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    dollyanne: ru today?
    cuck_tutu: Good
    dollyanne: first time here?
    cuck_tutu: 2nd time
    dollyanne: is tutu a skirt, or 22?
    cuck_tutu: skirt
    dollyanne: so, you're a sissy cuck?
    cuck_tutu: wannabe
    dollyanne: me married?
    cuck_tutu: no, engaged...u?
    dollyanne: married. how long u engaged?
    cuck_tutu: 2 yr
    dollyanne: me 10 yrs
    dollyanne: Does she cuck u?
    cuck_tutu: yes...u?
    dollyanne: Not yet. Want to learn more
    dollyanne: White or Black?
    cuck_tutu: black only now
    dollyanne: does she have a regular?
    cuck_tutu: 1 guy, she wants more more often
    dollyanne: how do you feel about it?
    cuck_tutu: turned on and cisgusted at same time
    cuck_tutu: disgusted
    dollyanne: what turns you on?
    cuck_tutu: She freeks when he f**ks her
    dollyanne: how so?
    cuck_tutu: usual-moans, squeals, begs, curses when cumming
    dollyanne: not like tht wiht u?
    cuck_tutu: No :( just lays there, fakes it I think
    dollyanne: is he big?
    cuck_tutu: yes, 6'3, 220
    dollyanne: i mean endowed
    cuck_tutu: I'm 5' 9 170, paunch
    cuck_tutu: yes
    dollyanne: how much bigger?
    cuck_tutu: 2x I think
    cuck_tutu: Stretches her and filles her
    dollyanne: you don't?
    cuck_tutu: Not like him
    cuck_tutu: He makes her cum hard
    dollyanne: hmmm...u average?
    cuck_tutu: Below
    dollyanne: below 5 in.?
    cuck_tutu: Yes, closer to 4
    dollyanne: so he's 8-9"?
    cuck_tutu: About, haven't measured
    dollyanne: thicker too?
    cuck_tutu: Yes
    dollyanne: a lot?
    cuck_tutu: Yes, don't know how much more
    cuck_tutu: Her fingers don't touch
    dollyanne: so, she likes that?
    cuck_tutu: Yes, a lot, makes her real wet
    dollyanne: is he nice to her...romantic?
    cuck_tutu: Not really
    dollyanne: no?
    cuck_tutu: no, rough, nasty
    dollyanne: hmmm...sounds hot. wht does he do?
    cuck_tutu: slaps, pullshair
    cuck_tutu: spits
    dollyanne: wow...spits on her?!
    cuck_tutu: Yes, calls her names
    dollyanne: what names?
    cuck_tutu: bitch, whore, cunt, slut
    dollyanne: does he use n-word?
    cuck_tutu: She uses it
    dollyanne: on him?
    cuck_tutu: Yes, he likes it
    cuck_tutu: He calls her nl-bitch too
    dollyanne: u watch?
    cuck_tutu: 4 times
    dollyanne: where?
    cuck_tutu: From closet, her apart.
    dollyanne: describe...
    cuck_tutu: They kiss feel up, undress
    dollyanne: then?
    cuck_tutu: She sucks him hard
    dollyanne: wow...does she deep throat?
    cuck_tutu: No, but licks everywhere
    dollyanne: balls and ass too?
    cuck_tutu: Yes, everywhere, like I said
    dollyanne: does he cum?
    cuck_tutu: Once, but he prefers pussy
    cuck_tutu: Not while I watched
    cuck_tutu: Gets rough, throws her around
    dollyanne: and spits?
    cuck_tutu: Yes, and slaps ass
    dollyanne: does he use a rubber?
    cuck_tutu: No, hates them, so does she
    dollyanne: does he take her anal?
    cuck_tutu: Yes, once I saw
    dollyanne: did she like it?
    cuck_tutu: Not at first
    dollyanne: do you clean up?
    cuck_tutu: Once, after he left
    cuck_tutu: Didn't like it
    dollyanne: no? how come?
    cuck_tutu: Messy, disgusting
    dollyanne: but u did it?
    cuck_tutu: Yes
    dollyanne: would u do it again?
    cuck_tutu: If she wants
    dollyanne: does hse?
    dollyanne: she
    cuck_tutu: Yes
    dollyanne: when's the wedding?
    cuck_tutu: June
    dollyanne: will she stop then?
    cuck_tutu: ??
    dollyanne: with her black bf?
    cuck_tutu: No, she likes it too much
    dollyanne: does she love him?
    cuck_tutu: No, just sex
    cuck_tutu: Says he's lazy, luvs me
    dollyanne: what do u do?
    cuck_tutu: Medical
    dollyanne: doctor?
    cuck_tutu: pharmacy
    dollyanne: wow...good job
    cuck_tutu: Thanks
    dollyanne: u could get hormones
    cuck_tutu: ??
    dollyanne: female you want to be a sissy?
    cuck_tutu: Maybe, but there are rules
    dollyanne: rules?
    cuck_tutu: pharmacy rules
    dollyanne: do u dress?
