feel desirable again. I also was game for any fantasy they had that their cucks would not do with them.

    All but one wife had anything bad to say about their husband. They just were not the alpha males that they wanted now and again. I normally did not allow the husbands to watch. I am not going to be used as a puppet in their fantasy to get them off. Only once did I allow it with the cuck of 25 years because his wife wanted to try to get him involved in our poly triad rather than just be a cuck. He was OK through the making out phase, but when I started to undress his wife he said he could not take it and left my house with his wife following him to calm him down. That was the first and last time for me.

    I sometimes think that the cuckold portrayed in porn and on the internet, is mostly an idealized version. Some of the wives sexually dominated their husbands but they never spoke ill of their cucks or expressed an interest in humiliating him. I do understand humiliation as part of sexual fetish play. It can be arousing. However, being told your have a small penis while playing is much different than having your wife go out and find guys with bigger penises to have sex with and rub it in your face, no matter how much I enjoy a little sexual humiliation during sex.

    When I was younger I was more into having my wife and myself being sexual with others but as I got older that became less and less attractive. One reason is due to what I saw happen to the marriages of others, no longer taking recreational drugs, but also because in our old age we both need each other and could not survive apart unlike in our younger days. We have no kids, just each other and are no longer in shape to sexually attract others or have them take care of us when we are bedridden for months. The insecurity and fear of loss that makes up jealousy, was never in our lives until we became dependant on each other for survival. Things change and love matures. What we enjoyed in our younger days are unthinkable now.
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  4. I've been a cuckold all my married life. My wife's various regular bulls have used me in various ways. Generally they like to humiliate me in order to exert their control over my wife.

    Over the years I have pretty much done everything. I've even stood in when my wife wasn't available but the bull wanted release. Possibly the most common order is to suck their cock to get them hard for my wife. And cleaning up my wife afterwards.

    Of course I'm not always around but the bulls still exert control by demanding that I be not allowed to touch my wife. Sometimes they even hold my key.

    It's all very exciting for me.
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  5. Alpha, beta what a bullshit. Everyone is diffrent.
  6. People are beginning to believe in this stupid Alpha beta theory
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    I think people believe what works for them, if you don't agree then that is your choice. In a situation where the parties are happy then it should be each to their own. There is no need to throw insults if you don't agree.
  8. How come an "alpha male" hides behind his privacy settings? Afraid to hear what can't be said in open forum????
  9. Where it comes to been an Alpha or a beta male, on the street you would think I am an Alpha for I drive a large truck, ones a man said give me you money I could only laugh at him, I have intimated people when I was not trying. But when it comes to my wife she could tell me to do anything and I would do it. She have the power one me to say and do anything.
  10. I believe absolutely in alpha and beta males. Some men, myself included, want to submit to dominant males. It seems natural to us.
  11. I am not yet a cuckold although my wife has the option of fucking other men. I would want to help the bull in any way that I can since he would be doing a great favor to me since I am impotent. I would consider it an honor to fluff and clean him.
  12. A question for cuckolds from a might-be: Was it your idea? How do you feel about it? Is it enjoyable? Exciting?
  13. In the very early days it was definitely my idea which she liked but would never happen. When we realised that change was necessary, she embraced the idea. During her first experience with a gigolo in a hotel with me waiting outside in the car, I have never felt more at peace, calm or zen than ever before.

    I can't relate to alpha/beta dynamics. Whenever I was present, it was usually mutually respectful and I could even laugh when my wife said that this was the best ever. I'm aware that I'm a little above average sized and was no match in that case. It always ended with me eating her pussy (and his sperm), but half an hour later I could walk out the hotel talking with him as equals. IMHO many websites dedicated to these dynamics create unrealistic views in terms of power, sissification or degradation. The one stereotype that fitted our situation was that it was predominantly interracial. Not because of the additional humiliating effect, but just because these lovers were unlikely to become a threat to our relation and they lived up to the expectation of above average and great lovers.
  14. That's how I'm hoping it will be should my wife decide to take lovers, which she says would come from among our close friends. That said, it probably won't happen if I continue to submit completely to her.
  15. Anyone ever been both a bull and a cuck?
  16. I am on top in my work and in my family, the best in many things, in Bed, like to be bottom. Am i alfa or beta?? This is just stupid.