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    I outlined several ways that my girlfriend and I explore what I call "safe" cuckolding in a forum post a few hours ago, and started thinking that it might make a good story, suitably exanded of course. Here is the first of 6 or 7 installments, hopefully. While this story is not nearly as extreme as others, it is largely based on actual events, which at least in my mind makes it very erotic!

    Prologue the mall
    They were shopping at the mall when it happened. He had gone to Starbucks to pick up a couple of coffees for both of them, leaving her browsing at Banana Republic. She was looking for some new shirts for him, so he found her in the mens section. She didnt notice him as he approached with the coffees she was staring intently in the direction of the mens changing rooms with a strange look on her face. Turning, he saw what she was looking at. One of the changing room doors had swung open a few inches, and the full-length mirror on the inside of the open door revealed the occupant of the room to anyone with the right viewing angle. He was very handsome with an extremely athletic body ripped muscles and a washboard stomach. He was also completely naked he had just slipped off his pants and was about to try on some slacks. Apparently Mr. Banana Republic did not wear underwear. His limp cock was quite long and thick beneath a tangle of tight black pubic hair.
    He looked away from the stranger in the dressing room and back to his girlfriend. The strange look he noticed earlier was now clearly recognizable as pure lust. The small pink tip of her tongue was just barely visible, wetting her top lip.
    Sensing his presence, she turned. He expected her to look ashamed. Instead the lustful expression slowly changed to a thoughtful look. Then, she deliberately looked back at the changing booth, watching until the stranger had pulled on some tan slacks and buttoned an oxford shirt. Then she looked back at him, studying his expression. He guessed he should have been angry. Instead he felt excited. He had no idea why he felt this way, but he knew that she could see how he was reacting. She slowly smiled.
    We have something we need to talk about when we get home she said.

    The ride home was quiet. Not in an uncomfortable sense they were both clearly wrapped up in their thoughts. They arrived home and unloaded the bags from the trunk of the car into their house. She poured a glass of water and sat on the sofa, patting the cushion next to her. He sat down.
    I want to talk to you about something baby she said. You know how much I love to tease you, right?
    Yes I do he answered, smiling.
    Well she took a deep breath. you also know that I would never ever do anything to hurt our relationship, right? I love you and that will never change.
    He looked baffled. Yes baby, of course I know that. Why do you need to ask?
    Because I have been thinking about something. You are submissive to me, and I am dominant to you. That means, among other things, that I enjoy getting whatever I want sexually, and you enjoy letting me have my pleasure, right?
    Yes, of course.
    Well again she took a breath. I think that youre incredibly sexy, but I also find other men sexy. REALLY sexy. She paused to look at him, gauging his reaction to this.
    He thought for a second. Well, of course she did. It was more or less human nature. Rather than feeling angry or upset, he realized that he was happy to hear her say this. He wanted his girlfriend to be as happy as possible, and if looking at other men turned her on, then why should he object? As she had pointed out, it was his submissive nature.
    Im glad he finally said.
    Really? Oh, Im so happy! She gave him a quick hug, followed by a long kiss. I was pretty sure that you would take this well, butyou know, I needed to know for sure. Im not interested in a physical relationship with another man I love you and dont want anything to jeopardize that. But, I think that weor should I say I, can have a lot of fun with the fantasy of being with other men. Does that make sense?
    Yes. I have to admit that this is pretty exciting to me too you know that anything that gives you pleasure is exciting to me!
    She laughed. Yes I know you are such a good boy! God, Im so turned on right now. She reached her right hand between her legs and started rubbing her crotch through her dress. She closed her eyes as if concentrating hard on something. Did you see that man in the dressing room? Hmmm.his body was so muscularand his was really big.
    He started getting very excited as well. Having his girlfriend touching herself and openly fantasizing about another man right in front of him was incredibly exciting to him somehow. He felt the familiar tight grip of the chastity cage his girlfriend kept him in around his cock as it vainly attempted to harden.
    HmmmI think I have a job for you, she said. Im going to stay here on the couch and think about the man in the dressing room. I want you to get on the computer. Find me pictures of naked guys. Naked HOT guys. She let out a moan. Lots of them. Put them in a slideshow for me. I want to see all of them. Her breathing was starting to quicken. All of least 30 of them, ok?
    Yes maam he responded automatically.
    Ahah..30 naked menand she opened her eyes and stared directly into his make sure their cocks are bigger than yours.
    A stab of excitement went through him. Yes maam. it now let me know when you have them.

    He went to the computer room and opened up a search engine. He was incredibly excited, perhaps more so than any other time he could remember. He knew that if his cock wasnt securely locked up he would almost certainly look at porn and jerk off. Ironically he was here to look up porn for his girlfriend.
    A google image search for hot naked studs yielded some promising images. He picked several that he imagined his girlfriend would find sexy and inspected their cocks. Almost all of them were bigger than he was. Next he searched for big cock models. From next door he could hear moans and cries as his girlfriend masturbated, thinking about the naked man in the changing room.
    After about 45 minutes of sifting through hundreds of pictures, he had assembled 30 naked men into a freeware slideshow program. Her moans had risen to a loud climax long ago and she was sprawled out on the couch when he came to tell her he had finished his task.
    You have them for me? She asked eagerly.
    Yes maam just like you wanted.
    Good boy set the slideshow to advance slowly I want time to really fantasize about each of them.
    He made the necessary adjustments as she slid into the computer chair. She snapped her fingers and pointed at the floor in front of the chair. He promptly kneeled in front of her.
    You know what I want you to do now, dont you?
    Yes maam. He reached up under her dress and slowly slid her panties off her hips. She arched in the chair to help him, then slid her butt to the very edge of the chair, throwing her legs over his shoulders. He lifted her dress over his head, immediately smelling the musky scent of her sex. He slowly ran his tongue along her slit, hearing her moan with pleasure above him. He flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue gently, rhythmically.
    Oh.thats good.. she breathed. Let me start the slides..oh baby! Hes so cute! His butt is perfect.hmm.thats it, dont one.god hes amazinghis cock is..
    He slowly picked up the pace as she continued to watch the slide show. He was now licking the whole length of her pussy. She was moaning and breathing very heavily now, but still commenting on each new picture. Her hips were bucking around with her excitement and she laced her hands behind his head, holding him against her, pressing his tongue against her.
    Hmmm.fasterfaster..god Im so close she gasped. Another one.Jesus! Oh my god oh my godhis cock is so hugeits SO much bigger than yours.
    He went into a frenzy when he heard her say this, licking as fast and hard as he could, and let out an involuntary groan of excitement. Suddenly her moans became little screams and she squeezed him hard with her legs and hands, crushing him against her pussy. She came in waves that lasted at least 30 seconds before slowly loosening her grip on him and slumping back in the chair.
    Baby, I think that I just found a new daily job for you she said, a dreamy smile on her face.

