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Cucked at the gym!

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Dufty, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. We are so lucky that things have continued to progress and that Jason has continued to visit Emma to satisfy her while I am locked up. She is going through that "new boyfriend" phase at the moment and seems to be having sex with him whenever she can! I have come home a couple of times to find Emma getting fucked like a naughty little minx!

    Jason's confidence as a Bull is also growing and although I have not been allowed to watch them have sex he has started to spank me with his belt before he goes home as Tom has taught him to do. Like Tom Jason loves the power to come into another mans house and to have naughty sex with his wife before whipping the husbands bottom till it is SO sore with his belt. As with Tom Emma loves his confidence and the sheer audacity of the situation!

    We have also trained in the Gym together while putting on the act that Jason is out friend before relaxing in the steam room. Late in he evening it is my job to keep watch by the door while they kiss and caress each other. One of these days I am sure he will get a blow job in that steam room!
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  2. you could be a professional writer! These stories are addicting!!
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  3. That's very kind of you thanks! Glad you enjoyed them there's also so much to update but work seems to take all my time at the moment.

    That said it's probably better to be busy so I'm not too distracted by blue balls and being backed up!
  4. So not only have I been well and truly double cucked my naughty wife Emma decided to let her new Bull Jason decide the length of my next lockup! He had decided that I should have a poll in the playroom with the sentence to start on New Years day. Thanks to all the people who voted I am lucky to be locked up for 149 days with no cumming until at least May 28th!

    To make matters even more interesting Jason and To clubbed together to buy me an Iron Maiden device for Christmas! Emma and her best friend Kelly will have me wear this when I have been naughty or when they feel like it! The only problem is every day in the Iron Maiden does not count against my 149 day sentence! Even if I am only wearing this device for 1 minute still means the whole day does not count!

    I was lucky to get a ruined orgasm from Emma on Christmas day but it was not enough! She kept teasing me with the possibility of a full climax before New Year but kept finding reasons why she couldn't! She was very sweet about it but also very determined.

    New Years Eve was to be spent at home with Emma's Bull Tom as well as Kelly and her poor locked husband David. Emma's new Bull Jason was at a party with friends and sure to get lots of female attention as he is such a good looking confident guy.

    We had a great evening with great food, music, dancing and teasing with my locked cock safe in its cage. The girls looked stunning in black evening dresses. Soon it was getting close to midnight. I was desperate to cum as I was stripped, ball gagged and tied to a chair with my cock caged and straining for attention. To my delight Emma unlocked me and started to wank me off before she suddenly stopped.

    She turned to the others and said she needed advice. She said that poor Dufty SO SO deserves to cum after being so good about being double cucked and has such a LONG sentence ahead but she couldn't help think that he should start his sentence a little backed up! She knew it was so wrong but wouldn't it be so funny and cruel but very cute! Do you think that Dufty would enjoy that she asked? David was in my corner while Kelly was confident I should start the New Year with extra denial!

    To my horror Tom suggested that she text Jason and let him make the decision! Tom said that as Jason had had the audacity to cuck me at the gym that it was only right he had the final say! My only hope was that Jason would be so grateful for being able to Fuck Emma he would show mercy.

    Of course he didn't though! Emma's kissed my cheek and said "poor Dufty" as she showed me his text.

    "Dufty is not allowed to cum I want him straining in his cage at midnight thinking of me with you!"

    She told me his happy New Year text to her was private!

    Imagine my despair and excitement as midnight arrived and I was bound, gagged and absolutely straining against my cage as Emma and Tom and Kelly & David snogged the New Year in!
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  5. After what seemed like ages watching the others kissing so passionately I was finally untied by Emma who gave me a big hug and kiss and wished me a happy locked up New Year! I was so lucky to get a big hug and New Years snog from Kelly as well but my cock was to get no mercy remaining in its cage.

    We went upstairs and I knew to kneel by the bed with my hands on my head as Tom made love to Emma in a way only an accomplished Bull can. I watched in sheer envy and excitement as Emma orgasmed and Tom shot his load deep inside her!

    Of course I licked Emma and cleaned her afterwards with my first cream pie of 2016! I didn't have to wait long for the second as David finished fucking his wife Kelly and called me into the spare room for another clean up!

    I had one more shocking surprise before bed! Tom and David had me kneel in the bath as the girls watched and giggled. The boys pointed their cocks at me and I closed my eyes as I received a golden shower! I felt like such a bitch as they hosed me down and the girls laughed uncontrollably!

    I was allowed to have a cold shower then spanked by the girls before being put to bed on the sofa. Of course the girls had great New Years day morning sex as I made breakfast.

    For a special treat on New Years day Emma decided I should wear the Iron Maiden to break me in! She also decided that we could go to Jason's house and show him my new device!

    As he opened the door Emma was in like a shot giving him a big New Year hug and snog while my cock was punished by the Iron Maiden. They continued to make out on the couch as I made the coffee.

    After we had finished coffee Emma whispered in Jason's ear and he laughed. She turned to me with her cute look and asked if I'd like to wash Jason's car! Of course I had no choice as I set about my task while they enjoyed their playtime!

