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    by Hecate

    I can't believe I'm really going through with this, but yet, here you are - my husband whom I thought I had known inside and out... laying on the bed there in front of me, wearing... white skimpy satin panties with delicate lace embroidery and a matching bra... and bent over you, just closing the clasp behind your back and adjusting the soft and slightly shining material is Tina. For a second I let my thoughts wander while absorbing the unfamiliar picture of your smooth and completely hairless body... about how it had come to this...

    I have to admit that the signs were there. Perhaps I had not been as observant as I give myself credit for and the old saying of 'none are so blind as those who do not want to see' also comes to mind. On several occasions I had found my panties in the laundry basket although I couldn't remember wearing them since last washing. Or there were the times when I was convinced they should be in the laundry and they weren't. Just like last week, when I distinctly remembered the new and delightfully sexy ivory lace panties that you had brought home as a surprise for me on our "The day we met"-anniversary. I clearly remembered them atop the laundry basket because I had been thinking about hand washing them since there was only darker cloths in the basket and I didn't want to wait till some more light colored laundry had gathered. But when I wanted to do it - they were nowhere to be found.

    That pretty much was the last "hint" I needed. I was unable to suppress the beating of my heart when I tried to fathom what the hell was going on; unable to shut off the thoughts that crept into my mind when pondering upon the mystery. There was only you and I in the household - and that left only you to being involved in some way or other. I felt uneasy thinking about what you might be doing - but loving and trusting you the way I do, I never had any real fear about whatever could be awaiting my discovery. I admit setting up a "trap" for you - I was too preoccupied, or maybe just plain curious not to try and find out about those secrets you harbored. And then, one evening last week, when you expected me to be out for my aerobic class, I came back early, silently entering our apartment.

    The bedroom door stood ajar and I saw you standing in front of the full-length mirror in the dimmed light, wearing my bra and panties, and stroking your raging hard-on through them. I was not sure how to react - what to feel, what to think . Sure, I had wanted to know but now... what had I expected to find?

    I looked at your reflection in the piece of the mirror that I could see from my vantage point, and after a first moment of utter confusion I started to feel excitement where I thought I should have felt aversion. Your movements were sensual, almost feminine, as I watched you watch yourself. Another few minutes of delighting in the view of you posing, parading and masturbating and I couldn't keep quiet any longer. The last thing I wanted was you to discover me spying on you, so I opened the door and entered the room. Your face was priceless, but before you could start to stammer an explanation, I started to kiss your flushed lips, gently pushing you back onto our bed and what followed was an hour of incredible, passionate love making. Only after we laid curled up and satisfied in each others arms did we talk - talk about the what and why. In the mutual afterglow of love and trust, in the intimacy of our dark bedroom you confessed; shared with me, that you were curious about how it feels to be a woman. Not that you wanted to be one, just that you wanted to explore your feminine side. And I hoped I understood what you were trying to tell me that night.

    I hear Tina say something that sounds like approval and my mind and eyes return to the present scene on the bed again.

    There you are - the bra around your chest looks almost alien to me. All hair has been removed from your body. It looks lovely, smooth and feminine - but there is no sign of the luscious curves Tina and I are gifted with (or have gifted ourselves with in Tina's case). I stand at the foot of the bed, looking down at you, while Tina kneels on the bed at your side. With a naughty wicked little smile I let my hand run up the inside of your oh so smooth legs and thighs, watching with delight the twitching of your cock inside the little material I chose for you to wear tonight. Your white lingerie perfectly mirrors mine so far and you can already guess what is still missing. You see me smile down at you and then I turn away and open one of my private drawers pulling out a pair of skin colored sheer satin stockings. I let them dangle from my fingertips and hold them up for you to look at.

    "Tina - now what do you think? Our little slut here isn't dressed properly yet. But, I have a feeling there is more missing to make her feel like the little girl she is about to become than just a pair of stockings and a garter belt."

    First, the tips of the silky stockings tickle up and down your shaved smooth legs and then further up over your belly, chest, and to your face. Finally, they come back to your chest again, where I let go of them so each stocking curls up in a feathery light pile over each of the limply laying cups of the bra you are wearing. "Tina darling, I think it is about time we make those titties into something worth calling them that", and with catlike grace I climb up onto the bed between your spread legs - again watching your cock twitch inside the skimpy panties, more on display as if you were nude - as I crawl up and up till finally kneeling there right at your crotch, I force you to spread your legs even further to accommodate me.