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    Later that night, after he had cooked dinner for both of them, they sat on the couch, waiting for her favorite show to come on. She still had a satisfied glow to her from their activities this afternoon.
    Ive been thinking a lot about today she said. I REALLY loved everything that we didand I want it to continue. I want to explore this fantasy with you for the next few days at least. How do you feel about it?
    Fine he grinned. He couldnt remember ever wanting her more.
    She smiled back. You know part of why I like this so much is that its so one-sided I mean, I get to look and fantasize as much as I want, and of course I can come whenever I want! While you are locked up and cant even get hard, much less come. But Ive been are still kind of free to fantasize about other women, arent you?
    He thought about this.
    Well, I guess soI mean I could, but I dont really I pretty much just fantasize about you.
    She nodded in satisfaction. Thats good Im glad to hear it. But right now youre also free to look at other women, arent you? I mean, you can look at porn on the internet, girls in lingerie or bikinis on TV commercials, and even half-naked women on posters in Victorias Secret at the mall. I dont think thats fair to me, so I want you to stop.
    He was a little confused. Uhstop what exactly?
    I want you to stop looking at all provocative pictures of womenlets say anything skimpier than shorts and a t shirt is off limits. Ill do what I can to help you, of course. While you were cooking dinner, I activated the parental controls on the TV. I set it to ask for a password for any program stronger than teen rated. No more late night soft core pornos on HBO or Cinemax for you, understood?
    Yes, I understand he said.
    Now this is a temporary measure just for the next few days, while I play with this new fantasy. I also forbid you to clear the history on the web browser. Ill check up on you every couple days and make sure you arent looking at anythingsuggestive. If you see a sexy woman in an advertisement or picture you are to look away immediately, understand?
    Yes. Ill try.
    Youll do better than try youll do it. If I catch you looking at anything you shouldnt until I give you permission, you are going to pay. Ill give you a little test tomorrow youre taking me shopping at Victorias Secret. Itll be SO funny watching you get around the store without looking at anything sexy She laughed and gave him a little pat on the cheek. Now its almost time for my program. Did I ever tell you why I like this show so much?
    He shrugged. Not really.
    Well, I have to admit I have a HUGE crush on the actor you know the one who played the vampire in the other seriesI was so excited to see he had another show on now. I actually had a naughty dream about him a few days ago you know.
    Really? He answered, intrigued. He wondered just how long she had been planning this new adventure in their relationship. What happened?
    She pushed him away from her and clasped her hands to her chest in mock indignation. Thats for me to know and you to wonder about! Ill never tell! But, it did get me have a new job to do for me each week during my program. You are going to leave me alone in the bedroom with my tv show and my vibrator, and not disturb me until its over. Understand?
    His mouth fell open. All this time that they had watched this actor together, and he never suspected her feelings.he wondered what else he didnt know about his devious girlfriend. He nodded his head indicating that he understood.
    Good! She smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Now pour me a glass of wine and set it next to the bed. Get my Hitachi out and set it on the bed, and turn the TV on to the right channel.
    He quickly rose from the couch and set things up the way she asked. She came into the bedroom just as he had switched on the TV. She patted him on the cheek and began stripping off her dress.
    Thanks baby be sure to close the door on your way out, she giggled. He took the hint and left her to her show.
    The next hour was one of the longest of his life. He sat on the couch idly flipping channels, but couldnt concentrate on the TV. The periodic moans and thrashing sounds from the bedroom were the only thing he could focus on. Finally the hour was up and his girlfriend emerged from the bedroom. Her hair was disheveled and it looked like she had hastily thrown her dress back on. She clutched the doorframe and leaned on the walls slightly as she made her way to the living room. Flinging herself down on the couch next to him, she gave him a big smile.
    I cant wait until my date next week with my movie star boyfriend She said.
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    True to her word, they returned to the mall the next day. He had no idea how many billboards had scantily clad girls all over them. They hadnt driven more than a couple of miles to the mall when she punched him lightly on the arm from the passengers seat.
    Ow! What was that for? He asked, taking one hand off the wheel to rub his shoulder.
    I saw you leering at that billboard, she said.
    Which.oh.Im sorry, he replied. He remembered that he had been looking at a laser hair removal billboard, admiring the girl in the red bikini. I didnt realize...
    Well youd better start realizing. How am I supposed to enjoy ogling men if you can do the same with women? Thats one more day locked up in your chastity cage.
    He sighed. The trip to the mall and more specifically Victorias Secret was going to bechallenging. Yes maam.
    He parked the car and they made their way through the mall. He studiously avoided looking at any and all advertisements and stared at the floor as they walked through the lingerie section of Dillards. As usual, they stopped at the shoe department. She browsed the shoes for a minute or so while he looked around. Hearing some voices behind him, he glanced over his shoulder at the way they had come. His eye was caught by a picture of an attractive young woman hanging above the lingerie section, wearing a green lacy bra. She had great breasts, and he felt himself wondering what they looked like without the bra
    Having fun? She hissed in his ear.
    Cant you go 5 minutes without deliberately disobeying me? You are such a pervert, leering at a poor half-naked woman just trying to make a living. I dont know if I can ever let you out of your little cage youd be uncontrollable wouldnt you?
    ButI was just looking were shoe shopping
    She cut him off. God Im so pissed at you. Why cant you just behave? Youd better just stand right here and try to stay out of trouble. Im going to look at shoes. Maybe you can buy me a pair or two to make up for your terrible behavior.
    She spun around and went back to the various racks of shoes. He stood where she left him in the middle of the aisle, turning his back to the lingerie section and glancing around he was safe as long as he looked at the shoe section. He watched his girlfriend pick up a pair of red high heels and look them over closely. A young blond-haired salesman walked up to her and they exchanged a few words presumably about her shoe size because he quickly turned around and went into the back room to get a pair in her size. She watched him go until he disappeared behind the curtain separating the inventory room from the sales floor, then she half ran back to where her boyfriend stood in the aisle.
    Clapping her hands together, she spoke excitedly. Did you see him?
    Who? her boyfriend answered, looking around carefully.
    The salesman, silly! She answered, taking his hands with hers. His name is Jim! Did you see how cute he was?
    Ummnot really.
    Well he WAS! SO cute. Hes got a great smile and nice eyes and his armswell, he must work out!
    He was slightly taken aback. Despite everything that happened today and the day before, she had never openly talked like this about a person she met in real life in front of him. He realized that she probably talked like this with her girlfriends on a girls night out, but not around him.
    Hes getting me a pair of gorgeous heelswait here! Ill let you know if I need you to buy them for me.
    It wasnt that she didnt have money of her own she probably had more money then he did, in fact. She seemed to enjoy occasionally demanding that he buy her little things like lingerie and shoes and perfume.
    She flounced back to the shoe section. Jim came back shortly after, holding a shoebox triumphantly. She touched his arm casually as he handed her the shoebox, laughing at some witty remark he must have made. Kicking off her sandals, she took a seat in a chair that faced her boyfriend, crossing her legs.
    Jim knelt down in front of her and slipped one shoe onto her bare foot.
    Her boyfriend shifted uncomfortably. Why did his girlfriend have to wear a particularly short skirt that day? He knew that from where Jim was sitting he would be able to see a lot of her legs and upper thighs.
    Jim reached back to the box for the second shoe. She looked over Jims shoulders and met the gaze of her boyfriend. She smiled a slow smile, and slowly, deliberately, crossed her legs. Her boyfriend, standing at least 30 feet away, could clearly see the pink of her panties from between her legs as she opened them. He was sure that Jim caught a much better view than he did.
    Once the second shoe was placed on her food, she stood up and checked out her reflection in the mirror. Jim was slow to stand up, no doubt admiring the view of her sexy legs from the floor. She did a slow pirouette, showing off her luscious legs to Jim from his vantage point on the floor. Then she walked back in forth in front of him, obviously getting his opinion on the fit. The tall red heels did make her already amazing legs look incredible. They exchanged a few words before she walked up to the checkout counter, signaling for her boyfriend. As he walked up to her he could her hear conversation with Jim.
    So you really think these shoes make my legs look good?
    Yes maam, definitely. Those shoes were made for you.
    Oh, youre so kind. Youre such a good salesmanwhat days do you usually work here? Ohhi there! He had reached the counter where they were both standing. Jim, this is my boyfriend. Jim was SO helpful in helping me find some shoes, werent you Jim?
    By now, a second clerk had arrived, and her boyfriend handed him a credit card to pay for the shoes. As they were finishing the sale, his girlfriend turned to Jim.
    You were SO nice and helpfuldo you have a business card?
    Sure! He said. He reached into his back pocket and handed her a card. Thats got my email and work phone number on it, in case you need to get hold of me for anything.
    She slipped the card into her purse and turned to face her boyfriend. Ready to go? We need to hit Victorias Secret this afternoon.
    On the way out of Dillards, they passed the male underwear section. She stopped to admire the pictures of underwear models sporting boxers, briefs, g-strings and thongs on the front of the packages. Holding up a box of white g-strings with a particularly muscular model featured on the cover filling out the g-string nicely, she traced her finger down the front of the package, over the abs and crotch of the model.
    Do you think that the employees of this store get a discount on Dillards stock? She asked, idly running her hands over picture of the model.
    UmYeah, I think that they do, he answered. Probably around 15 or 20 percent.
    I thought so! She said. Somost of the employees, like, sayJim for instance, are probably wearing underwear like this?
    He felt the now-familiar stab of excitement and embarrassment go through him when he realized what she was getting at. Well, I dont know about him exactly, but yeah, they probably get a lot of their clothes from in the store.
    She had a triumphant look on her face. HmmI thought I saw a nice big package when hesee how these all emphasize the crotch?
    He was turning red. She had actually checked out Jims package while he was helping her?
    Uh, yeahI guess so. He responded. The models on the packages all looked really well hung. Hey, maybe I should get a few pairs of these for myself if you like them so much he said, picking up a box of grey thongs.
    She laughed, plucking the package out of his hands and placing it back on the shelf.
    God, youre so FUNNY! she said, wiping tears from her eyes as she continued to laugh. You see the way these are cut, with all this loose material in the front?
    Well, yeah. He answered.
    Do you really think that these would fit youwould be really comfortably for youin your current.locked up condition?
    The spiral DID keep him closely confined, he guessed. No, not really...not with the chastity cage on
    She stepped closer to him, holding up the box with the particularly fit model sporting the large bulge inside the g-string. She stared at him intently. and even if I DID unlock younot likely to happen soon by the waydo you think that you would fill out this g-string the way that this guy does?
    He looked down at his feet and blushed with embarrassment. He always considered himself average sized, or perhaps slightly below average if he was completely honest. The model, however, was obviously very well endowed in addition to being muscular and fit.
    Well? Would you? She asked, not backing down.
    I guess notnot like the guy in the picture, he admitted, shuffling his feet and avoiding her gaze.
    I didnt think so.

    They left Dillards, with his girlfriend still wearing her bright red 4 inch heels.
    Victorias Secret was hell. He had to keep his eyes on his feet that whole time. He was even afraid to look at the cute saleswoman who was helping his girlfriend. He could feel his girlfriend watching him the whole time, making sure he wasnt eyeing the dozens of pictures adorning the walls. After trying on several outfits, his girlfriend decided on a pair of red panties, corset, garter belt and stockings. This really excited him he had been asking her to get a garter belt and stocking for a long time. Although he saw the individual pieces, she tried them on in private. After he had paid for her lingerie and they left the store, he pulled her close to him.
    I cant wait to see you in that outfit. he said.
    She laughed hard, stopping to clutch her hands to her chest.
    Oh thats funny! These arent for YOU silly! In fact, I think it will be fun if you NEVER see me in this outfit.
    He was stunned. But.
    Oh, dont worry about it! She said. Cant you tell a joke when you hear one? Come on, lets go home.
    They reached the car and held the door open for her as usual. Just as he was about to start up the engine, however, she stopped him.
    Ohwait a secondI completely forgot something that I needed.
    What is it? He asked.
    Justgirl stuff. You wouldnt be interested, she said. Let me run in really quick and pick it upIll be back in 2 minutes. She got out of the car and walked over to his side of the car. I forgot my purse at homecan I use your debit card?
    He fished it out of his wallet and handed it over. Of course.
    Thanks babe wait right here Ill be back in a jiffy!
    What that she turned and headed back into the mall.
    She was gone for over 45 minutes. She wasnt answering her phone either. Just as he was about to go in and look for her, she came back to the car, a huge Dillards bag in her hands. She climbed into the passenger seat and threw the bag into the back seat.
    Where were you? He asked, trying to hide his irritation.
    Oh, was I a little late? I must have lost track of the time. First of all, I realized that I needed to pick up this absolutely adorable pair of black pumps from the shoe department. Well, when I got there, Jim was helping me of course, and he was SO helpful and found me 3 other pairs of shoes that I absolutely had to have. He really was great about helping me try them on he absolutely insisted that he put each pair on me himself. He was so nicewhen he rang me up he was going to give me one of the pairs for free, but I wouldnt let himin fact I insisted that he get a nice tip for going above and beyond the call of duty. I had him charge 50 dollars extra on top of the bill on your card, so he was able to pocket 50 bucks out of the register. Thats fine with you, right?
    He couldnt believe it. 3 MORE pairs of shoes, plus a ridiculous 50 dollar tip? Ummwell, not, not really
    She cut him off, ignoring him. I knew youd be okay with it. I gave him my numberhe said that the new Fall collection is going to be in in a few days, and hed let me in early that morning before the store opens to get a look at it before anyone else! Isnt that fantastic? So hell probably call me in a day or so. I also got a little something for you, you know, she said slyly, sliding over next to him. She reached her hand down between his legs and started slowly nibbling on his right ear.
    I was thinking a little bit about our underwear shopping we did earlier. I know that all of your underwear was bought before our little device she squeezed the cage through his jeans and breathed into his ear So they probably dont fit you as well as they could
    Well, actually, they fit just
    Again she continued, ignoring him. I mean, they all have that extra room in the crotch that must just be baggy and ride up on youyou know, with your cage of course, so, I looked briefly in the boys section for something a littletighter down there.
    He was helpless underneath her roving hands and her breath on his neck. But babyboys underwear?
    Yes, youre rightalthough there was the cutest pair of little blue briefs, they all had fly fronts. I know thats also just wasted material, since you have to pee sitting down now that you have that cage on, right?
    He felt dizzy. She hadnt felt him up like this in days. Even through his jeans and the cage, it felt amazing.
    Um.thats right.
    Thats what I thought. SoI picked you up some really cute panties from the womens section. She was licking his neck now, obviously excited.
    Panties? But. He was having a hard time focusing.
    I think these will fit you much better and be more comfortable. Thats not a problem is it? I mean, women wear mens boxers all the time as pajamaswhy shouldnt you wear cute pink panties if they are really more comfortable?
    Waitpink? Why
    She drew back from him, removing her hand from between her legs.
    Well, thats all they had in your sizereally, I thought youd be grateful to me, buying you something nice with your card. I guess if you really dont want them, I could take them back
    All he could think about was getting her hand back between his legs and her lips on his neck.
    WellI guess it does kind of make sense the way you explain it, he said.
    She slid back over next to him, resting her head on his shoulder.
    I knew youd see it my way, she said. Oh, and I got you something else to protect your clothesI dont want any stains getting on you from all the housework that you do so I got you a nice apron to wear, just when you do your chores, of course
    Her hand was moving tentatively towards his crotch. Yes, of course he said, beyond thought at this point.
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    Very nice :)
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    I read your story to my goddess and she has requested a slideshow of her own. I wasn't thrilled by the idea, but that just turned her on more. I was stuck in an airport all night and managed to pull it off with my iPhone. I added some captions in powerpoint which got me kinda hot...which was embarassing since it was all naked dudes. tonight should be interesting...she has a list of chores for me and she just bought a bag of marbles to let luck determine if I will get any. We always break down too soon...maybe marbles will help. Also we are dog sitting and she's already told me that I would be spending time in the crate while she is in bed with the dog. Of course I will be washing the sheets after her night with her new lover!
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    When they arrived home, she insisted that he try on his new underwear. He felt really embarrassed dressed only in pink panties in front of his girlfriend, but she seemed to like them.
    Now, dont those fit you a lot better than those oversized boxer briefs you used to wear? She asked, snapping the waistband against his butt and admiring the fit. They were plain cotton briefs.
    I guess so. He said. In fact, they DID support the cage tight and close against his body.
    Well, I think you look really cute! She said. In fact, wait right here Ill be back!
    She ran out of the room and returned a few seconds later with her camera.
    Ive got you all dressed up in panties I need to capture this moment!
    Over the next 10 minutes, she had him adopt a variety of poses and took dozens of pictures of him in the panties. She seemed satisfied with what she shot after a while and then tossed him an apron. Try this on too youll probably be wearing it a lot since you have TONS of chores to do now.
    The apron was similar to what candy stripe nurses would wear pink and white vertical stripes and frilly around the edges.
    Good boynow bend over the tablestand up and put your hands behind your backstand way up on your tip toesGreat!
    She took another few photos with him in the apron before being satisfied. He was completely humiliated but turned on at the same time the fact that she wanted him like this was enough for him he lived to carry out her every wish.
    Good boy - now fix me some dinner. She said, settling down on the couch.
    After he set her dinner in front of her while she relaxed in front of the TV, she asked him to find her more guys for her slideshow while she ate.
    Tonight, I want all blondesI want some completely naked and some wearing skimpy g-string underwear, she specified as he went into the computer room. He couldnt help remember that Jim was blond. It took him quite a while before he found the requisite number of all-blond guys. Again, he had the feeling of utter humiliation sifting through hundreds of naked and underwear-clad men finding ones that his girlfriend would find sexy as almost unbearably humiliating. After the shopping trip today, he couldnt help paying attention to their cock sizes and the way they filled out their underwear with their semi-erect cocks. He found himself selecting only the biggest cocks to put into the slideshow after all, his girlfriend deserved and wanted only the best.
    Done! he called from the computer room. He kneeled in front of the office chair as she walked into the room, eager excitement clear on her face. Do you want me to
    She laughed. Nonot tonight. I just want you to leave me alone with the picturesexcept can you get me my Hitachi? To tell you the truth, the Hitachi gets me off harder and more times than I ever did with your cock or tongue.
    He was stunned. ButbabyI bought you that vibrator
    She patted his cheek. Yes, I know, and Im SO grateful, but the truth is the Hitachi moves much faster than your fingers ever couldand I can put it exactly on my clit
    But...thats not fairI love you
    She laughed. I love you too baby, but it doesnt change the fact that I prefer my Hitachi to you. Its just physical, you know, nothing personal. Its so cute how youre willing to go down on me for as long as I want, but after a while I start wishing that you were my vibrator. Hmmmthat brings up another point
    What? he said, hanging his head in humiliation. He was effectively being replaced by an 80 dollar machine.
    I like the fact that I have a personal connection with you when you go down on me, and I admit that that is lacking a bit with the vibrator.
    Really? He asked, looking up hopefully.
    Yes, really. The obvious answer is to become much more personal with my vibrator. It needs a name, so I can ask for it by name instead of by brand, which is a bit crude, dont you think? Ill name my Hitachilets seehow aboutJim?
    He wilted. Butyou just met a guy named Jimthats not fair
    She ignored him. Yes, Jim is a perfect name, she said, her eyes shining. Go get Jim for me, okay baby?
    Defeated, he went to get Jim for his girlfriend. When he returned to the computer room, she was already seated on the chair.
    Thanks hon! she said as he handed her vibrator to her. I also was thinkingnow that Jim is herehe would be jealous if you could see me naked.
    What? He said, confused.
    Well, you know how I want to make a personal connection withJim here, she said, running her hands over the ball end of the Hitachi. Dont you think that hed want me all to himself? Hes VERY possessive, and wouldnt want to share me with you. So from now on you dont get to see me naked. Or in lingerie, for that matter. It wouldnt be fair to Jim.
    ButIm your real boyfriend! He protested, outraged. I should get to see you whenever I want!
    She let out a howl of laughter, almost falling out of her chair.
    Thats good babyyou know you always were SO funny! She finally stopped laughing. Now tell mewhat does a real boyfriend do with their girlfriends?
    Well, boyfriends have sex with their girlfriends he said, instantly realizing that he had fallen into her trap.
    Exactly. She said, leaning forward intently. And when was the last time you had Sex with me?
    UmI guess its been a while
    Yes. And when was the last time Jim and I, here she clutched the vibrator to her ample breasts, When was the last time Jim and I had sex?
    Defeated, he lowered his gaze to the floor. Today.
    SoJim is more my boyfriend than you are, by your own logic, yes?
    Yes he said, admitting the truth.
    Good boy! She said. Nowmy real boyfriend and I want to be alone, so please leave.
    He turned and left the room. As he closed the door, he heard the familiar buzzing sound of the Hitachi and knew she had started the slideshow.
    He suffered through the next 45 minutes. The buzzing of her Hitachi and her moans and cries reached him as he lay in bed. The sound of her constant orgasms was driving him crazy. He ended up wrapping another pillow around her head, trying to block out the sound. Finally she came into the room with him dropped onto the bed, exhausted. She had her vibrator clutched in one hand.
    Hmmmthat was so goodI loved those picturesthey were all SO hotand their cocks. She shivered. I couldnt decide if I liked them naked and hard or seeing them bulge through their underwear, imagining how big they werehmmJim and I had SUCH a good time She laughed. Hey baby kiss Jim for me and thank him for showing me a good time tonight. She held out the vibrator to her boyfriend.
    Fuck no! He said. This is ridiculousIm not going to kiss your fucking vibrator.
    She merely chuckled to herself. What language! Seriously now, kiss Jim or else Im adding another month to your lockup.
    Shit. She had him there. He couldnt believe he was doing it, but he leaned over and gave a quick peck to the ball end of her vibrator.
    Good boy! Now thank him for taking such good care of your girlfriend. She said, leaning forward eagerly. Her hand was moving under her dress, obviously rubbing her crotch.
    Thank you Jim. He said, sighing. Thank you for taking good care of my girlfriend.
    Better than you could. Thank him for taking care of me better than you could She gasped, her mouth hanging open in ecstacy.
    Thank you Jim for treating my girlfriend better than I could, he said, completely humiliated.
    HmmmAhh,,,,thats righthe DID treat me better than you ever couldand he got me off SO many timesso many.AHHHHHHHHH!
    She came explosively, flinging herself onto the bed.
    Several minutes later, when she had recovered, she had him turn his back while she changed into her pajamas.
    Good night baby She said sleepily as she drifted off.
    He moaned in frustration, cursing the cage she had locked around his cock. It took him a long time to fall asleep.
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    This will be the last update for a couple weeks - I'm headed to Japan and won't be able to post, so it's an extra long one.

