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Cucked at the gym!

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Dufty, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. I will often go to the gym with my wife Emma who loves to flirt and tease the guys as she works out. There is a regular guy there (lets call him Jason) who is very fit, late 20's and confident bordering on arrogant. He looks very successful and has often talked and flirted with Emma. He is friendly enough with me but is always eying Emma up.

    Well one Saturday in October we had gone to circuit training (Jason also does this) and the car park was packed. I drove around for ages and finally someone came out to leave. I was just about to pull into the space when suddenly Jason arrived in the car park and drove straight into it! I wound down the window to protest but he just smiled and walked into the gym! I was not happy at all! Emma got out the car to go to the class while I waited ages for another space.

    When I finally got into the class late I was a little cross to see that Emma had paired with Jason on the circuit training stations. As I went round on my own during the class I could see Emma was turned on by how annoyed I was. This guy had stolen my space and my wife was training with him and flirting at the same time!

    After the class I showered while he looked at me with a smile that girls seem to love. It didn't help when I saw he had a bigger cock than me!

    As I left the gym with Emma I decided to tell him off for taking my space. I asked for an apology but he just laughed and told me not to worry about it! I tried to put him straight but he kept coming out with funny one liners that made Emma giggle. Suddenly Emma lent forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek before taking my hand and leading me back to the car.

    As we drove home I tried to tell her off but she just looked at me and giggled! She is SO cute when she does this! I felt so annoyed at being humiliated but also turned on at the though of Emma fucking him!

    Later after dinner I calmed down and we talked. She said how turned on she was by me getting put down and being made to look like a wimp as I tried to assert myself. She admitted she wanted to fuck him and described how it might feel and how he would be better than me!

    I have to admit I was still cross but also turned on by the idea when suddenly Emma looked at her I pad and told me she had a Facebook friend request from Jason. I was in 2 minds but she told me she had accepted and was going to send him a private message. I asked her what she was writing but she said it was none of my business! They then had a long conversation on messenger for ages!

    Later as we snuggled in bed Emma told me that she was fantasising about cucking me with Jason and that she had messaged our regular Bull Tom who though the whole thing was fantastic. Tom texted me to tease me and tell me Emma could soon have 2 Bulls! Of course Emma knew that this is such an early stage and we have to tread so very carefully and it may come to nothing. That said she is thinking of having a coffee with him.

    The final bombshell before we went to sleep (after I licked her to orgasm) was Emma telling me I was going to stay in chastity with no relief until she fucks Jason or decides to abandon the idea! She was loving the though of me being so desperate to cum that I would beg her to fuck him! I was not impressed as I was already denied for 10 days since a ruined orgasm and due to get some relief!!!

    Naughty Emma just laughed herself to sleep!
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  2. Very nice!
  3. Were you caged in the shower at the gym?
  4. It's funny how you can be turned on by a guy taking over for you in bed, but when it's in every day life (car park, circuit training class) it really gets under your skin. That's the reality of being a cuckold, though.
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  5. Hilarious, following this for updates.
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  6. Thank you very much for the replys.

    Caged Wolf - glad you like it!

    MikeyLikes - no when I'm in public I am sometimes unlocked and on the honour system.

    Tiny Tim - The short answer is that ultimately I get turned on by how much fun Emma is having. I'll try to expand in future updates. I still can't believe what is happening (I mean this in a good way).

    Aiki - Am happy you think this is hilarious, if I looked at this from the outside I probably would as well. Emma and her best friend can't stop laughing about the situation.

    Lots, lots more to update but no time today. All bring well I'll do a full update tomorrow.
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  7. In her flirting with "Jason," has she mentioned "open relationship" to him yet? This is the "green light" that he would look for to know it's all OK.
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  8. Dufty,
    i am so hoping Mistress Wolf finds someone like your Jason soon, it's going to be a wild ride, but i am SO looking forward to going there with Her!
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  9. SubVerity

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    Dufty - I really like reading your updates, it's clear that even though you say you dont see the humour in it, you write the humour into it, and it's obvious that you really enjoy your situation, and that you both/all take it with a great sense of fun.

    More updates please. :)
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  10. Yes she has lots more details to follow tomorrow.
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  11. Dufty,
    i read your original post to Mistress Wolf, She enjoyed the story, and we are looking forward to hearing more! I would love to have things play out like that, but if they do it probably won't be anytime soon... So jealous!
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  12. Thank you all again for the replies! They are very much appreciated and motivate me to write more.