    I slowly rub the silky stocking over your chest and tummy. "Now darling - do you like the feeling of the smooth silk against your even softer and smoother skin? Can you feel your nipples respond? Can you feel your breasts grow, aching to be sucked and fondled... like those?" and with these words I reach over and lift one of Tina's firm tits out of the cup of her bra and pinch her dark nipple, calling it to perky erect attention immediately. While you watch me playing with Tina's breast right there before your eyes, you notice my other hand letting go of the stocking and sliding under your bra, starting to rub and play with your nipple as if it was Tina's. Now darling... can you feel the tingle this starts running through a woman's body? And do you feel how it seems to be connected right down to your pussy? How it makes your pussy go all moist and hot? How we then start to wiggle in our chairs and rub ourselves against the shear panties we are wearing? Now darling, do you feel the moisture build? Do you feel like it is a pussy you have under your little panties? You know, I would tell you to see for yourself what effect my playing with Tina is having on her pussy - but... Tina isn't a little slut like you, darling... she is a guy down there with a big cock... "

    I pause for a moment... listening back to the echo of my own words... did I just call my husband a slut? Did I just say that? Oh my god - now that was sure something I didn't intend to do...

    I had asked Tina to join us in this because of her being transsexual. I had hoped you might feel more comfortable and less perverted when exploring this fantasy of yours with someone around who had taken things even a step further.

    Tina and I had been working together for a while already. When work had been slow and there were no customers in the shop we had had time to get to know and like each other as friends - very good and close friends. Of course, at some stage we had started to talk about sex of, her being what she was and is now... I sure had been curious about what it would be like to get together with her intimately, but never would have dared to put any reality value to the thought. Nevertheless, the morning after my "discovery" I must have been beaming, because when we had our first cup of coffee Tina poked me playfully in the ribs and told me I had the thoroughly satisfied look of a little kitty cat having had a bowl of sweet cream for breakfast. Or, she said, of a woman glowing with the memory of a night of passionate love-making. She was hoping I would share the juicy details because it had been a while since she had enjoyed the eroticism that seemed to be radiating from me that morning. I was a little hesitant to reveal the details that had lead to last night's activities, but it must have been obvious to her that there was more to the incident than what I had revealed at first. She soon coaxed the whole story out of me. It amazed me to see her become so serious - where I was a little afraid of mockery or some unsolicited remarks about my "emasculate" husband, Tina surprised me with understanding and some very intimate details of the time she called "her discovery". When I finally confessed that I had decided to support this exploration of my husband's feminine side but didn't really know how to approach the issue, Tina not only offered good advise but her personal participation in the first steps should I so desire. Still slightly confused and insecure about the adventure I was about to embark on, I thanked her for her offer and told her I would think about it.

    Later that day, as we were cleaning up and getting ready for closing, I invited her for this evening. No strings attached, no promises, and no obligations; just to see how things went. Tina had agreed to let me be in charge of the scene completely - and to submit to my commands, as I knew you so much better and hopefully would be able to make it perfect for you. I had set it all up for you to be home this evening and had given you little warning to back out - and after an excellent dinner Tina had shown up.

    Although you seemed a little reluctant when I first introduced Tina earlier tonight, it didn't take long for you to overcome your initial shock. We both presented ourselves to you in sexy and decidedly daring lingerie and I had the feeling that soon enough you were enjoying what was happening to you. You were quite glad I had taken all responsibility for this off your shoulders and you could just go along with the flow.

    You had been so delightful in your excitement and embarrassment alike when we had stripped you and told you "you were gonna become one of 'us girls' soon". We had started to shave you... all the time telling you what it felt like to see you become such a beauty, all the time talking between us as if it was a "girls only" slumber party. We revealed our little secrets and tricks, as how to reach those delicate spots of your body. You learned what to use for shaving under the arms and if a blade or depilation cream would be better for taking care of that delicate region around our intimates. Tina was perfectly "bald" under her panties - she had shown us, especially you -- and I thought I had seen a drop of precum mix with the water and the shaving foam I was then spreading all over and around your cock and balls.

    But I returned to the NOW and HERE, still feeling a little shaken by the attitude of dominance I have started to feel develop. The fact was, I seeing you as less a man and more a little slut by the minute. Your transformation began to not only happen by the way you looked, but by how I thought of you as well...