    He woke up the next morning and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, holding her close.
    Mmmm she said, half asleep. Im so tiredfrom last nightI want bacon, eggs, juice and a latte.
    He slid out of bed and headed to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast.
    Hey baby? He heard from behind him. Make sure you wear your new panties and your apron.
    He opened the package she had bought for him yesterday and slid a fresh pair of panties up over his hips, feeling the tight fabric against his balls and caged cock. The frilly apron felt alien against his naked chest and stomach, yet he had to admit it was practical for cooking. He scrambled a couple of eggs, prepared her coffee and cooked some bacon for her. She sat up in bed when he brought her the tray and placed it in front of her on the covers.
    Hmmthis looks deliciousand you look cute as well, she said, taking a sip from her latte.
    I have a new job for you this morning, she said as she dug into her eggs. I really need a good massage after all that shopping yesterday. Do you know that place downtown?
    Of course he did. He had bought her some gift certificates there for her birthday and other occasions over the last couple years.
    Well, I want you to go there this morning and buy me some massages say a two hour massage each day for the next three days.
    That was going to be expensive, but he knew she must be tired from all that shopping.
    Sure babe, whatever you want, he said.
    Thats not all, she said. When I was there last, I heard some women talking in the waiting room. Apparently theres a masseur thereI didnt get his namebut they said that he gave REALLY thorough, incredible massages. Honestly, the woman who gave me the last couple wasnt really great, so I want to find someone else there who might better. Can you find out who that person is and get me some appointments with him?
    Okaydid you get his name?
    Noonly that he gives really incredible massagesand they said he was really muscular and good looking. Come on, there cant be THAT many guys working there you should be able to find out who he is.
    After a quick shower and bowl of cereal, he headed across town to the massage place. He felt a bit silly wearing the pink panties underneath his jeans, but his girlfriend insisted that he wear them today. Entering the salon, he was hit by the scent of oils and candles and noticed the extremely hot young woman behind the reception counter, wearing a revealing haltertop.
    Hello sir, can I help you? She asked.
    He walked up to the counter. Umyes. I want to buy some massages for my girlfriend for this afternoon, tomorrow and the day after.
    Oh, okay, she smiled. We can definitely take care of that. You must be quite the hero at home!
    Well, sort of, he thought.
    Let me look at the books she looked at her desktop calendar sitting open in front of her. I could fit her in with Ashley or Kate today.
    No he said. Umshe wanted me to get her an appointment with a guy she had heard abouthe is supposed to give really good massages
    Oh the receptionist said, giving him a funny look. That must be Henry. Did she describe him?
    Umshe said that he was supposedly to be really good looking I guess
    The receptionist laughed. Ill say. Do you think this is him? She pulled open a drawer and fumbled through some papers, eventually pulling out an 8x11 photo. It was a black and white photo that looked like a beefcake photo from playboy. It showed an extremely muscular handsome man in a tight white t-shirt with tight white jeans. His smile was warm and his eyes seemed to shine through the picture.
    UhI guess thats him he said.
    Another two female employees walked into the lobby, talking quietly. The receptionist called to them. Hey, this guy wants to buy 3 massages for his girlfriend with Henry!
    The two employees, dressed as masseuses, looked at him and giggled.
    Hey, he must be the most secure man in town! One said.
    Or the most pussy-whipped, the other answered.
    True the first responded.
    Hey, dont listen to them the receptionist said, leaning in toward him. He tried to keep his eyes on her face, not the tempting expanse of bosom she exposed above her halter. I think its incredible that you are doing this for your girlfriend. You must love her so much. Henry is very busy, but here she looked down at the calendar again I can squeeze her in the next few days. Now Henry is in very high demand and is a bit more expensive than our standard massages. Is that okay?
    He knew that his girlfriend would be so disappointed if he didnt get the best masseur at the place, and he was willing to pay to keep her satisfied.
    Thats fine. How much is 3 two hour sessions?
    Lets seeone hundred an hourthats 600 dollars.
    He winced, but handed over his debit card.
    You girlfriends first appointment with Henry is for 3 oclock this afternoon.