    SubVerity - Thank you very much for the kind words.

    Caged Wolf - Am so glad that Mistress Wolf enjoyed the story. I wish you the very best of luck in your own journey.

    So the first "encounter" described above happened on October 10th and so much has happened since then! The next morning I discussed the situation with Emma and we decided to take things further. It was actually quite funny in an ironic sort of way. This guy Jason had humiliated me and could very well go on to have sex with my wife! As frustrated as I was we were both turned on by the sheer audacity of the situation. To be honest this is the sort of thing you would expect to read about on a good chastity fiction site. I asked if I really had to stay locked and denied my own orgasm until she either decided to fuck Jason or call things off. I told her how much I needed to cum and that being locked because of the possibility of her wanting to see Jason was not fair. She was as lovely as usual and just gave me a hug and said honey your a cuckold in chastity. Of course its not supposed to be fair!

    So as the week went on they kept talking on Facebook and I was not allowed to see her messages. Emma was very happy though and at the end of the week she told me that she was going to meet Jason at a body pump class at the gym. She had told him that I was working (which I wasn't!). She also told Jason that if he was lucky she would have a coffee with him afterwards. Emma looks absolutely stunning in her gym kit but decided she wanted something a little more special for her class with Jason. We spent the evening looking at Victoria Secret sportswear and I ended up buying her a fantastic red sports bra.

    During the class she positioned herself next to Jason so he would get lots of nice views of her working out in her new VS sports kit. I bet he needed a wank in the shower afterwards! She also told me that she enjoyed his company as they had coffee in the bar afterwards. She told me he was very funny with a nice sense of humour. Of course he wanted to know why a married woman was flirting and showing so much interest. Emma was very matter of fact and said that she loved me but that we did from time to time have an "open" arrangement. At this stage she did not mention anything about cuckold chastity. He asked what this meant for him and she smiled sweetly and said that depends on how much I like you and if you prove that you can be trusted. She let him walk her to her car and she gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

    Watching Emma suddenly kiss his cheek on the day he had put me down was one of the most outrageous and yet exciting things I have ever seen!

    During the week Emma was constantly feeling horny and said the situation was making her like a bitch on heat! Lucky for her our regular Bull Tom was able to come round regularly to satisfy her. Normally when they have sex I am bound and gagged on the floor or kneeling caged by the bed. Because Emma was so horny I was allowed to stand at the side of the bed legs wide apart with my cock un caged, erect and desperate for attention. Of course I had to keep my hands on my head and not touch myself as they fucked. It is such a turn on watching Emma have sex normally but recently she has been such a dirty little minx and has put so much effort into fucking Tom and enjoying lots of mind blowing climaxes. Tom just feels like the best Bull in the world!

    Anyway back to Jason. After their body pump class they met for coffee in town after work. Emma took great pleasure in sending me a picture of her so could see how good she looked and gave me regular text updates to further tease and frustrate me! The bombshell was " He doesn't know it yet but I'm going to give him a nice snog" A little later "he's a really good kisser that snog went on for ages!" and "I hugged him he feels so strong and his aftershave smells so good". What a little minx! She also gave him homework and told him to Google "hotwife" .

    When she got home I made her dinner and asked when she planned to have sex with him. She said that there was no hurry and that she wanted to make him work for it and for her to be fully sure of herself. She said she was enjoying the chase and I would just have to stay locked until it happened. She asked if I enjoyed her texts? Of course I did I told her and she gave me a big hug. I asked if my own cock could have a little attention, maybe a few edges? Sorry honey it not your lucky night she replied and kissed me and giggled!

    Emma has since met Jason for more coffee and kissing and met him at the gym for workouts. Things went up a level when they enjoyed the sauna and steam room after their workout. They got the steam room to themselves and had a full on making out session before relaxing in the hot tub. Emma told me the steam room snogging had turned her on so much and that Jason had used his hands and fingers like an expert! She had also felt his cock and said she thought it would feel so good to have it inside her.

    In the next update I will tell you about Jason's meeting with Tom and out first "double date". Hope you are all enjoying this!
  13. Indeed - very much so!
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  14. Thanks for the likes!

    So things were moving at a pace and it was becoming time to decide how far we would take things. Our regular Bull Tom and Emma's best friend Kelly decided that it was time for Jason to be "vetted". Kelly read through their Facebook messages and Tom arranged to meet Jason for a beer and chat. If Tom gave the ok we would suggest a double date with Emma, Jason me and Kelly.