    Was I feeling this little "girly" there in front of me had taken away my husband? Well - if that was what "she" wanted - that was what she would be getting!! I would teach her how it was to be such a little slut, messing with the wife! "She" wanted to know how it felt to be a little slut? That was what "she" would be getting - a good lesson in taking cock each and every way!

    I started to feel a tingle of additional excitement heat up my body and I wondered what could happen if I really let go of myself and this "jealousy" I was feeling deep inside me... but - wasn't that what you had told me you wanted? And hadn't I decided I would be taking it all the way no matter what you would be coming up with as an excuse to stop? I knew I might have to "force" you to give into your desires at some point - and now I figured I had just found the right attitude. No longer a loving wife but a jealous bitch who had happened to lay hands on the little girly that had taken "away" her husband...

    I return my newly sharpened and "adjusted" attention to you again. "Mmmhhh now let me stuff this little bra of yours so you know what a real woman feels like, little sissy - a good little slut needs a decent set of boobs to make those cocks happy..." and I start to stuff the silky nylons into your bra. The soft, almost cool silk rubbing and teasing your nipples soon piles up under the cup of the bra, but I am not happy yet. Betting another pair of skin-color, expensive, real silk stockings should do the trick and give you those perky little "tits" this bra requires, I tell Tina to get me another pair from the drawer. While she heads off to do my biding I tease your nipples under the soft silk while rubbing my chest against your smooth body. Ohhhh yessss - I am starting to like this little game even more now!

    Looking down at the shining smooth body writhing on the bed under my touch I feel I need to really make you explore this fantasy to the fullest - and all my previous inhibitions go down the drain as I see you react to my crude words. Your eyes sparkle with a hidden lust and I know then that you have silently agreed to the twist this evening is taking.

    Tina is back with another pair of the sheer silk stockings and I lift my body off yours after another passionate kiss "Now - those boobs aren't really sufficient to please the guys baby! Look at me and Tina and you will have to agree - so, here we go." and on a wink Tina hands me one of the silky stockings while she rolls the other one up herself. Simultaneously, we reach out and add the rolls of stockings to the one already shoved under your bra - making the shimmering satin cups snuggle firmly around the stuffing. As Tina and I finish, both of us lean over you and look at each other. You see my lips part and the tip of my tongue licks them slowly, seductively. Without another word Tina follows the invitation and we kiss - right before your eyes you see our mouths meet and you can only guess what our tongues might be doing. The erotic show is only lasts for a heartbeat or two before I pull back and look down at you again - motionless, pinned between the kissing bodies, your new tits protruding from your smooth, hairless chest.

    "Ohh does the little slut like to watch the grown-ups play? Looks like you wouldn't mind playing yourself a little now, judging by the bulge that I can actually see in those little panties of yours... now sweetheart - we aren't even done dressing and already you are getting all excited! Say Tina, isn't that what you would call a real slut? I think it was high time we finished dressing and teach her some lessons about how to please." While speaking I rub your cock through the sheer and flimsy material of the panties, feeling the heat and a dribble of moisture as I rub and squeeze the head of your cock through the satin. Tina chuckles as I slide a finger inside the panties and let it slide up and down your cock, smearing the precum all over your throbbing member. "Oh my, Tina - sissy here has a really wet pussy... We need to find some cock for her. Get the white garter and the white stockings with the lacy tops from the dresser over there darling - and as you cross the room, wiggle that cute little ass of yours so sissy can see what it takes to be a good slut... and you want to be a good little slut and be a delight for those big fat throbbing cocks, don't you?" I look at you and you nod eagerly. A wicked smile crosses my face as I decide that YES, indeed, you will get to learn a lot tonight about how to please - but not only pussy is going to be on your menu. The huge erection Tina is sporting under her equally moistening panties is just too good to let go to waste. And even though I had first thought about just having her here for support and some fun for myself, now I'm not so sure as I hear you plead "Yes Ma'am, show me how to be a good little slut. I will learn, I promise!"