    When he arrived home, his girlfriend was getting out of the shower.
    Turn around honey, she said. I need to get dressed.
    She made him face the corner in their bedroom while she got ready. When she told him he could turn around she was fully dressed and wearing her new high heels and holding her purse in her arms.
    Come on baby, we need to go shopping.
    Why? We just went yesterday.
    I know, but we need to get you some clothes.
    I dont need any clothes he said.
    Yes you dogo look in your underwear drawer.
    He pulled the drawer open. It was completely empty except for the last pair of panties that she had bought for him.
    Whatwhat happened?
    I threw all of your old underwear away. Remember our discussion? I think that youll really feel better without all that loose material in your pants. Besides, I think that you look cute in your new panties. What time is my appointment today?
    Three oclock with Henry he said, defeated.
    Then wed better hurry up. Come on!
    They parked as usual outside Dillards. As usual, she wanted to look at the shoe section. She squeezed his arm when she caught sight of Jim.
    Oh! Jims working! Wait here Im going to talk to him.
    She practically ran up to where he was working behind the counter. Her boyfriend shuffled his feet awkwardly, waiting in the aisle. She chatted with Jim for a few minutes and then came back.
    He told me that the new shoes looked super hot on me. Anyways, wed better get going. Lets try the lingerie section here.
    They walked down the main aisle to the lingerie section. The poster of the beautiful woman wearing the bra was still hanging over area. He noticed that one strap of her bra was slipping a little bit down her shoulder and wondered if they had done that intentionally
    His girlfriends voice hissed in his ear. Do you want to introduce me to your new girlfriend?
    He groaned. He had completely forgotten about his new restriction, but apparently she hadnt.
    You are SO busted. She sighed. Apparently adding days to your lock-up period isnt enoughIve got to think of some other way to get you to obey me. Lets see She stopped and touched her finger to her lips thoughtfully. Suddenly she smiled. I know. Excuse me, miss?
    She waved her hand to an employee folding bras in a nearby aisle, who set her work down and walked over to them.
    Can I help you with something?
    She was an attractive woman in her mid 40s with short brown hair and glasses, wearing a sharp-looking business suit.
    I need to buy some panties.
    He suddenly realized what she was going to do. He felt his face turn bright red.
    Ok, I can help you with that. Youre a small, right?
    Oh his girlfriend said, theyre not for metheyre for him! She tugged the arm of her boyfriend, who was trying to disappear into thin air.
    The saleswoman let out an uncertain laugh, not sure of how to react. Really?
    Yes. He has a few cotton briefs, but he really needs a whole new set lets say half a dozen briefs plus some bikinis, thongs, and hipsters.
    Okay the saleswoman said I can help you find those things. She looked over the boyfriend carefully. Youll probably wear a medium. Lets see what I can find for you. She led them to the racks of multicolored panties.
    Do you mind if I ask you why you want him to wear panties? She asked cautiously.
    Well, to tell you the truth, he really doesnt have too muchdownstairsif you know what I mean.
    He felt his face turn even redder.
    The saleswoman laughed out loud. Really? She looked him over again. God, Im sorry.
    Oh thats okay he works hard to makes up for it in little other ways. She giggled. Lets see what you have here.
    They spent the next few minutes talking about fit, colors and sizes, occasionally holding panties up to his waist to check sizes.
    Look, Im really going to know exactly how these fit on him in order to find what you need. The saleswoman said. He should try on a couple of sizes and styles in the changing room. We only have a womans changing room in this part of the store, of course, but I can make an exception for yourunique situation.
    His girlfriend clapped her hands. Oh, that would be lovely! Lets have him try on some styles.
    Reluctantly, he was led into the changing area and given a stall. He entered while the two women stayed outside.
    Okay take off your clothes and pass them over here His girlfriend said from behind the closed changing room door.
    Why do you need my clothes? He asked as he took off his shirt.
    Silly the nice saleswoman herewhat is your name?
    Karen needs to know what size panties you are wearing now.
    He removed all of this clothes including the pink cotton briefs and passed them over the door to his girlfriend and the saleswoman. They in turn handed over several pairs of panties for him to try on a thong, a bikini and a pair of hipsters.
    Ok baby try these on and let Karen decide what will work for you.
    What? Shes going to see mewhat are you going to do?
    Jim has a break in a couple minutes Im going to get some coffee with him. Karen you work on commission right?
    Well, yes I do.
    Good. Can you do me a favor? Keep his clothes back at your counter for me, then once you check some sizes on him, go ahead and pick out a couple dozen pairs of panties for him. Be creative he needs some cotton briefs but also some lacy thongs and bikinis to look cute in! Oh, go ahead and pick some things out for yourself while youre at it, and charge it all on his card here in his wallet. Also, leave him in here until I get back, okay? I dont want him spoiling my coffee with my date.
    Whatever you say.
    Please! Wait! he said, desperate. You cant leave me in here!
    Id be quiet if I were you his girlfriend said. This IS a womens changing room that youre in. If you give Karen any trouble, shell have to call security.
    He was quiet. She was right. Being caught naked or even wearing one of the panties they had passed him in the womens changing room would not look good. Yes Maam he said in low voice.
    Good boy. Now you two have fun! Ill be back in a bit.
    He heard them leave the changing room, leaving him in his stall. With his clothes far away hidden behind a counter somewhere, he realized he was completely trapped in this tiny room. With nothing else to do, he slipped on the pair of hipster panties he was left with. They sat really low on his hips, and just barely covered his crotch, but at least they hid the tight spiral of steel that was locked around his penis.
    There was a knock at the stall door.
    Its Karen. Im coming in.
    The door opened and Karen slipped in the stall, closing the door behind her. She laughed when she saw him cowering in the corner, trying to cover as much of the hipster as he could with his hands.
    Oh, stop that she said, batting his hands away. How am I supposed to get you fitted properly if you keep doing that? Now stand up straight here in the middle of the room. She laughed again. You DO look so cute in your little panties! I can see why your girlfriend has you wear them. I guess SHE wears the pants in your relationship!
    You can say that again, he thought to himself.
    Karen circled around him, tugging on the waistband in a couple of places.
    Ive never fitted a man before, but its really the same...well, it seems to be the same for you. She looked at the front of the panties, where the tight spiral caused just small bump. I mean, theres no way that my husband could wear these hed split them open the first time he got hard.
    He hung his head, completely humiliated.
    Ok slip those off and put on the thong I need to see how those will fit you.
    What? Umcan you leave while I put them on?
    Dont be silly. I AM married, you know Im not going to see anything I havent seen before.
    I wouldnt be so sure of yourself, he thought.
    Hurry up she said. Your girlfriend said you were really small Im actually curious to see what a really small one looks like she giggled.
    Resignedly, he slowly slipped the hipsters off. She stared at his cock.
    What is THAT? she gasped, seeing the steel cage.
    Its a chastity device.
    Oh wait Ive heard about those things! she sat down on the bench attached to the wall to get a better look. I kind of thought they were a joke or somethingthat looks soserious! Does it hurt?
    No well, if I getexcited it gets uncomfortable.
    Wow! How does it work?
    He briefly explained how the spiral threaded through a piercing and then locked onto the ring behind his balls. cant even get hard?
    Andyou cant take it off without the key?
    No way its not possible with it locked through the piercing.
    God! She seemed excited by the prospect. What does your girlfriend do foryou know
    He couldnt believe he was telling a stranger about this. She hasvibrators and silicone cocks that she uses. And occasionally she has medo things.
    Karen laughed, a look of disbelief on her face. Really? Your girlfriend is my new hero! My husband just does his thing then falls asleep. What else does she make you do? She was leaning forward now, clearly enthralled.
    Wellshe makes me do all the housework and all the cooking.
    Karens face was glowing. All the houseworkmy husband is a lazy slob. I end up doing everything. I have GOT to get one of those things for him. Every woman should get one of those for her man! Where can I get more information on those things?
    He told her the name of the device, and several websites that had information on them.
    Soyour girlfriend keeps your penis locked up, makes your wear panties, you do all the housework and cooking, and right now shes having coffee with another man?
    He looked down at the floor. Yes he whispered.
    Are you okay with her being with this guy?
    WellnoI meanthey just talk she just met this guy and they just chat whenever she comes to the mall I think shes doing it to make me jealous.
    Karen laughed. Wow. That device must really work if my husband was out with another woman Id slap the shit out of him. What happens if you get mad at your girlfriend? Or dont do the housework or something?
    Usually she adds a few days to the amount of time that Im locked upand sometimes she he took a deep breath. Sometimes she spanks me.
    Karen laughed at this, but he could tell she was excited by the idea. Her breathing quickened, and she ran her hand under her jacket, rubbing one of her breasts through her white shirt. Really? How does she spank you?
    Usually she bends me over a table or the back of a chair. She sometimes uses her hands, though most of the time she uses her toys she made me buy a paddle-style hair brush, and she also sometimes uses a ping pong paddle or a spatula.
    Does it hurt? She asked, her eyes shining.
    Yes. He admitted.
    Godmy husband is DEFINITELY getting one of thesecan I touch it? She leaned forward, getting even closer. She looked up at him, an evil grin flashing across her face. WaitIm going to touch it. Spread your legs and lace your hands behind your head she snapped, her voice suddenly changing. Do it now.
    He was shocked at her sudden shift in tone. ButwaitI he stammered.
    Do it now. Dont make me repeat myself, or IllIll tell your girlfriend that you wouldnt let me fit you for your panties. What do you think shed do if I told her that?
    He shivered. She would punish me.
    Karen licked her lips and rubbed her other breast. He noticed she was squeezing her thighs together beneath her skirt. How? How exactly do you think she would punish you?
    Um he stammered. I dont knowshe would add a couple weeks to my lockup time.
    Karen closed her eyes. Oh my godweeks? She keeps you locked up forhmm She was clearly extremely aroused. He could feel his cock straining against the unyielding steel. and she would spank you too, right?
    Yes he admitted.
    Then youd better do what I say RIGHT NOW! She opened her eyes and met his gaze. He immediately spread his legs and put his hands back behind his head. He was completely exposed and defenseless before this stranger.
    Thats better. She reached out and grabbed his cock. He shivered involuntarily. Oh its sosmall she lifted the cage up, moving his cock around. I can see where it goes through you she gave it a little tug. Its so tight it keeps you really secure, doesnt it?
    Yes he said.
    Wow. I am going to have to have a chat with your girlfriend! She stood up, releasing his penis. Okay now put that thong on Ive got to get you some sexy panties to wear!
    She checked the fit of the thong as well as the bikini panties, then left to do her shopping. On her way out she patted his naked butt. Im taking these panties with me now dont go anywhere! she laughed as she left the stall. He heard her heels click down the hallway. He sat down on the bench to wait.
    After what seemed like an eternity, he heard the familiar click of high heels on the hall floor outside his stall. The door swung open and Karen and his girlfriend were standing there, holding several large bags. His girlfriend tossed his clothes to him.
    Karen and I just had the most interesting conversation. She said. He felt himself blushing furiously. I should put you on display more often wed drive the chastity device business through the roof! She and Karen laughed. They looked like they were getting along really well. He didnt think that was going to go well for him.
    Hurry up and put those on weve got to get going or Ill be late for my appointment with Henry.
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    Sorry I haven't updated this story in a while - I've been out of town on a business trip. Here's the next chapter:

    When they got home, they sorted through his new purchases and put them in his formerly empty underwear drawer. He realized that Karen had obviously gone out of her way to get the most feminine, frilly panties she could find. His girlfriend laughed and giggled as she held up several pairs to his front, imagining how they would look on him. There were pink cotton briefs, low-waist bikinis, some of the tiniest thongs he had ever seen, and some boy shorts that had frills and bows on them. She held out one of the thongs.
    Put this on now she said, her eyes shining mischievously. He stripped down, removing the cotton briefs he was wearing, and slid the thong on. He felt somehow more exposed than if we were completely naked. She walked around him, admiring the view.
    Ohthese are my new favorites she laughed, patting his naked butt. Now put on your apron youve got lots of chores to do while Im at my massage. If you finish before I get back, you can get started on finding me new pictures. HmmmI want pictures of guys naked outside. Make sure that they are all really cute toosome of the pictures you found for me yesterday werent super cute. In fact, make sure they are models I only want models tonight.
    He knew that it would take him forever to find enough pictures given those specific parameters. Yes maam he said, tying the apron around his waist.
    She sprayed on her favorite perfume and left for her massage, leaving him with a long list of chores. Sighing, he got to work.
    When she came home several hours later, he had just finished his chores and had found a couple of pictures for his girlfriend on the computer, again saving them to a folder he could dump into a slideshow application.
    How was it? He asked, coming into the living room where she was sprawled out on the couch with an air of contentment. He was still wearing the apron and the panties, unsure of whether he should take them off without her approval.
    Ohyou have no ideashe said sleepily. That was without question the best massage Ive ever gotten. Hes so stronghis hands are like magic.
    Umthats good he said, trying not to be jealous.
    She looked at him. Do you want to know what he did? she asked.
    Uhyeah of course he replied, sitting next to her on the couch.
    Well, I was lying on my stomach completely naked except for a little towel over my butt. Usually I wear my panties of course under the towel, butI forgot to wear them today so I had to be naked.
    What? he said. How do you forget to wear underwear? Are you sure that people are usually that naked for massages? he had never gotten a professional massage, but that didnt seem right to him.
    Of course! she said, poking him playfully on the arm. How else do you think they can rub you properly? They use massage oils and stuff they cant do that over clothes silly!
    Oh. He guessed she had a point.
    So anyways, he was massaging my neck and back and legs, using this incredible smelling oilI was in heaven. He was really muscular and good-looking that didnt hurt either of course!
    Again he felt a small pang of jealously.
    So after a while, he asked me if there was anywhere specifically that was tight. I told him that actually, my butt was kind of sore I told him I spent too much time yesterday on a stairmaster. She laughed. Sohe kind of started rubbing on top of the towel, which of course I told him was silly and wasnt working very well, so I said he should just take off the towel. He asked if I was sure, and I said yes, so he pulled off the towel. I could tell he was really surprised when I wasnt wearing any underwear. He spend the next few minutes rubbing all over my buttbaby it felt SO amazing to have his big strong hands all over my ass
    He stared at her with his mouth open in shock. He couldnt believe she let someone else feel her ass. The image of it though somehow excited him though, and he felt the familiar ache as his cock pushed against the steel of the spiral.
    She patted his cheek. You should have seen the bulge he had in the front of his pants! She laughed. You know, he wears these tight white jeans I could clearly see the shape of his cock. And honey, it looked huge from where I was lying! I cant wait for my massage tomorrow. I think that there are some other parts of me that are going to be sore She closed her eyes, a dreamy look on her face.
    Get my dinner ready ok? Im going to take a nap here on the couch. She drifted off to sleep.
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    After dinner he had resumed his search for her pictures, and finally found enough to satisfy her. Again he had to listen to the sounds of her countless orgasms as she used her vibrator. He decided that he had to do something about that. Several hours later they were lying in bed together. She was dressed in her baggy pajamas, still not letting him see her naked. He had worn the thong all day until she had him strip nude for bed.
    Hey honey, he said, propping himself up on one arm in bed to get a good look at her. I dont want you to use your Hitachi anymoreIm getting too jealousok?
    She looked at him for a few seconds before she burst out laughing.
    Didnt we go though this last night? She asked. Baby you know how much I love my Hitachi Jim is his name remember. I dont think Ill be giving up Jim anytime soon.
    ButI can use my handsor go down on you he said.
    Yesbut Jim is much much better she said gently. You know that you cant make me come as hard or as much as he can.
    He looked away for a second. Let me try he said. Let me prove that Im better than your vibrator. Give me 20 minutes.
    She propped herself up on one arm, mirroring his posture. Really? Sort of a contest?
    He nodded eagerly. Yeah If I can make you come more times than your Hitachi will you throw it away?
    She thought about this for a minute. Okaybut what if you lose? What do I get?
    HmmI can do more chores?
    She laughed. Baby you already do all the chores.
    He thought for a minute. Well, what do you want?
    She looked him directly in the eyes. I want to go on a date with Jim from Dillards she said immediately.
    What? he said, shocked. Are youunhappy with me?
    She patted his arm. No of course not! I love you so much and youre the only guy for me. I just like being with Jim hes funny and super cute. Cant I just hang out with him, like a friend? Dont worry, Im not going to make out with him or anything. She giggled at this.
    Well he said, thinking about this. Just as a friend?
    Yes she said. You can even come with us not on the date itself of course, but you can drive us and pick us up well need a designated driver anyways so we can have some drinks.
    He thought some more. If he was there, it was really like they were just some friends hanging out. What was the harm in letting his girlfriend talk in a restaurant with someone? Besides, he was pretty sure it would never happen he didnt intend on losing the contest.
    Ok as long as Im driving you guys and picking you up he said.
    She clapped her hands excitedly. Oh thats so great! I love you so much youre so good to me! Now remember, my vibrator I mean Jim of course would get jealous if you saw me naked, so youll have to be blindfolded.
    After he put the blindfold on, he heard her stripping off her pajamas.
    She propped herself into a half-sitting position with some pillows behind her back, leaning against the headboard.
    Soyour 20 minutes startsnow.
    He quickly went to work. He ran his hands all over her body, cupping her breasts and rubbing her nipples gently with his fingers. She smiled and leaned back, enjoying the attention. He licked and sucked on her breasts, circling her nipples with his tongue before taking them into his mouth. Next, he slowly kissed his way down her body until he was crouching in between her legs. She sighed with pleasure as he began lapping his tongue slowly along her pussy, flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue at the top of each stroke. He reached up with his hands and caressed her breasts as he pleasured her. He started licking her clit directly, occasionally sucking on it carefully.
    Despite his efforts, she lay motionless on the bed. She had not made a sound since that one sigh when he first went down on her. He felt a bead of sweat run down his neck as he knew he was running out of time.
    Youre not trying he complained, pausing from his work.
    What do you mean? she said, looking down at him. Youre the one who is supposed to be getting me off.
    Yeah, butyoure just lying there.
    Wellwhat do you expect me to do?
    He paused. Umtry to think of something sexysomething that really turns you on he said as he lowered his mouth back to her pussy.
    Hm she said. Okaywell, the thought of keeping you in a real cage turns me on she said, running her hands through his hair. If I make you buy a big dog cage from the store, I can make you get in it and lock you in anytime I want. Hmm..thats really hot. She was breathing heavier now and rocking her hips slowly. Is that okay with you baby?
    A muffled mmmmphhh was the only reply he didnt want to stop his attention on her clit.
    Okay thenIll have you get a cage tomorrowlets see...what elseI knowI was chatting with Karen today while you were in the changing roomhmmm thats it baby, that feels so goodshe was asking me all kinds of questionshow would you like me to take you over to her house during the day while her husband is at work? She and I can talk all about the chastity device, and you can dress in your panties and apron and clean her house from top to bottom! She laughed. Hmlending you out as my maidTHAT turns me on. Would you do that baby?
    Again a muffled sound was the reply.
    Good! That really feels SO goodhmmoh I knowI want a subscription to Playgirl. They really have a lot of hot guys in therecan you buy me a subscription tomorrow? She was moaning and breathing very heavily now. What elseoh she let out a low laugh. I got it. You know how I love to hear you beg, right?
    Well, it would turn me on so much if you wouldbeg me to unlock your device.
    He stopped his eager licking.
    Butmaamyou said that if I ever asked to be unlocked youd automatically add a week to my lockup time.
    She ran her hands over her chest, pinching her nipples between her fingers. Hmm..ah.thats right baby. But it would turn me on SO much to hear you beg to be unlockedyou DO want me to come dont you?
    He knew that time was running out. His tongue was tired and his jaw was getting sore. He didnt see any other way.
    Sighing, he said, Maampleaseunlock me and let me come.
    AHHH! His girlfriend was thrashing around on the bed. Godthats so goodone more weekthat is making me so hot.
    He was licking her pussy again, trying to push her over the edge.
    I cant believe you did thatHmmmthat got me so hot and Im so closemaybe if you beg me again
    He was desperate. He didnt know how much time was left but he knew it was running out. He rubbed her clit with his fingers as he said again,
    I beg youplease unlock the device and allow me to come.
    HMMMMM she was panting now. Two weeksoh my god YES! Again! Say it again!
    He couldnt believe he was doing this, but he had to make her come.
    Please unlock me.
    oh godoh godshe was SO close he could tell. More!
    Please unlock me. Please unlock me. Please unlock me he repeated. Each word was sending her closer and closer to ecstasy.
    Six! She screamed in between pants for breath.
    He couldnt stop now. She was almost there.
    Please unlock me. Please unlock me. Please unlock me.
    TIME! she screamed. OH babyyou got me SO closeI was almost there.
    She pulled his hands away from her body.
    Oh god, do you know how much it turns me on to hear you beg, even when youre dooming yourself? I cant believe how badly you wanted to get me to comeyou just added nine weeks to your lockup time!
    He was stunned. Did he really do that? It seemed like a dream he had been willing to do anything to win the contest. Oh god. Nine weeks? He tore off his blindfold.
    Thats added onto the extra days for disobedience, of course his girlfriend added. I think you should check with Guinness you might be on track to set a world record! Youll definitely blow your old record out of the water. She laughed. Now bring me Jim its his turn.
    He stumbled out of bed, holding his head in his hands. He couldnt believe what had happened. Not only had he certainly lost the contest, but he had added an almost unbelieveable amount of time onto his sentence. He picked up her vibrator from the floor and handed it to her.
    Thanks baby. Now put that blindfold on and get back in bed. Lie here next to methats good. Now its Jims turn no peeking or touching remember.
    He heard the hum of her vibrator, and knew she was laying it on her clit on top of her panties. Almost instantly he heard her scream with pleasure.
    Oh GOD! Thats was SO goodbaby do you see why I love thisthat took like 5 seconds
    He had to listen to her moans and screams as she thrashed on the bed and came again and again. Finally, the vibrator switched off and she lowered it to the floor.
    Ah.. she said contentedly. That was so amazing. I think I must have come 10 times. Now do you see why I prefer Jim?
    Yes he admitted. He knew he was defeated.
    So who is better in bed you or Jim?
    Your vibrator he said reluctantly.
    Call it by its name. She said. I dont want to have to keep repeating myself.
    Jim is better in bed than me. He said. He was turning bright red from shame.
    Wouldnt you say hesmuch better baby?
    Jim is much better in bed than me.
    She moaned. God, I cant believe it, but hearing you say that is getting me turned on all over again. She reached for her vibrator. Now tell me in great detail exactly how and why Jim is better in bed than you. She switched the vibrator on. He had never felt more humiliated.
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    The next morning she made him head to the pet store as soon as it opened. He returned with the largest dog cage they made and a new padlock from the hardware store. She watched as he opened the box and started to assemble the cage. This model collapsed down into a flat frame that would easily fit under their bed.
    Wait dont you think youre wearing too many clothes? She asked from her vantage point on the couch. Strip down to your panties.
    With a sigh, he removed his pants and shirt, revealing the light blue string bikini she had picked out for him.
    Thats better. Now get that thing built! She clapped her hands in eagerness, as if awaiting a present on Christmas.
    He eventually assembled the cage. It was about three feet long and 2 feet high.
    Now get in! She stood up from the couch, excited. See how it fits!
    He got down on his hands and knees and crawled carefully inside. He fit with a few inches to spare on all sides if he stayed on his hands and knees. He figured he could curl up and lay on his side as well. He heard the door clang shut behind him and the snap of the padlock. There was absolutely no way out now.
    She walked around him, feeling the metal cage in places. Oh god, I LOVE this! She said. Now I have you in two cages! Im going to have so much fun with you locked up in your kennel. She dropped down to her knees to look him in the eye. The next time you screw up, or disobey me, Im going to lock you in here all night long. Do you understand me?
    Yes he said, shivering. He made a mental note to try extra hard not to anger her.
