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cuckold tatoo

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by subbihubby, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Hello all,

    My wife and i are planning to both make a tattoo.We plane to ma ke both above our sex.We don't want a too big one.We planned for her a quuen of spade one.Can u tell me more about it. Is it only a symbol of black cock or just a simple cuckold symbol.
    Also we don't have so much ideas for mine.i'm seeking your bright imagination to help us make the perfect tatoo for us!
    Thanks for your help and sorry for my poor english
  2. Can you tell me why nobody answered?:(
  3. this one can work for both of you ,
    like the cuckold horns

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  4. End of the day it’s up to you what you want to tattoo on your body.
    It’s recommended that you do plenty of research which is why I think no one answered you, cause google has it all and we can’t tell you what your lifestyle is in regards to what tattoo you should have.
    I’d love to have a tattoo that expresses my sex life but I’m still looking for “the right one”.
    So yeah
    It ain’t as if you can rub them off when your bored of them or taking a break from “the scene” or “lifestyle”.
  5. Glad you like my design.
    I created it years ago and hoped it would become the official symbol of cuckoldry. Much the same as the BDSM symbol is recognized.
  6. nice I found it on line not on here and really liked it maybe its making the rounds
  7. The QoS tatoo is for women whoe love black men. If this is the case of your wife, she could have the Queen of Spades and you could have a "Jack of Spades" tatoo, both designed the same.
  8. If she gies with qos tat.. u get a qos tat with a locked cock tat besude it
  9. Thanks everybody for your incomes.We both like the qos tat but My wife is not very into black cock.So this one wont be appropriate.Do you guys hae other ideas to share with us.