    "Now sissy slut - go sit on the edge of the bed so I can put those stockings onto you. I think you may be way too clumsy - so I will show you with the first one...". I roll up the white delicate fabric between my thumb and index finger. "You will soon feel the delight of the soft cool and shining nylons encasing your leg - gentle and soft like a spider web, delicate and caressing, and a constant reminder that we are supposed to move with elegance and grace. Feel the tingle of anticipation as you reach the lacy top and know in a moment your perfectly manicured and painted toes will be covered by the silky weave. Then feel the rolling of it up over your foot, your ankle and calf, the shin and over the knees." I tell you while I start to put the right stocking on your smooth hairless leg, that still faintly smells from the soothing lotion Tina and I spread on you after the shaving. "Then, up to your thigh, the invitation to let your hands keep moving up although the stocking top has been reached already and the desire to just as gently as the nylon caresses your leg, caress your moist velvet lips... mhhhhh... " With one of your legs now nylon encase, I get to my feet and stand in front of you as you sit on the edge of the bed. With a moan you notice that the high heels I am wearing position my crotch perfectly in front of your face. "Now sissy - this is what a real pussy smells, looks and tastes like..." And, with those words I pull aside the little material that covers my now hot and puffy pleasure mound and with an almost cruel gesture I pull your head towards my wet cunt, forcing your face deep between my wet folds. "You better show some appreciation slut or I think you may not get to wear this second stocking! " My voice is stern and cold and you feel I am now no longer merely joking. This is what you wanted, or at least you thought you did, and you are now going to go through with it whether you like it or not. "Come on you little slut - give the Madam a good licking - or don't you know how a pussy wants to be treated? Tina, how about you give the sissy-puss a little stroking while she eats me? I bet the little fuck-slut is already all excited!"

    I watch Tina crawl on the bed and kneel behind you. With a smile she reaches around you and I can see her hand starting to stroke the triangle of your panties. Her other hand sneaks up to your bra and plays with the nipples hidden under the layers of silk and satin - and I bet you can feel her huge hard cock rubbing against your back.

    The increasingly moist spot that seeps through the flimsy material of your panties tells of the excitement that is building inside your changed body. It tells me all I need to know, and soon I can feel my pussy twitch around your tongue as the first wave of orgasm shakes my body. "Yes - that is a good girl - you know how a pussy wants to be sucked and licked... such a good little clit-tease you are, you little slut! And look at the mess in those panties! You even like it! Now I think it is time you show us how good a cock-sucker you are!" With these words I grab your head by the hair and pull you away from my delicious pleasure treasure.

    "Tina - go and get the second stocking for me... our horny little sissy sure has deserved the full treat now, and I bet you want to see for yourself what a good little slut she is, right?" "Yes Madam, " and Tina gets off the bed again to quickly return with the second stocking. I raise my arm, outstretched, the soft, slightly shining, silky material dangling right before your face. "Now sissy, how about you put on a nice sensual show for Tina and me by putting on this stocking yourself? You remember, roll it up carefully. Watch not to damage the fabric. Then, carefully insert your toes, the heel, then roll it up over your ankle, up to the knee. Feel the silky caress on your smooth freshly shaved skin. Then roll it up further. Again, feel a caress like spider web on your thigh. Notice the urge to let your hands move up further and further till you reach the center of your burning desire. Ohhh yes that is how a real woman feels - a little tarty maybe, but deliciously corrupted by the luxury of the sheerest nylons on her skin... do you feel it, my dear?" My burning gaze follows your every move as you, a little hesitant and almost clumsily, roll up the stocking and then slide it up over your smooth leg, taking your time and savoring the sensation of this - compared to before - almost romantic and sensual moment. From the corner of my eye I can see Tina watch you with the same intensity and the tiny panties she is wearing are no longer able to cover the immense erection she is sporting - and although I had cum only a little before I feel my desires grow again. You finish pulling up and adjusting the stockings, the lacy tops now snuggling around your firm thighs. I can't resist taking your hand and guiding it over the soft shiny fabric. "Do you feel the feminine softness of the skin underneath? Do you feel how the touch is enhanced by keeping your finger away from the skin underneath?" Before the enchanted moment passes I take your hand away from your leg and pull you off the bed to your feet, guiding you to the full-length mirror to let you see what you have become... I take a step back. "Tina - please fix the suspenders! I don't think little sissy-puss can do it herself yet" and Tina hurries to kneel down beside you - while you watch the image in the mirror... a girlie, all dressed up in bra and panties, stockings and garter and another girl at her feet finishing the dressing. With a chuckle I see Tina sneak a little kiss to the twitching bulge in your pants and I know it is time for the rougher play again - and for Tina to get rewarded too for playing along so nicely. Now - this is like a slut is supposed to look when ready to serve! And serve is what you will do now! See that huge bulge you have made poor Tina have? Yes you little slut! That is because of YOU! Because of you showing off your body like that... because of you wiggling your titties in that little lacy bra, because of you wearing only those skimpy panties that are already soaked with your sissy-pussy juices!... NOW! Get to your knees - right there in front of the mirror so you can see what you look like when sucking your first cock, you little slut!" Did I see some hesitation on your face? Some doubt? Tough! You wanted it - and you would be getting the full program - no way back now! Tina smiles eagerly as she stands and now for a change you kneel in front of her. Again - I noticed your hesitation... but this time I figure you are maybe more hesitant because you don't know how to proceed - I assume it must be difficult for you to handle any cock but your own. With a chuckle I fall to my knees beside you. "Now - let me show the little virgin here how this is done. I guess you don't mind being her first cock to suck. Right, Tina?" And while Tina stated she didn't mind at all and that it actually turned her on to know it was the little cock sucker's first time, I start to pull down her thoroughly soaked panties and reveal the rather huge and fully erect cock that has been barely hidden underneath. As the hard meat stands proud and almost pokes into your face, I see you blush. "Now - it isn't that hard. Let me teach you, little sissy-puss. Just watch me for a moment..." I let my little pink tongue slide along the side of the proud erection in front of me, slowly, deliberately taking my time, first along the side and then, lifting Tina's cock a little with my hand, along the lower side. Playfully I suckle the smooth, shaved balls of Tina. When I look up again, I see she has her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted. While I hear her moan softly, I look over to you. Your eyes lock with mine and with my hand firmly on the back of your head I pull you close to the hard prick in front of you, until the cum-covered head first brushes your cheek and then finally your lips. "Now just mirror me, little cock tease, and you will be perfect in no time... the guys will line up to be sucked off by you." "Yes ma'am" I hear you answer and the next moment I see your tongue peek out from between your lips and slide along the other side of Tina's cock. Looking at each other we lick and nibble... and for a moment I catch a glimpse of us in the mirror - two hot chicks paying oral attention to another, but not quite...