    Tom is everything you could want in a Bull. Apart from having a big cock and knowing how to use it he is also a good friend to us all and outside of "playtime" we have lots in common. He also has the right balance of being in charge yet understanding Emma's needs and our emotions. When Tom met with Jason they had a frank man to man talk about what it would take to be a "friend with benefits" yet alone a Bull. Tom asked him what he had learnt from his home work to Google "hotwife" and was pleased with Jason's attitude and response. Tom cleared us for the double date.

    I booked a restaurant so we could have dinner before we went to see the film Spectre. I was driving with Kelly in the front with me and Emma in the back as we picked Jason up. Kelly's husband David was away on a training course for work.Things were friendly enough but conversation was a little slow until we were sitting down to dinner and had a few drinks to relax. We actually all ended up having a good conversation about lots of everyday things before talking about our "arrangements" and role play. Jason defiantly knew he could be on to a good thing and was keen to show he could be trusted enough to join in.

    By the time we got to the cinema everyone was in a very relaxed and happy mood thanks to the dinner drinks. That is except for me as I am always the designated driver. We booked 4 seats at the back of the cinema in the corner. Me and Kelly sat in the back row with Emma and Jason in front of us.

    Luckily this was the second time we had all seen this film as Emma and Jason were soon kissing like teenagers and I had a top class view. Of course this was the reason we had booked these seats. From time to time Kelly would give me a nice snog, kiss on the cheek or whisper something dirty in my ear so that my caged penis would be straining in despair.

    After the film I drove Jason home as he snogged Emma in the back seat. Their hands were also doing a lot of wandering! At a set of traffic lights Kelly told me to drive slowly so they could have some fun. Don't forget to keep checking your mirror she smiled!

    When we arrived at Jason's place I opened the back doors and he invited us all in for coffee. As we sat in his front room it was clear that he and Emma had other plans. Suddenly he stood up and walked upstairs and Emma followed giving me a knowing smile and wink. Kelly came and snuggled up to me and said how strong I was for letting Emma have her fantasy.

    After what seemed like ages they came back downstairs and Jason said very matter of fact "your wife just gave me a blowjob!" Emma just stood behind him and smiled.

    Emma gave Jason another nice goodnight kiss and thanked him for a great evening. Kelly also gave Jason a nice kiss on the cheek. As I shook his hand he whispered in my ear that he was going to have sex with Emma and that my small dick was going to stay in its cage for a long time!

    As we drove home I asked Emma if she swallowed his spunk but she just smiled and said a lady never tells!

    My mind is racing and my caged penis is straining. We are meeting again this weekend and anything could happen!
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    Please don't tell me you just make this stuff up. I don't care either way - but if it's just creative writing and a damn good fantasy, please do keep up the pretence. :)
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  16. All I can say is that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. I have no idea what will happen over the weekend or next week but will let you know how it plays out.
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  17. Another GREAT post. Keep them cumming.;)
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  18. The last update saw things progressing at a pace and it was looking like that Emma was actually going to go all the way and let Jason have his way with her. Then the tragedy in Paris happened and frankly none of us were in the mood that weekend.

    Though and prayers go out to all affected.

    In the days after Emma has met Jason for coffee and teases me about how he walks her to her car and kisses her goodbye. She has also met him at the gym after work for classes and afterwards they have relaxed in the sauna and steam room. I have pestered her for details but she just smiles and says what happens in the sauna stays in the sauna!

    I also met Jason at the gym and we did some weights together and had a beer afterwards. If was actually a good conversation and I was able to talk about how our relationship developed to the FLR of today. I am getting the impression he is starting to understand and maybe even respect my kinks and he is defiantly enjoying the prospect of becoming a Bull!

    Anyway we are going to meet this weekend coming and will see what happens. If Emma sleeps with him she may finally decide to unlock me for my own orgasm. She has been resolute and not let me cum since I got a ruined orgasm on 1st October!

    As my balls Have now been "backed up" for nearly 2 months I am staring to come round to the idea of Emma having 2 Bulls and me getting double cucked in the faint hope I may yet be given my own relief!
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  19. If you think being a double-cuck leads to double relief,you may be disappointed.Your wife could think she has an extra reason to keep you randy and ready to serve.
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  20. Be careful what you wish for....;)
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  21. So lets re cap the story so far.