    Try to imagine my predicament as Jason's neighbour came out and asked why I was washing his car! I thought fast and said I had lost a bet at the gym! It didn't help when Jason came out later to inspect my work and point out all the areas I had missed that I would have to re do!

    I spent most of the afternoon cleaning his car as Emma snuggled with him inside. She wont tell me what they got up to as she likes to make me wonder.

    When I finally finished he told me to show him my new Iron Maiden device. He told me my cock looked so small it was no wonder he had cucked me so easily at the gym! He told me that because my cock was so small that from now on I would be known as "Little Dufty"! Of course he didn't thank me for cleaning his car or his afternoon with Emma!

    When we got home I was unlocked and Emma played with her cock. The Iron Maiden had done its job in punishing my naughty little penis and I begged Emma to kiss it better. She hugged me and said sorry honey you know our new rule. Only Bulls can have blowjobs!

    She asked if I liked my new device and getting an extra day of chastity for each time I wore it! I said that although I wanted to please her the Iron Maiden was too sever for everyday wear. She just hugged me and said that I just needed to be strong and think nice thoughts. She also said that I would be in the device for the whole weekend to get used to it!

    In case that wasn't enough she told me that Tom was coming over tomorrow (Saturday) and his car was dirty as well! What a lovely naughty little minx!
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  6. What a cruel twist that any time in the Maiden doesn't count! I have to ask, are your stories true? Great writing either way and thanks for the updates!
  7. Thanks glad you like it. Its hard to believe but yes this is really happening and I keep thinking I will wake up from a dream any minute!

    I do skip over a lot of very honest communication and discussion which we always have before our parties. We discuss lots of fantasies and what we are happy with. The end result is that I never know what will happen but know that it will be something I pre consented to.
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  8. It was the first weekend of the New Year which should have seen me relaxing at home and having lots of sex with my wife Emma. Of course that was not the case as I was breaking in my new Iron Maiden chastity device and Emma was going to see her regular Bull Tom. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw that he had brought Jason over as well!

    After I made them drinks I set to washing Toms car having cleaned Jason's the days before. My cock was under constant assault from the maidens spikes as I though about what they were doing as I cleaned Toms car! Eventually I finished cleaning and went back inside.

    Of course I heard them in the bedroom and knocked on the door to get permission to join them. I cannot do justice to what I saw! Emma was on all fours on the bed sucking Jason's cock as Tom took her from behind! I watched in sheer ENVY and EXCITEMNT as both Bulls had their way with my girl!

    Eventually it was time for them to cum and first Jason and then Tom shot full loads over Emma's breasts! They looked so lovely covered in the Bulls spunk! I was almost in tears as my own cock fought its futile battle with the maiden! Of course I knew to get the Bulls a cold beer for doing such a good job.

    As they relaxed they teased me for being poor "little Dufty" and loving Emma's rule that only Bulls got blow jobs! It was then that Tom told me about a New Years resolution he had made for me! From now on I was not allowed to touch my wife's breasts unless they had either his or Jason's spunk on them!

    I thanked him for such a thoughtful idea as he gave me permission to clean Emma up which of course only meant more punishment for my penis in the maiden! I was treated to not one but 2 Bulls Spunk on my wife's breasts! How lucky was I they laughed!

    As I licked up their spunk Jason remarked how I was trying to hide the fact I was in pain from the relentless assault on my caged penis! Poor little Dufty he laughed as Emma leant over to kiss him!

    It looks like I'm in for a long hard sentence!

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  9. And the time in the Maiden doesn't even count! Ouch :(
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    I'm starting to feel sorry for having upped the sentence to 5 days per vote now.....I could go and reduce it to 3 days per vote I suppose......
  11. You could at least post a pic of your locked up cock
  12. You're living the dream, poor "little dufty." I'm interested in the conversations you've eluded to. Maybe you could write a little about them, possibly in another set of posts if they don't fit with these. I like your writing style. I can see why people are wondering if it's real as the reality of this situation seems surreal if true at all. Thank you for sharing. You have a truly amazing wife.
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  13. One of Diana's bulls is our trainer. i am always required to where my cage to the gym and while I shower. That is very humiliating and also very much a turn on. it has also led to a few dates for Di.
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  14. Anyone else want to hear more from Dufty about his adventures?
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  15. Silly question! Absolutely!
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  16. This and the other threads Dufty posted around this time are what originally drew in to CM. @Thatgirl@Thatgirl had discovered CM after our initial foray into cage-play, but I wasn't terribly interested (in the site, that is). But then I started reading these stories and started to get it.
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  17. I'm drawn to this forum because of dufty's adventure as well! Am wondering how things are flaring with his wife and the two bulls. I especially like the parts where the bulls are exerting their power over dufty. Would we be lucky enough to hear any news from the poor little cuck?
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  18. has anyone heard any updates on this story
  19. i have not sorry no.
  20. This is quite a story. Hope things are going well, and we continue to hear how it progresses. Sounds like little dufty is getting all that he wished for and then some. How I would love to experience even just a conservative little piece of what he has. It has been a year since little dufty made his last post. I hope he is cared for and happy.
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  21. Thank you for the kind words. So very busy at the moment but will try and update in the near future.
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  22. No milkings?

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