    Then for a moment another picture invades my mind - realizing that I am kissing my husband with a hot pulsing cock between our mouths. I am not homophobic at all, but right now I can not mentally allow this truth. I withdraw from my licking and look at you "Now you little slut Tina had better be very happy with you giving her an excellent blow job! I hope so for you anyway, since you sure won't be allowed to cum if she isn't satisfied! So if you want to be properly fucked later you better do put some effort and dedication into the sucking now! Else I think you will end up watching tied to the bed post after a sound spanking while Tina and I have some fun - and you wouldn't want that, right?"

    And with a wink I address Tina Now - darling, teach the little sissy slut how Mommy likes her big cock to be sucked! Come on baby - show me how good you can deep throat such a juicy piece of meat!"

    I retreat a moment from the action - letting my gaze linger on the "You" that isn't you. Then our eyes meet for a split second in the mirror and again I see nothing but the man I love; a vision immediately to be blurred again by the realization that your kissing, sucking lips are wrapped around a thick fat cock. I sit back on the bed and watch - watch and think how to complete the task of turning little Sissy who so devotedly is sucking cock into a complete slut, not sure if I can set up such an evening again any time soon or at all.

    "Now little girl - how does it feel to suck your first real cock? It is a good, big, fat prick you got there to nuzzle on and I sure hope you enjoy it! Now - does it make your own sissy pussy wet? I can see it does - you are actually bathing your fine panties in your juices already... oh my - what a little slut! Getting all wet and excited from sucking this dick shoved into her mouth!" I watch you nod and suck and fondle Tina's balls all at once, eager to please - lost in this feeling of being a horny slut - a horny very sexy and pretty slut as I have to add mentally.

    I then get up again from the bed and bend to Tina - pretending to whisper into her ear but loud enough to make sure you hear my obscene suggestions "Now sweetie - what do you think? Shouldn't we treat ourselves to a nice Sissy-Sandwich? I think little Sissy here needs to get some fun too... and we know now that her mouth and tongue are working just fine. What do you think - is that lovely hard cock of yours wet and sloppy enough for some more fun?" With a big ass grin Tina answers "I would say so - and the little thing is wetting her panties already anyway - I think it would only be fair to return a bit of the pleasure her way... so yes - count me in on your sandwich-snack."