    Back at the beginning of October I had waited for 10 days since my last ruined orgasm and was hopeful for some relief that Saturday night after circuit training in the gym with my beautiful wife Emma. The gym car park was packed and I drove round for ages looking for a space and when I found one it was stolen by a good looking bad boy called Jason. As the class was about to start Emma went in and I waited for a good while to find another space. Imagine my surprise when I finally got into the class only to see that Emma had paired with Jason and they were having a great time!

    My "surprise" turned to humiliation as I tried to tell him off after the class only to be put down by a series of funny one liners! My defeat was complete when Emma gave Jason a kiss on the cheek before we went home!

    Emma was so turned on by me being unable to asset myself (especially as at work I am very much in charge) that she decided that she might like to cuck me with Jason and decided to cancel my planned relief and deny by orgasms until she had either slept with Jason or changed her mind.

    For the next 2 months I could only watch getting more and more turned on as well as more and more backed up as they got to know each other and took great delight in teasing me in the hottest ways possible. The full details are in the posts above.

    Anyway fast forward to Saturday 28th November.

    I have spent all day cleaning the house as this was going to be a very special night. Jason thought he was coming round for dinner but had no idea that Emma was planning to finally sleep with him. Tom, our regular Bull would also be joining us. Later that evening Jason and Tom came over and Emma looked stunning in her black evening dress.

    I had ordered pizza and we sat down to eat after I had served the drinks. By now Jason knew us well and Tom had trained him very well in the etiquette of being a Bull. The most important rule was that no matter how grateful he was to sleep with a hot wife like Emma he would not be thanking me at all. Quite the opposite!

    Emma had given the evening a lot of thought and had specifically decided that she wanted to sleep with Jason in our bed for their first time. She though this would be symbolic and further highlight me being defeated that Saturday in October and that it had led to me getting double cucked and denied my orgasms! I cannot describe how frustrated I was after 2 months backed up watching Emma have so much fun! I really hoped I would also get some relief!

    After dinner Emma excused herself and went upstairs as we chatted over beers -well beers for the Bulls! - I settled with a Coke.

    Suddenly Emma came back downstairs in a stunning red baby doll and kissed Jason passionately on the lips before taking his hand and leading him upstairs. Tom took great pleasure in teasing me and telling me that if it was up to him I would be denied orgasm for at least a year for letting myself get double cucked!

    Eventually they finished fucking and after a nice long shower it was time for me to drive Jason home. Before he left Emma gave him a lovely good night kiss and asked if I had anything to say. Of course I apologised for arguing over the parking space trying to disrespect him in the bar afterwards. I also thanked him for coming over to satisfy Emma and told him that as a Bull that would be his right in future.

    As I drove him home he took great delight in telling me all about the sex as Emma had asked him to! He told me what a sexy little minx she was and how the sex had been both playful and so satisfying. He told me how much Emma had enjoyed herself and how he had made her cum and how naughty she was in the shower!

    As we got back to his place I shook his hand and thanked him and he told me that he was planning to see a lot more of my wife in future!

    As I drove home my head was spinning! I was so turned on by Emma having so much fun yet also scared as to where this could lead! Don't get me wrong I'm not scared for our relationship that is very strong and we love the situation. I am being selfish and getting scared as to when I will be allowed to cum again and will I ever be able to satisfy Emma as much as her 2 Bulls!

    To be continued!
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  22. After I had dropped Jason off and got back home I was greeted at the door by Emma in her dressing gown. She gave me a big hug and a kiss then took my hand and lead me upstairs to the bedroom where Tom (our original Bull) was waiting. To my horror he instructed me to strip all my cloths and to put an adult nappy on! Of course my cock had to stay caged!

    Emma gave me another hug and said that Tom had been very good and patient waiting downstairs looking after me while Emma had been fucking Jason. I think Tom deserves a nice blow job don't you Dufty!? Of course I said trying not to let the frustration of my own blue balls creep into my voice. I did not need to be told to kneel and place my hands on my head while Emma took off her dressing gown to revel she was only wearing a pair of black French knickers which Tom loves.

    I could only watch as Emma gave Tom a slow luxury blow job with lots of nice eye contact. Tom was clearly loving every moment as he looked at me and smiled. It may have been too early for me to watch Emma fuck Jason but Tom is an experienced Bull and loved that I was watching as my wife sucked his cock!

