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Cruel Mistress Fantasy

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by lockit, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. I had had intended this as a reply to another thread but decided to post it here.

    Having a real cruel and mercyless Mistress has got to be in the top 10 fantasies.
    It is one of my fantasies I have played it out in my head a thousand times.
    As we all all know real life never comes close.

    I have imagined been given the chance to live out my fantasy for a trial period.
    I think I would be glad when the trial was over.
    How many subs here think they would carry on?
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  2. I would like to say that I would but after ,Living It, a persons perspective might change that is if I lived through it. I'm not as young as I use to be
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  3. My fantasy is having all my relationships with bisexual women who were kinky and willing to dominate me sexually. I even fantasized about having two women deny me oral and intercourse and cruelly dominating me at same time after making me watch them have sex with each other. They would kicked/punch,slap my balls and my face. They would ball bust me, whip me until I bleed, choked me and were into nipple torture. They would also deny me intercourse and oral sex but made me perform oral on them even when they had their period. They would use my mouth as their toilet one day a week, sometimes two. The only sex I would have would be mostly masturbating and getting a handjob while they sexually tortured me.

    Wait, that was my real life with my bi wife and her longtime girlfriend, my ex fiancee and an ex girlfriend who also cuckolded me and enjoyed having me clean her up after her dates and gang bangs. I have always done what had to be done to get what I want, sexually or otherwise rather than just fantasize about them. In my younger days I would not fantasize. I would think about how to get girls to do what I wanted them to do. I was good at it. :)

    Sometimes a cruel mistress is better kept in your fantasy then real life. At least in the S&M world. The pain is real where it is not in my fantasy.
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  4. I also have cruel Mistress fantasies. They are pretty erotic, but the thought of carrying them out in real life would be scary.

    When I was younger and obsessed with bondage (still am), I used to fantasize a woman would handcuff me to the bed and then flush the keys. That is pretty ridiculous and would have scary consequences. As I've gotten older, I've had this fantasy about a Mistress locking me in chastity and then some months later tying or handcuffing me to the bed, possibly blindfolding me and then flushing my chastity keys. This one is fun and scary because it could actually happen in real life and nobody would notice. I guess if that actually happened, the only choice would be to carry on.
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  5. How are you enjoying your fantasy so far?
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  6. Well we are off to a very good start. I could regret this.
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  7. I am pretty sure you should change "could" to "will"
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  8. Mistress Jules and I have discussed this thread the whole fantasy and real life.
    One thing that came up was feeling guilty and allowing me to unlock or tone down a punishment.
    somehow the conversation came round to my post about living my fantasy for a trial period.
    Before I got a chance to back track or wriggle out.
    I was locked plugged and sent this link. https://writeforme.org/writingtask.php?task=45116&accessCode=261065
    This only started last night and I have no idea how far it will go.
    I do know one thing my smart ass comments have stopped.
  9. @ Mistress Jules. My fantasies are becoming realities because of my fantastic Mistress/Wife. So I'm enjoying mine