    Wait Ill be right back! She skipped out of the room. He heard rummaging around in their office. She came back with her cell phone.
    What are you doing? He asked.
    I need to take some pictures to celebrate our new purchase! She walked all around him, taking dozens of pictures from all angles. What do you think of this one?
    She held the phone down near the floor where he could see it. It showed the closed padlock in the foreground and his panties and the rest of the cage beyond that.
    Im emailing this to Karen right now! She got Karens business card out of her purse and began typing in the address.
    She eventually unlocked the cage and let him out. He busied himself with his list of chores.
    Im leaving for my massage now his girlfriend announced. When you have finished your chores, you are to get back in your cage, ok?
    Yes maam he said, frowning.
    Im leaving the padlock open right next to the cage. Im taking the keys with me. You are to crawl in your cage, close the door, then lock yourself in with the padlock. Understand?
    Yes maam. As soon as Im done with my chores.
    Take you cell phone with you. As soon as you lock yourself in, take a picture clearly showing the closed padlock and email it to me. Lets seeyou should be able to finish your chores by4:30. If I dont get an email from you by then, tonight will be your first night in the cage.
    He groaned. 4:30 was only an hour away and he still had to finish the dishes, dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom and fold all the laundry. He would have to hurry.
    Yes maam.
    The next hour was a blur he ran from room to room trying to finish in time. He didnt dare do a sloppy job or cut corners though. He knew she would be especially critical in her check today knowing that he was rushed. Finally, he crawled into the cage and locked it shut behind him. Taking the picture was tricky he couldnt get both himself and the padlock in the frame because he couldnt reach even an inch outside the cage due to the close spacing on the bars. He ended up taking two, one showing the closed padlock from the inside and the other showing him inside the cage. He hoped that would be sufficient since the time stamp on the second photo proved he was inside the cage with the padlock closed. He emailed them both to his girlfriend at 4:28. He relaxed and even managed to doze off, trying not to think about the fact that he was locked in a small cage.
    He woke when she came through the front door. He glanced at the clock it was 7:30!
    Im home did you miss me?
    Of course. He said.
    Ohyoure so sweet! She kicked off her shoes and tossed her purse onto the couch. And there you are, all locked up! I loved thinking that you were here, in your cageI got wet every time I thought about it.
    She sat down on the couch and propped her feet up on the cage. Hmmthis makes a nice footrest too! She giggled. Baby, Ive decided you are going to be locked in that cage every day even if its just a few minutes.
    Butwhy? If Im good
    She cut him off. Oh, believe me, if youre bad youll be in there for a long time. But it just turns me on so much knowing that I can lock you up anytime I want, just because I want to. I dont care if you dont like it I love it.
    Yes maam he said.
    God, I just had the BEST massage ever. Do you want me to tell you about it?
    UmI guess so he replied. He felt a little silly carrying on a conversation when he was locked in his cage, but she didnt indicate that she was going to unlock him anytime soon.
    Well, remember how Henry took the towel off me yesterday and ended up rubbing my ass? Well, I figured hes already seen my butt, so I didnt bother with a towel this time I was completely naked lying on my stomach when he came in the room. He seemed to take it in stride. She absently began rubbing her breasts through her shirt. He looked even hotter than yesterday I dont know how though, as he was gorgeous thenanyway, he gave me the most incredible massage, and even rubbed my ass again just like yesterday. He made me feel SO goodso I told him that my stomach was tight and needed some work.
    What? Her boyfriend asked, stunned. He thought he knew where this was going.
    YesI told him that I thought I pulled an ab muscle doing aerobics yesterday. He said hed get me a towel, but I said dont botherIm not shy. So I just flipped over onto my back in front of him, completely naked.
    Oh my godI cant believe you did that her boyfriend moaned. The thought of her exposed to another man drove him crazy, especially since he hadnt seen her naked in so long.
    I did she said, rubbing her breasts with both hands now. My god it was the most exciting thing I ever did I almost came just from seeing him standing over me, looking at my naked body. And then when he took his oily hands and started running them all over my stomachbaby, he ran his hands down my legs, up my thighs, and all over my stomach. I could barely breath. I knew that if he even brushed against my pussy I would come right there. She was rubbing herself between her legs now, outside her jeans. Her boyfriend felt another now-familiar stab of jealousy. He had gone down on her for 20 minutes last night and couldnt make her come, and now she was telling him about another man that almost her come just by touching her stomach.
    So that went on for a few minutes it felt incredible. Eventually he asked me if I did any weightlifting during my aerobics routine and I said I did. He asked if my pecs were sore
    Oh no her boyfriend breathed from the cage.
    and I said yes they were, very sore. Oh God! She was panting now and licking her lips, remembering. Hehe started rubbing my breasts! He had these big, strong hands, and he was really massaging them, using lots of oil. It was the most incredible thing Ive felt, lying naked in front of this gorgeous, hunky guy rubbing my breasts.
    Her boyfriend was speechless.
    It went on and on it felt like forever even though it was probably just 10 minutes or so. She groaned, lifting her hips off the couch. She was clearly about to have an orgasm. I wanted him toyou knowreach between my legshmmmmI would have come SO hardbut I didnt know how to askohhh
    With a final thrust of her hips, she came with an ear-splitting wail. He had never felt like this. His girlfriend was felt up for 10 minutes by this guy that saw her completely naked.
    She slipped to the floor, spent.
    Oh baby she breathed I love you so much you are the most amazing man in the world. She reached one finger into the cage and brushed his cheek. She stood up. Now Im going to check your chores to see if I can let you out of your cage yet.
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    She let him out after being satisfied with his work and he immediately started on dinner. They had casual conversation as they ate.
    Oh, I almost forgot she said, I got a reply email from Karen during the massage, and we met for coffee afterwards.
    Oh, he thought. That was why she was so late getting back.
    How was it? he said carefully. He was unsure of what to think of his girlfriends new friend.
    Oh, it was great! Shes really nice, and very funny! We talked about work, TV, stuff like that. We like a lot of the same shows.
    Ok that sounds nice he said. He tried not to think that he was locked up in the cage the whole time his girlfriend was having a leisurely coffee and chatting away.
    Andof course she had tons of questions about yoursituation. She wants to order one as soon as possible for her husband, but cant figure out how to get the right measurements. I told him to flatter him tell him she cant believe how big his cock is and she wants to measure it to see how much bigger than average it is. She laughed and said that would definitely work. Of course, I pointed out the bigger problem would be convincing him to get his prize cock pierced.
    Hm he said, not sure exactly what to add to this conversation.
    But anyways, Karen asked me all about my massages and JimI told her everything.
    He groaned.
    So she gave me a great idea Im dying to try. She said that a couple years ago her husband called one of those late-night chat lines and chatted up some chick while she was out of town. She caught him because the idiot didnt pay the phone bill so she saw the charge when they mailed it to them. Anyways, she was furious at him and swore that she would do the same thing to him one day wait for the right opportunity then have phone sex with some stranger on the chat line.
    He saw where this was going.
    Well, she hasnt done ityetbut I got really wet just thinking about it. Imagine, chatting with a total strangertelling him what Im doinghe can describe his cock and what hed like to do with it. The best thing is its completely anonymous and safe no personal contact. So Ive decided that instead of your slideshow tonight your job is to find me some phone chat numbers online. Karen said that the chat lines are usually free for women I guess they need as much of us as possible. Pour me a glass of wine then go find those numbers for me.
    He came back from the computer 10 minutes later with several phone numbers for his girlfriend.
    Thanks. I have a new rule for you to remember. Whenever I snap my fingers, you are to stop whatever you are doing, strip down to your panties if you are wearing clothes, and get in your cage. Understand?
    Yes maam.
    Good boy. Get me another glass of wine. He poured her a glass and set it in front of her at the kitchen table. Taking a sip, she raised her hand and deliberately snapped her fingers.
    He instantly took off his apron and scurried over to the cage, climbing inside. After taking another sip she strolled over and snapped the padlock shut. She sat down on the floor in front of him and grabbed her cell phone from the coffee table.
    Ive got some calls to make. You dont mind do you baby? She chuckled to herself. She dialed a number and waited a few seconds.
    Karen? Hi, its meIm great how are you doing?ohI seewell thats goodreally?okay. She looked over at her boyfriend. Hes all tied up at the moment but tomorrow morning is good for himyoure putting them where? She laughed. Oh I cant wait to tell himno Im going to call him next Ill tell you when I see you tomorrow. Ok goodnight. She closed her phone. You have your first professional maid job tomorrow! Well, you arent getting paid, so I guess youre still just an amateur. Anyways, Karens husband leaves for work at 7 so I told her youd be there ready for work at 7:15. Ill probably head over there when I wake up just to check up on you. Id be on my best behavior for Karen if I were you she asked me a ton of questions about spanking I think shes eager to try it out! She laughed again, hugging her knees. Oh, and theres another reason to be on your best behavior for Karen. I gave her the key to your little chastity cage.
    He was so startled he jerked his head up and banged it on the top of the cage. What? Butpleasethats not fair
    She wanted to see how it felt to hold the key herself. I told her that you were locked up forlets see9 weeks plus your bad behaviorat LEAST 12 weeks now, so if youre good she will give me the key back then. She said shes keeping it in her safety deposit box at the bank in case you try to look for it while youre working for her tomorrow.
    He was stunned. When his girlfriend kept his key he could always hope that she would take pity on him and release him early. Karen didnt strike him as being particularly sympathetic, and she didnt have any incentive at all to let him out early. On top of that, the key was locked up in a bank vault, completely unattainable. He let out a groan.
    Oh, Im sorry his girlfriend giggled. Hey, cheer up Im going to call Jim now!
    She dialed another number. From the cage he could tell Jim was apparently already on speed dial. She stretched out on the floor on her stomach in front of the cage.
    Hey Jim! Its mehows everything? greatoh, Im doing fantastic She laughed at something he said. Yes, the shoes are amazing thanks so much for helping. I wanted to ask you something. Are you free for dinner Friday night? You are? Great! Ill pick you up 7? Hold on, let me get your address She reached over and grabbed a pad of paper off the coffee table, scribbling down his address. Ok, got itno, he doesnt mind at all She looked over at her caged boyfriend. No, he really doesntin fact hes going to drive us so we can get some drinks She laughed again at whatever Jim said. Yeah, he does let me do pretty much whatever I wantyou could say I have him wrapped around my fingergreat, so Ill see you Friday at 7? I cant wait! See you then! She closed the phone and hugged it to her chest.
    Did you hear that? She said excitedly to her boyfriend. I have a date for Friday night! She rolled over onto her back, still clutching the phone to her. He hung his head. It was one thing to talk about her dating while they were in bed. It was another to hear her actually set a date on the phone right in front of him.
    She sat up. Well, I have one more call to make tonight. Im going to climb into bed with my favorite toy and call the number you gave me. She stood, towering over his crouched figure in the cage. Since you got that number for me, Im going to hold you responsibleif I have a good time, then Ill let you out. If all the guys I talk to are idiots or I get turned off, Im leaving you in here until its time for you to go to Karens tomorrow. She turned and left, switching off the light in the living room and closing the bedroom door behind her.
    He shivered in the cage. He thought he understood his girlfriends ultimatum he had to actually hope that she had great sex over the phone. He rolled over onto his side and waited.
    He heard nothing for a few minutes, and then a low murmur of conversation. That went on for a good 30 or 45 minutes until he started hearing moans and low cries. He couldnt believe it he was locked in a cage while his girlfriend was apparently getting off over the phone with a stranger. Eventually the moans rose in pitch and volume and ended with a long drawn-out cry.
    The murmur of conversation continued. What was she doing? He thought to himself. Locked up in the dark his imagination ran wild. What could they possibly be talking about now?
    20 minutes later he heard the hum of her vibrator and her moans and cries soon followed. He couldnt believe it she was going to come again! Soon the sounds stopped again, leaving him in silence, until he heard the hum of her vibrator again.
    He lost track of how many times his girlfriend screamed in ecstasy from the bedroom. He gradually dozed off with her cries as background noise.
    He woke when the lights came on in the living room. His girlfriend staggered into the room in her pajamas with the key to the cage in her hand.
    God, that was amazing she said. I was talking the whole time to this incredible guy he was really intelligent and creativeI came like 20 times. Believe me, youre getting out of the cage. She laughed as she turned the key in the lock. Dont forget to set your alarm early you have to be at Karens at 7:15. Her address is on the fridge.
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    Well done spiraled1 ,a very hot read
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    THAT is a cuckold story worth reading more than once. BUT, now, we are all going to making slide shows - what has been unleashed, yet we all obey.