    It seemed like Emma had kissed and sucked his cock for ages before he told her he was getting close. I watched in awe as he shot a massive load onto her lovely breasts! Of course I cleaned her dressed only in my nappy and cock cage as Tom sat back with a beer. Since I was first cucked on New Years Eve I have lost count of the amount of times have cleaned Tom's spunk from Emma's breasts like a slut.

    Emma then put me to bed. I was surprised to be sleeping in my own bed and not the spare room like usual. Emma explained that she wanted me to be in the bed where she had just fucked Jason thinking of the description he had given me as I tried not to wet my nappy! I did try but soon I was tossing and turning with blue balls while wetting myself as Tom and Emma had a nice sleep in the room next door. I was truly defeated!

    In the morning I was allowed to remove my soaking nappy and have a cold shower before Emma and Tom had a nice steamy one as I made breakfast! Over breakfast Emma told me how happy she was and how much fun she could have now with both her Bulls!

    Tom agreed but took a more serious tone and told me that he had noticed that the housework (in my house!) had fallen below his high standards. I started to protest about how busy I have been but he cut me off! He told me it was my responsibility to do the house work to a high standard and that if it did not improve I would be bound and my cock whipped! Do you need that whipping now he asked? "No sir" was my reply. He told me that he did not expect a hotwife like Emma to have to come home to a dirty house!

    After Tom went home and later that afternoon I got my reward. Emma tied me to the bed and removed my cage and I was erect in an instant. She placed a condom on me then straddled me and kissed me passionately. I'm so proud of you she purred letting me have a second Bull. She started to ride me getting fasted and faster. I begged her to slow down so I could prolong the moment but she just laughed and increased the pace further! All too soon I was cumming hard into the condom as she kissed my face. She left me for a moment and returned with a bowl and emptied the spunk from the condom before snuggling next to as I was still bound before she spoon fed me my own spunk!

    I was practically in tears as I thanked her for my relief and begged to be allowed to be un caged for a while. I don't think so she purred. I know you want more errections and to play with yourself but I really want to keep you locked. I decided to push my luck and asked for a blow job like she had given to Tom and no doubt Jason as well. I know I probably wont be allowed to cum twice so soon but I really really need my cock to be sucked. Please PLEASE honey I begged! She smiled and kissed my cheek tenderly. You have done so well staying denied, being the best husband ever and letting me have so much fun you really do deserve a blow job and to shoot your load again but there's a small problem she said. She told me that since she had fucked Jason she had decided to apply a new rule. From now on ONLY BULLS get blow jobs! How unfair is that she giggled! Poor hubby isn't your wife so naughty cucking you after you tried to assert yourself in the gym and then not letting you get a BJ!

    I pleaded with her to change her mind as she untied me as this new rule was SO unfair but she just laughed and rolled me over her knee and spanked my bottom with her hand for being a wimp! She teased me saying that so far in 2015 I have not been able to make her cum on my cock when the Bulls could do this every time! I think poor little hubby is going to be locked up for a very long time she giggled!

    A whole new chapter is beginning!
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  23. 2016 looks to be a promising year...for your wife. Not so much for you. :p

    Keep up the posts, they are hot.
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  24. Thanks! 2016 looks promising indeed. From her point of view things could not be better as she loves keeping me denied for long periods and then more often than not ruining my orgasms! She loves to see my frustration when she ruins my well deserved relief! As an extra bonus for her the cuckold journey could not have gone better as she still gets regular sex while being a very naughty key holder for me.

    You wont be surprised to hear that she invited Jason over after he finished work last week. She loved the irony of me working hard and getting home after a long day with nice blue balls only to find her upstairs getting fucked doggie style and loving every moment!

    This (for her anyway!) really is the gift that keeps on giving. She told me she was talking to Jason and Tom and she thought that one of Jason's first tasks as a Bull would be to decide the duration of my next lockup! I told her that was just not fair but she said that she just loved the idea of Jason not only having sex with her but also being responsible for my on going denial!

    After lots of discussion he has decided that I should open a poll here. I will stay denied until at least Christmas day when I may be allowed to cum while in the meantime people can vote in the poll. His Christmas present to me on the 25th will be denial for the duration of days voted for by the good people on this site. Guys can vote to add one day to my lockup and ladies 2 days.

    As a safety net Emma has a maximum number of days in mind but tells me not to worry as she thinks I will not be locked up for too long!

    She thinks I'll get no more that 100 days as a Christmas present from Jason (and all of you!)! Is she right?
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  25. The poll is in the Playroom as Christmas denial game. Thanks for voting - I think?