    cuck_tutu: sometimes-<blush>
    dollyanne: does she help?
    cuck_tutu: sometimes
    dollyanne: how?
    cuck_tutu: She buys me panties
    dollyanne: what kind?
    cuck_tutu: Frilly, feminine
    dollyanne: do youlike?
    cuck_tutu: Yes
    dollyanne: are u in chastity?
    cuck_tutu: No
    dollyanne: u should be
    cuck_tutu: Why?
    dollyanne: so she controls u
    cuck_tutu: She already does
    dollyanne: i'll send u a link
    dollyanne: will he be best man?
    cuck_tutu: he's her friend, not mine
    dollyanne: maybe he should be
    cuck_tutu: My friend?
    dollyanne: man
    cuck_tutu: Family will be there
    dollyanne: so?
    cuck_tutu: They would wonder
    dollyanne: let them :)
    cuck_tutu: Will think about it
    cuck_tutu: She would like it
    dollyanne: he should have her on wedding dy
    dollyanne: day
    cuck_tutu: Why?
    dollyanne: get her ready...have his cum in her when she vows
    cuck_tutu: Don't know
    dollyanne: that would be hot!
    cuck_tutu: Maybe
    dollyanne: do u have vows?
    cuck_tutu: Not yet
    dollyanne: u should promise to cherish and to honor and obey
    cuck_tutu: Should she?
    dollyanne: you're the should wear the panties
    cuck_tutu: while she's filled with his cum?
    dollyanne: yes!
    cuck_tutu: i would get hard for sure
    dollyanne: there you go...he should kiss the bride
    cuck_tutu: After me?
    dollyanne: before or after
    cuck_tutu: Prefere after
    dollyanne: yours should be short--a peck
    dollyanne: his long, sloppy and full of tongue...French
    cuck_tutu: Thye already do that
    dollyanne: good
    cuck_tutu: And more
    dollyanne: he could grab her ass or breast or both when he kisses her
    cuck_tutu: With family watching?
    dollyanne: yes...or, at least at reception
    cuck_tutu: I don't know
    dollyanne: you know u want that
    cuck_tutu: Maybe
    dollyanne: it would be deliciously humiliating
    dollyanne: you're a sissy...and a cuckold
    cuck_tutu: And a sub
    dollyanne: say it...
    cuck_tutu: Say what?
    dollyanne: wht u are
    cuck_tutu: you mean I'm a submissive sissy cuckold?
    dollyanne: sounds good doesn't it?
    cuck_tutu: Maybe
    dollyanne: where's the honeymoon?
    cuck_tutu: Cruise, Caribean
    dollyanne: many days?
    cuck_tutu: 8 stops
    dollyanne: is bf going?
    cuck_tutu: we haven't talked about it
    dollyanne: he should go too
    cuck_tutu: She would probably like that, too much
    dollyanne: he could cuck u on board every day
    cuck_tutu: And night
    dollyanne: morning and afternoon...:)
    dollyanne: yes, u would be their servant
    cuck_tutu: Fix drinks, cary packages?
    dollyanne: yes, and clean up
    cuck_tutu: Might be expensive
    dollyanne: maybe, but you only get 1 chance
    cuck_tutu: To go around in life, I know
    dollyanne: exactly...take ur sissy clothes with u
    cuck_tutu: ??
    dollyanne: so there's no doubt
    cuck_tutu: You're getting me hot
    dollyanne: be careful tho
    cuck_tutu: ??
    dollyanne: honeymoon is for u know about oxytocin?
    cuck_tutu: No
    dollyanne: when she orgasms she will generate oxy for bonding to's natural
    cuck_tutu: Sexually?
    dollyanne: in everyway
    cuck_tutu: Don't want that
    dollyanne: she's already done it, but honeymoon is more intense
    cuck_tutu: Maybe he shouldn't be there
    dollyanne: you should massage her, touch her, kiss her...
    cuck_tutu: while he f**ks her?
    dollyanne: yes...or, before and after so she associates u with the good sex
    cuck_tutu: Sounds like dumb but good idea
    dollyanne: and treat her like a princess
    cuck_tutu: She is
    dollyanne: wait on her hand and her u love her
    cuck_tutu: I do, very much
    dollyanne: that's she fertile?
    cuck_tutu: Yes
    dollyanne: what if bf gets her pregnant?
    cuck_tutu: We don't believe in abortion
    dollyanne: me neither
    cuck_tutu: Bu tit won't happen
    dollyanne: she's on the pill?
    cuck_tutu: yes
    dollyanne: u could lv the pills home
    cuck_tutu: Not ready for that
    dollyanne: well, accidents happen u know!
    cuck_tutu: If it does, we'll have it
    dollyanne: get him to sighn release
    cuck_tutu: ??
    dollyanne: waiving paternity rights
    dollyanne: just a case
    cuck_tutu: Sounds like a good idea anyway
    dollyanne: do u have a contract?
    cuck_tutu: What kind?