    i need to be wearing my chastity just to come in here now. Whew.

    Hope that you are going to publish this more than here at the Mansion of Chastity. VERY well done.
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    Hi everyone - so sorry for the long delay in finishing this story. I do intend to finish this in the next few days or so. Please feel free to send me comments on what you like/don't like whatever. Thanks!

    He showered and dressed quickly the next morning, trying to stay quiet to avoid waking his girlfriend. His girlfriend had set out a black lacy string bikini for him to wear underneath his jeans today, and he threw on a t-shirt in addition to this before he ate a quick breakfast and climbed in his car. If his timing was right, he should get to Karens house with a few minutes to spare. After a few minutes of a pleasant drive through the suburbs, he cursed when he saw red lights flashing at a railroad crossing and had to stop as a train seemed to crawl by. He panicked as he watched the clock in his dashboard advance. By the time he crossed the tracks, he realized he would be at least 5 minutes late now.
    He finally arrived at Karens nondescript suburb house. He parked his car in the empty driveway in front of the garage door and knocked on the front door. Almost immediately the front door jerked open and he saw Karen in the doorway, looking sleepy and wearing a bathrobe tightly wrapped around her. Despite her slippers and sleep-mussed hair, he thought she looked really attractive. At least 10 or 12 years older than him, but still trim and sexy.
    Your late she hissed in an angry voice.
    Yeah, Im sorry I got held up.
    Save your excuses she said, interrupting him. I dont care. Heres the garage door remote I dont want you leaving your car outside for the neighbors to see all the time. Its the spare so keep it. She thrust a remote control out to him, along with a sheet of paper.
    This is your chore list for the day. Im going to bed. Wake me up at 10 oclock with breakfast.
    She turned and slammed the door on him. Sighing, he pulled his car into the garage closing the door behind him and entered the house through the unlocked door connecting the garage to the kitchen. Karen had obviously gone upstairs to bed already. He took his first good look at the list she left him.

    1. Strip to your underwear (panties, right? Lol) and put your clothes in your car. I dont want them cluttering up my house.
    2. Wash and put away dishes in the kitchen
    3. Scrub the kitchen floor by hand cleaning supplies in pantry
    4. vacuum lower floor vacuum in pantry
    5. clean downstairs bathroom
    6. dust lower floor

    For breakfast I want eggs, bagel with cream cheese, coffee, orange juice.

    After stripping off his clothes, leaving him exposed in his black panties, he placed the list on the fridge and got to work. After the dishes he got on his hands and knees and started scrubbing the kitchen floor until it shone. He couldnt help thinking about how objectified he felt. Doing chores and housework for his girlfriend was one thing it was his house too, after all, and he could make himself believe there was nothing too unusual about keeping up with all the domestic duties. This was something else entirely however his girlfriend had loaned him out just like a vacuum cleaner or mop without asking his permission or considering his thoughts on the matter. On top of that, he felt ridiculous in his black bikini panties on his hands and knees in this strangers house. His cheeks flushed at the realization that Karen would be awake soon, and no doubt will be greatly amused watching him do her housework almost completely naked. On the other hand, despite the burning in his cheeks, his cock betrayed him by twitching slightly at the thought of this stranger having so much power over him once she woke up
    Shit! he cursed, looking at the clock. It was already 9:53 Karen wanted him to wake her at 10 with breakfast ready. He scrambled to his feet and threw some food together as quickly as he could. It took him even longer than usual because he had to search to find everything in this strange kitchen. He found a tray and loaded it up, practically running up the stairs to where he knew Karens bedroom was. In the back of his mind ran the memory of his girlfriend telling him how interested Karen was with spanking and to be on his best behavior
    Karen was sleeping in a huge king sized bed with a thick white duvet cover. All of the furniture was dark, rich heavy wood. Her husband must make a good living, he realized as he snuck in. She couldnt possibly make too much money working at Dillards.
    He placed the tray on a nightstand and then, unsure what to do, shuffled his feet awkwardly.
    Um.Karen? Its time to wake up.
    She rolled over to face him, opened her eyes, and stretched. She laughed when she saw that he was shyly trying to cover up his panties with his hands without being obvious about it. Then she saw the clock behind the tray of food and her face turned dark.
    What the hell? She exclaimed. Its 10:15! I give you one simple task and you fuck it up? Actually, I gave your two simple tasks and you somehow fuck them both up! She threw the covers to the side. To his dismay, she was wearing baggy pajama bottoms and a t shirt. Your girlfriend told me you were well behaved. Im really disappointed and I see Ill have to train you myself if youre going to be MY maid.
    He felt a shiver of fear run down his naked back at this. When his girlfriend punished him he always knew she loved him and didnt really want to hurt him just correct his behavior. With this stranger, he realized he was completely alone and she could do anything she wants to him.
    Now what am I supposed to do with a miserable little failure like you? She swung her feet over the side of the bed and tapped her chin with her finger in thought. Her face brightened. Again, he was struck by how sexy this woman was and for the first time was glad that the cage restricted his erections that would be a little difficult to explain! I know she said, standing up next to him. Come with me.
    She grabbed and twisted his left earlobe firmly and started walking, dragging him painfully behind her. He had to stoop over and shuffle quickly to avoid her tearing his ear.
    Im going to teach you a lesson about time She said as she strode purposefully down the stairs towards the kitchen. She released his ear and shoved him in the corner near the garage connecting door. Wait here.
    He stood facing the corner, afraid to turn around. He hear her shuffling around in some closets and opening and closing the fridge. He wondered what she had in store for him.
    She abruptly pushed him aside and dumped a large bag of small hard beans of some type on the floor. She positioned him so he was standing on top of the beans. They were pushing painfully into his feet.
    Now lean forward until your nose is touching the corner She instructed. He did so, bending forward awkwardly at the waist. She slipped a raw egg between his nose and the corner. Keep that there if that egg drops or breaks youre going to be so sorry she said in a low threatening voice. Now put your hands behind your back. She quickly and efficiently tied his hands together behind his back with something a scarf? As she finished, he realized his predicament. He was painfully standing on a layer of small hard beans that hurt his feet every time he shifted his weight, but hurt more when he was still and could really dig into his tender flesh. Without the use of his hands, he had to remain exactly still to keep the egg pressed against the corner with his nose. His back was already beginning to ache with the unnatural strain of leaning forward.
    Im saving the serious spankings for when I examine your so-called housework, but for now this should do Karen said from behind him in a satisfied voice. She gave his exposed butt a playful pinch. Now dont go anywhere. I need to eat my breakfast and get showered and dressed. Ill get you when Im ready.
    She turned and he heard her head up the stairs. He groaned and shuffled his feet gingerly, trying to find a comfortable position but he knew there was none. He settled down to wait.
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    He had lost track of time, but knew it had to be at least an hour later before he heard Karen coming down the stairs. He was sweating profusely and his arms and back felt like they were on fire, but he still held the egg carefully against the corner. The last thing he wanted to do was piss off the woman who had the key to his chastity cage securely locked away in her safety deposit box.
    Karen laughed and slapped his ass as she came up behind him.
    I cant believe you wear these ridiculous panties just because your girlfriend told you to do you know that shes my new hero? She laughed again as she tugged at the waistband and snapped it against his skin. At first I thought that you two were a bunch of sickos when you were in the lingerie section at Dillards, but the more I thought about it the more sense it madeand when I saw how secure your little cage kept you, I started to get really excited...was it really possible to have this much control over a man? Such as you are, of course! She chuckled as she reached around him and gave him a pat on his crotch, feeling the hard metal of the cage under the thin fabric of the panties. He let out a groan of combined frustration and exhaustion.
    Are you going to make me wait for you again, my little housemaid? Karen asked, still standing close behind him.
    Nono maam He said between clenched teeth, carefully not to lose control of the egg.
    Call me mistress Karen. Ill go easy on you this time, since its your first day. But dont fuck up again or you will be EXTREMELY sorry. Do you understand?
    Yes mistress Karen.
    She reached in around him and plucked the raw egg from where he had it precariously balanced between his nose and the corner. She had dressed in a sleeveless shirt and short jean shorts and he could feel the firmness of her breasts pressed against her back as she reached her lean, muscular arm out to grab the egg. She had just showered, and he inhaled the aroma of her soap and shampoo. She withdrew to put the egg away and then she was behind him again. Her right hand grabbed his hair and pulled him upright, his muscles groaning in protest. Keeping a tight grip on his hair, she slowly trailed a long red fingernail down his front, from his neck to his crotch.
    Now Im going to relax and sit on the couch with a book while you clean my house. Keep quiet and do a good job and maybe I wont have to use this spatula on you. With that, he heard a whistling sound and immediately after felt a sharp sting on his ass. It was extremely painful, and he let out a gasp. Karens left hand, tracing small circles on his lower stomach, contracted into a claw leaving small scratches on his skin, and she exhaled loudly right beside his ear. She pressed her body tightly against him, and he could feel the points of her small breasts on his side.
    Mmmmmohhhthat was.mmmmm She whispered. Ive never done that..maybe one more. The spatula came down hard on his right buttock again, on exactly the same spot, even harder this time. He jerked at the sting, and struggled vainly to cover the injured place on his ass, but his hands were still secured behind his back. He cried out a little at the sting.
    God Karen moaned, her mouth right against his left ear. She was clearly getting aroused, and her breathing was quickening. She pulled back the spatula and smacked him again. Her body was pushing against his back and left side, and pressed him into the corner face first. The next two or three swats came in rapid succession, and he was twisting to try to get away, but she kept him trapped in the corner, his hands futilely trying to escape the bondage the kept them trapped at the small of his back.
    Yesss Karen hissed Try to get away! This was followed by more swats. He was sure she was punishing him as hard as she could now. The sting had evolved into a glowing, burning sensation that seemed to spread from his right buttock throughout his whole body. He realized she was getting even more turned on by his struggling, but he couldnt help it he was bucking his hips and wriggling his ass trying in vain to escape the dreaded spatula. Karens nipples were rock-hard points against him now, even through her shirt, and she was rubbing her crotch against his left thigh. Her left hand suddenly plunged into his black panties and wrapped around his balls.
    She breathed in his ear youre going to scream for me and suddenly squeezed his balls, while simultaneously flogging his raw right butt cheek as hard and fast as she could with the spatula. Pain bloomed from his crotch and he screamed. She did not let go and it felt like she was squeezing his balls until they would pop. He heard her screams mix with his and knew that she was coming, with her crotch sliding up and down his left thigh. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably 4 or 5 seconds, she slumped against him, spent, releasing his aching balls from her grip.
    mmmmm Karen moaned. The spatula clanged to the floor through her relaxed fingers. She leaned against him for a few more seconds before stepping away.
    That wasnicehmmmm.. She turned to look hungrily at him before she walked away, leaving him rubbing his sore ass cautiously.
    Craning his neck awkwardly behind him, he saw that his rear was extremely raw and red but that was all. His balls still ached but the pain was already subsiding.
    He gingerly got down on his hands and knees on the cold linoleum floor and began picking up the beans that had tormented his feet for the last hour. Behind him, he heard Karen coming partway down the stairs.
    I like that view she laughed. He was still on his hands and knees, with his panty covered ass facing her. But the right cheek looks so much rosier and happier than the other I might have to balance that out later! Now get off the floor and come up to my room. I have a little surprise for you.
    Hanging his head in resignation, he trudged up the stairs to where Karen waited in her bedroom. She had put on some high heels, and he noticed that she was actually an inch or so taller than him now. He was about average in height he never realized until now that Karen must be almost as tall as him. She was standing in front of the large three-paned mirror in her bedroom. There was a box on the bed, roughly the size of large shoebox. She grabbed his shoulders and maneuvered him to stand directly in front of the mirrors. She lightly traced her fingernails over his punished ass, making him shiver slightly.
    Your girlfriend has told me again and again how smalltiny, really your little penis is. She reached around his hips and ran both hands of the front of his panties. I meanit feels so smooth! she laughed. almost as if you didnt have anything there at all! She suddenly jerked the waistband of the panties down, so that they slid down his legs to his knees, revealing his caged penis and balls to be reflected three times in the mirror. She giggled again at the sight of it. WaitIll be right back!
    She trotted quickly out of the room and down the stairs, leaving him looking at his reflection in the mirror. She came bounding back a few seconds later, again standing directly behind him. She reached her left hand around and grabbed his caged cock, holding it up. He groaned at the frustration of having this beautiful woman holding him in such an intimate manner, yet doing it so casually. His deprived cock strained against the unyielding steel spirals. She started stroking the cage slowly, up and down, as if she were giving him a hand job. He moaned in frustration again, and moved his hips involuntarily with her strokes. The spiral was so tight against his cock that he couldnt expand even the slightest.
    She whispered in his ear. Thats rightget big and hard for me she laughed again. Is that it? She looked down at this caged penis. Is that as big as you can get?
    UmyeahI guess He hung his head sheepishly.
    She slapped his exposed balls with her hand sharply. Thats mistress Karen, remember?
    Yesmistress Karen.
    Good. Nowthis is about the size of my husbands cock She reached her right hand around him now, holding a large cucumber. It was at least 9 inches long and so think she couldnt wrap her fingers all the way around him. She held it up against him, right beside his caged cock. Now THIS is a real cock. Do you see the difference?
    Yes Mistress Karen He said.
    Hmmmjust looking at this makes me all horny againyou know, if you had a cock like this, your girlfriend would never have locked you up, right? I mean, if you were a real man shed want to fuck you all the time. Instead, she has to lock it up and make you get pictures of real cocks to get her off. Isnt that right?
    Yes, mistress Karen.
    When was the last time your cock got your girlfriend off?
    II cant remember. Im not sure, mistress Karen.
    She laughed and gave his cage another squeeze. Poor little man. How often does she have to get off using her vibrator?
    UmmmId say several times a day at least mistress Karen.
    She laughed again. Now look at these two cocks. He looked down again at the cage in her left hand and the huge cucumber in her right. Which one do you think any woman would chose to play with?
    The big one, mistress Karen He said, hanging his head in defeat.
    Thats right the big one. Not yours. Now which one is more masculinemore manly?
    The big one, mistress Karen.
    Right again the cucumber. You just admitted that this vegetable is more a man than you! She giggled. Unfortunately for you, thats completely correct. She started slapping the cage around with her hand. It flopped against his stomach and landed on his balls. Youre not really a man at all, are you?
    He sighed, completely defeated. No mistress Karen.
    She laughed and backed away from him, tossing the cucumber on the bed.
    Since you think that youre not really a man and all She grabbed the box on the bed and opened it. You know, men have been making women wear ridiculous outfits for centuries especially their maids. I always thought those French maid outfits were so ridiculous old men dressing up young women in short skirts, stockings, and those silly headpieces just to wank off too, Im sure.
    She dumped the contents of the box on the bed. It was an authentic-looking French maid outfit, complete with petticoat, stockings, headpiece, dress, and shoes.
    My husband had this ridiculous fantasy years ago, and bought me this silly thing. I wore it once for him then told him it was humiliating and put it away. But, since you are working as my maid, and you look so cute in your panties She held out the skirt to him.
    He gasped, stunned. She wanted him to dress up in THAT?
    Butthatsfor women! She glared at at him. Ahmistress Karen! He hastily added.
    She walked up to him. Stop being silly She said. She bent down, holding the skirt open. Now lift one foot! She commanded.
    Stunned, he picked his left foot off the ground. She quickly slipped the dress up his left ankle.
    Now the other!
    He tried to stall. But, mistress Karenplease
    She slapped his sore ass hard. Gasping, he picked up his right foot. Karen quickly pulled the petticoat up around his waist. It was white and lacy, and actually fit him quite well. It was super short, barely covering his black panties. She looked at him in the mirror.
    Hmmmuch better She said approvingly. I guess I did this in the wrong order, now didnt I? She grabbed the garter belt off the bed. Hold your petticoats up!
    He did, plucking the edges and holding the up so she could wrap the hook the belt around his waist. Now we need the stockingssit down on the edge of the bed She commanded.
    Resigned to his fate, he slumped down on the bed. Karen knelt down beside him and efficiently rolled some black heavily seamed stockings up his legs, connecting them to the garter belt.
    This isnt going to look as pretty with all this yucky leg hair she twisted some hair on his thigh painfully but I guess itll have to dofor now.
    Now stand up.
    He did, and she admired her work. Okay, now the bra.
    She came up behind him and slipped the bra around him, fastening the clasp.
    Ok, now the dress. Hands up!
    She slid the black shiny dress over his head and pulled it down, guiding his arms through the arm holes. She stepped back, clapping her hands.
    Lovely! NOW you look like a maid!
    He looked at himself in the mirror. He was every inch the French maid, from dress down to stockings.
    Oh, wait! I forgot the shoes!
    She grabbed the pair of black high heels off the bed and knelt beside him.
    Left foot up! He obliged reluctantly. He realized he was far past the point of putting up a struggle now.
    Right footthere!
    He felt awkard and clumsy in the shoes they had 3 or 4 inch heels, he thought.
    Oh so pretty! Karen clapped her hands again. Now give me a turn!
    He almost fell forward trying to take his first small step in the heels. He caught himself and did a slow turn, giving Karen a good look at her new maid.
    She slid a hand down the crotch of the dress. See? Totally smooth! She laughed.
    He felt completely and utterly humiliated. Yet at the same time, there was a part of him that felt that this was inevitable and right at the same time he was getting used to being in a subservient role around his girlfriend and now Karen, and it almost seemed fitting that he wear the clothes of a servant and a female servant at that while he was fulfilling his duties.
    Karen admired his new outfit for several minutes, commenting on this feature or that, and how nice his legs looked in the high heels.
    I love the new uniform. This is how you are to be dressed every time you arrive at my place for maid service. Now I suggest you get back to your chores. You wasted a lot of time with your punishment, and I dont see how you can possibly finish the list before my husband comes home!
  16. crayle