    "Well then, you little cock sucker - you heard it - get on your feet and then off with those panties! And no being shy... we know you like it - and we know you love to show your smooth silky body off to us. You like to move in those suspenders and stockings and feel the strings of the bra on your shoulders and the lace rubbing against your nipples, don't you? Off with those panties and let us see what else you have to offer to pleasure us! And Tina - you go and get the lube from the nightstand please... I have the feeling we have more pleasure holes to discover on this little vixen!"

    For a moment I see you hesitate, your pupils turning into big black ponds, before you finally free your erect and already shining and glistening cock from the panties. And I wonder if it is a moment of hesitation because of the unspoken but clear promise of anal action in the air, or if it is perhaps a moment of regret to part from the moist lace that caressed and cradled your erection all evening. Ready to spill a harsh command if need be I then watch you slide the skimpy panties down over your stocking clad legs and see you step out of them. I secretly smile as you pick them up and lift them to your face - taking a deep breath through the moistened veil of white lace. "So - that is what you want? Smell some pussy? Now that is easily provided, you little slut - here is a lot of pussy for you!" and with those words I move to the bed again, bending over with spread legs and perfectly displaying the firm globes of my ass as well as my puffy and swollen hairless pussy. Now - dive in! What are you waiting for?" and you have no choice but to bend over from the waist and bury your face between solid fleshy mountains and the soft musky valley in between.

    Right then Tina is back with the lube and does not hesitate to use it in the appropriate place as your gasping all of a sudden tells me. I can picture her long slim fingers dip into the jar and then spread the cool gel in the crack of your ass, slowly caressing the tender spot, closing in on your little hole and, oh so teasingly slow, starting to invade it. I feel you retreat from paying attention to me - surrendering to the feeling of being invaded Now - are you eager to find out what a real cock feels like? Shoved up inside you? Pumping you and finally filling you with hot sticky cum? Ohhh - the little horny slut must be hot just thinking about it! Seeing how good a cunt lapper and cock sucker you have shown yourself to be so far, I bet you will be an incredible fuck too! Don't you think so, Tina?" "Ohh yes - I can tell the little bitch is in heat and wanting to feel some real meat shoved up her little tight hole! See, she is all moist and dripping!" Tina chuckles as she reaches between your legs and smears the globe of thick precum that has gathered on your cock all over your heated flesh.

    I look back over my shoulder to see you have your eyes closed as her exploring hands expertly tease you and get you ready for her invasion. When I tell her to lube up your little sissy clit too, she understands and spreads an abundant amount of the cool gel all over your rock hard cock as well - remembering my promise of a Sissy-Sandwich. With a gentle push on the small of your back she guides you closer to me and you catch the drift of what it is you are supposed to do. With a moan you grab your throbbing, aching cock and guide it between my ass cheeks while you feel your own ass being fondled and your anus probed.

    "Ohhh come on now... What are you waiting for - be a good girl and fuck me!!!" I too need to get relief now - There's been too much tension through all this playing to not finish it in an overwhelming orgasm right now. With a moan I push back and almost impale myself on your cock, my body seems to almost suck you into the tight grip my muscles are taking of your cock. And then I feel another push and I know Tina is "returning the favor", her moan and yours mingle to become the most erotic sounds I have heard for a long time. While I am talking to you about what a cheap cunt you are to let us have our way with you like this - that it sure is nothing a good girl would do - that it is so naughty to be fucked like this - we set up a rhythm that is starting to pick up speed pretty fast... Too much tension has built during the last hours... and just as I tell you that in a moment you will be filled with the hot sticky cum of Tina I can feel you explode inside me. My hand, now in a wild frenzy playing on my clit, pushes me over the edge. Only split seconds later I explode in a mind shattering orgasm accompanied by the ecstatic grunts of Tina as she shoots her load into you.

    I feel my legs turn all wobbly as you let your weight rest on me... and laughing, I brush a strand of sweaty hair out of my face as I fall onto the bed I have been leaning on... thus breaking our "love - chain" with soft popping noises.

    Tumbling on the bed we find ourselves in a pile of giggling and panting bodies, wrapped in luxurious lace and smoothest nylons... and I start to wonder how we all will be feeling about this crazy adventure in the light of the next day...
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    Mrs Pebdy,
    omg that was so hot. thank You so Much Mrs Pebdy. my locked little guy
    is straining so much,imagining being the lucky hubby :oops:
    locked lil ken
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