    dollyanne: cuckold marriage
    cuck_tutu: No
    dollyanne: i'll send u a link
    cuck_tutu: ok
    dollyanne: cuckold contract shows good faith
    cuck_tutu: Will look at link
    dollyanne: it's simple, u agree to her having all the lovers she wants while u have none
    cuck_tutu: She would like that, but she thinks I would run around
    dollyanne: that's where the chastity comes in
    dollyanne: and the sissification
    dollyanne: think about it...what woman would want to run around with a chastised sissy?
    cuck_tutu: With a small dick
    dollyanne: you've got it!
    dollyanne: does he have friends?
    cuck_tutu: At the gym
    dollyanne: he might want to share her
    cuck_tutu: Don't know
    dollyanne: would u like that?
    cuck_tutu: If she did, maybe, I don't know
    dollyanne: i think she would :)
    cuck_tutu: probably
    dollyanne: the more the merrier!
    cuck_tutu: Guess so
    dollyanne: if 1 is good, 3 is better...women can handle more
    cuck_tutu: She would think so
    dollyanne: has she been airtight?
    cuck_tutu: ??
    dollyanne: 3 at a time :)
    dollyanne: in all holes
    cuck_tutu: Don't think so
    dollyanne: she'll love it!
    dollyanne: most women do
    cuck_tutu: I'm sure she would
    dollyanne: maybe u should invite them too?!
    cuck_tutu: To the wedding?
    dollyanne: yes...and honeymoon too
    dollyanne: they could all dance and fondle her at the reception
    cuck_tutu: Relatives would totally freak
    dollyanne: get her hot!
    cuck_tutu: She would go crazy
    dollyanne: make her airtight on her wedding night
    cuck_tutu: I would go crazy
    dollyanne: maybe his friends could invidt their friends!
    cuck_tutu: whoa, this is snowballing
    dollyanne: would make an interesting and fun wedding!
    cuck_tutu: Maybe TOO interesting
    dollyanne: do u want to be a real sissy?
    cuck_tutu: ??
    dollyanne: shaving, heels, makeup, dresses, hormones
    cuck_tutu: Want to, but can't
    dollyanne: why not?
    cuck_tutu: job
    dollyanne: u could do it at home first
    cuck_tutu: maybe
    dollyanne: would she support u?
    cuck_tutu: If it meant more sex for her
    cuck_tutu: Yes, I think she likes it
    dollyanne: she would have more control
    dollyanne: a sissy's not going to run around
    dollyanne: except with another sissy
    cuck_tutu: Don't think I would do that
    dollyanne: maybe u would have ur own bf?!
    cuck_tutu: I'm not gay
    dollyanne: but u would be 4 her?
    cuck_tutu: Bi, maybe
    dollyanne: you could double date
    cuck_tutu: Don't think so
    dollyanne: might be the only sex u would get!
    cuck_tutu: Hope not
    dollyanne: would u do it if she wanted u to?
    cuck_tutu: Maybe
    dollyanne: u would...u would do things for her u wouldn't normally do...put that in your contract...she's in charge
    cuck_tutu: this is scary
    dollyanne: u want to be a sissy cuckold, right?
    cuck_tutu: yes
    dollyanne: then prepare to be scared...humiliated even
    dollyanne: you're submissive, right?
    cuck_tutu: Yes
    dollyanne: then you'll luv it!
    cuck_tutu: Are you one?
    dollyanne: yes, very...i wear pink mini, white hose, red heels, pink bra, full make up, blonde wig...the works
    dollyanne: i'm trying to get a job as a secretary...:)
    cuck_tutu: You look like a girl?
    dollyanne: yes...and u will too!
    cuck_tutu: Are you on hormones too?
    dollyanne: not yet...herbs
    cuck_tutu: Do they work?
    dollyanne: a little...but mones are better
    dollyanne: Maybe you can be my girlfriend?
    cuck_tutu: You're making me blush
    dollyanne: and u could get my hormones...:)
    cuck_tutu: at the pharmacy?
    dollyanne: yes!
    dollyanne: or, maybe you'd be my bf...:)
    cuck_tutu: Don't think so
    dollyanne: i want a black bf anyway
    dollyanne: do your gf's friends have any gay or bi friends?
    cuck_tutu: Maybe
    dollyanne: u could have a black bf too
    dollyanne: while she's getting f**ked, you're getting f**ked too!
    cuck_tutu: You're scaring me again
    dollyanne: but it's inevitable, don't u think?
    cuck_tutu: Hope not
    dollyanne: your a sissy cuckold, not a real man...:)
    cuck_tutu: True
    dollyanne: And, you'll like's yummy
    cuck_tutu: Yuck
    dollyanne: especially black cum
    cuck_tutu: Double yuck
    dollyanne: it's the only cum u will want
    cuck_tutu: only black?
    dollyanne: exclusively!
    dollyanne: you'll walk, talk, act like a girl...
    dollyanne: you'll be in a same sex marriage!
    dollyanne: have to go now...:(
    cuck_tutu: Thanks for the advice
    dollyanne: have fun sissy your tutu!
    cuck_tutu: logged off
    dollyanne: logged off
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    you are such a bad influence sissy sis!
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