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    Jul 24, 2009
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    4:55 PM

    Probably the best thing I've read this year!

    Where can I find more of your stuff?
  17. slaveoz

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    Aug 3, 2009
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    7:25 AM
    great story i would love to see them having him perform a bit of foot worship too :) great work
  18. Miss D

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    Jul 23, 2008
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    1:55 PM
    A very good story, I must say - cucking and femming - such excellent topics. The detail is so precise - not exactly, just a fantasy, is it? I could be wrong, but it seems more like a true obsession... If you think about it for a second or two, this story is like a confession - all your secret longings exposed... Excellent subject matter and very well written. Please continue, we all want to see where this is going to lead.
  19. spiraled1

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    May 30, 2008
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    Thanks for your kind comments everyone - I have put this project on hold temporarily but will definitely finish it up in the next couple of weeks. It's been a real pleasure to write, and as Miss D so accurately pointed out, a real journey into my personal kinks and fantasies. Of course, my girlfriend is following it so many of the these ideas have come to fruition...but more on that later.
  20. PT109

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    Nice story spiraled. I am really enjoying reading it.
  21. spiraled1

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    May 30, 2008
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    Spurred on by the fierce aching from his punished rear, he completed all the tasks Karen asked him to do quickly, scrambling from room to room for the next several hours. The high heels felt incredibly awkward and he almost fell a dozen times, especially trying to walk down the stairs. His calves and feet were aching from the strain, and he knew he would be sore in more than one place tomorrow. Karen relaxed on the couch in the living room with a book and a drink, clearly relishing the luxury of having her house cleaned while she didnt have to raise a finger. She would clap her hands or call his name from time to time when she wanted him to fetch her a new drink.
    He was upstairs making her bed when he heard the faint sound of her voice calling him. He scurried down the steps as fast as his high heels would let him.
    Damn it! Ive been calling your stupid name for minutes. I almost had to get up myself to get more ice for my drink.
    Im sorry, Mistress Karen. I didnt hear you he apologized, shuffling his feet.
    This is not working at all. Lets see Her eyes widened and a slow smile crept across her face. I have the perfect solution. Wait here!
    She sprung off the couch and raced into the garage. He heard her moving things around, obviously searching for something. She came back with what looked like small black remote of some sort and some sort of a strap. She sat down on the couch and beckoned him to come over to her.
    Do you know what this is? She asked, holding out the objects in her hands. It looked like some sort of a dog collar, but he couldnt figure out what the remote-looking device was. Waithe felt a slow chill as he realized what it was. He looked at Karen in fear.
    Is thatis that a shock training collar?
    Karen chuckled. Good boy. Yes it is. We used to have a small dog a long long time ago. He kept chewing up our nice furniture, and nothing seemed to work, so eventually we broke down and got this. Let me tell you, we noticed positive behavior changes IMMEDIATELY. Actually, I felt so bad about using it on him that we stopped after a day or two, but it still did its job.
    He swallowed. He hoped he was wrong about what was coming next.
    Now be a good boy for me and lift up your dress.
    He did, slowly. She reached out and calmly pulled down his panties to his knees, exposing his tightly spiraled cock.
    Now everyone knows boys think their balls are so precious and sensitive and will do almost anything to protect them As she spoke she wrapped the collar around his entire package, behind the steel ring that supported the spiral. so I figure this is the ideal place to attach your training device she adjusted the collar so that the extruding electrode posts were pressed directly into his balls. right where youd feel it the most She cinched the collar down tightly and fastened the buckle. It was firmly attached now, and he could feel the evil presence of the metal electrodes against his sensitive nuts. She pulled his panties back up, covering him. You can drop your dress back down now Karen said, settling back into the couch.
    I know from experience that this thing has enough range to reach anywhere in our house and over our entire property, so now I can summon you without having to shout myself silly. Now, lets see Karen picked up the remote and studied it for a few seconds. Ok now I remember. This has intensity settings from 1 to 10. We felt too bad to use anything over 3 with our little dog, but youre a big strong man so Im sure you can take it.
    She looked up at him intently as that slow smile crept across her face again. Her finger was poised right above a button on the remote. Slowly, deliberately, she pressed the button.
    He gasped as his eyes widened suddenly. He felt a sharp jolt run through his entire crotch it felt like a bee sting, but in a very sensitive place. Mercifully, the sensation was as short as it was intense.
    Karen grinned.
    That was a 4. Want to go higher?
    No maammistress Karen He said quickly.
    Well, too bad, because I want to see how you react to.6!
    She mashed her finger down on the button again, eagerly taking in his reaction. He let out a hoarse cry this time and gave a little jump. It felt like he had been kicked in the balls.
    Karen laughed. Oh godthis is so perfectwhy didnt I think of this before! She licked her lips, and he saw that her eyes were shining. Now if youre badlets see She licked her lips again and fiddled with the remote. Her breathing became a little labored and he noticed she was squeezing her thighs together.
    Please mistress Karenno!
    She ignored him and poised her finger over the button again. Level 8 in 321
    He let out a shout and fell to his knees. The pain was very intense this time. He rolled over on to his side, clenching his legs together. His cock and balls were spasming involuntarily, and each convulsion was agony.
    After a few seconds, the pain was over. He looked up from the ground. Karen was gasping now, her mouth slackly open. One hand was clutching the remote and the other was pressed between her legs. Ok Karen moaned maybe once more Her finger mercilessly pressed the button again. This time, his cries of pain merged with her moans of pleasure.
  22. Miss D

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    OHHH My....
  23. Respectful

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    Oct 25, 2008
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    1:55 PM
    Did you make Miss D blush?


    You made Miss D say OHHH My. That sounds like praise from Miss D.

    I agree with her and the others that your stories are most fine once Spiraled One. I humbly suggest that paragraph breaks and blank spaces would make your wonderful writing more accessible to old eyes like mine.

    You sharing your craft with us is worth more to me than this convention of grammar. So please! Keep your stories coming, even if without paragraph breaks!


    Respectful :cat:
  24. spiraled1

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    May 30, 2008
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    4:55 PM
    Lol thanks Miss D and Respectful - Miss D I will take that as high praise :)
    and Respectful - thanks also for your comment - you are absolutely right. I write this in word and copy/paste it in and don't always pay attention to the way it looks online. Point taken.

  25. Sissy Doug

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    Great stuff, Spiraled, and wonderfully written! May I send you the bill if it causes my trusty sidekick Corporal Pecker to burst the bonds of his pink CB2K prison?

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