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Crossdressing Vs Sissification

Discussion in 'Crossdressing in all it's variations' started by sissymaid_emily, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Curtsy & hi
    I seem to have maid (Freudian typing error there) a major error in my attire for parties. I've been buying normal ladies clothes that i think are pretty. But i asked one of the Mistresses afterwards what she thought about how i looked, ie CD or sissy & she said CD. I wondered why that chap had a glint in his eyes while he was talking to me about CD's
    So it looks like i need to get more frilly pink stuff. Which i am quite looking forward too incidentally
    My only concerns is that i feel like i'm in fancy dress with stuff like that, which i dont think is the desired effect really.
    And that my desire to dress like that might ruin a Mistresses fun in forcing me too.
    Does anyone else feel like that ?.
  2. emily -

    You want to wear pink frillies; the only thing a dominant could 'force" you to do would not to be femmed.

    if you're feeling confident enough to express yourself as a sissy, and truly believe that is what you want, then dress that way whenever you can.

    That's not how I identif (nor is it what Madam wants)y, since I pretty muchl live 24/7 as a housewife, but Madam has had me by a few outfits from this site for fetish events (not these specific outfits, but I thought they might interest you); http://www.milanoo.c...a-Dresses-c1015

    Their prices are low and they also custom make things for us bigger girls.
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  3. Hi kali
    tbh i'm really happy, as one Mistress here is fond of putting it, flitting about in womens clothes. & the prettier they are the better. I think i would even like the very frilly stuff eventually too i just dont want to go too far too quickly.
    I just wish i could do it more often, & had some proper 50's housewifey chores to perform in my frillies. Its just not practical though for me. Even in my own flat i need to be careful cos my daughters friend lives directly opposite my flat & they can see right in.
    Its funny cos i feel really happy dressing as a sissy, much happier than trying to dress as a real woman like my TV Mistress tried to persuade me to do. I was never comfortable even sitting around in underwear under my boy clothes then. And no disrespect to any crossdressers here but i cant think of a better way of putting it than this. But i'm so much happier as a sissy than trying to pretend i'm a woman or longing to be one. Thats why i felt slightly disappointed when people thought i was.

    I hope that makes sense & sincerely hope that doesnt upset anyone.
    thanks for that site btw kali i'll have a good look around there later when i'm not stuck at work.....

  4. Hi worthit
    I dont really think of it as a caricature. To me Its more that the type of clothes worn are the sort that would only really be worn by a real Woman in the bedroom. And that the style of clothing is obviously designed much more for the pleasure of observer rather than the pleasure or even the comfort of the wearer. And as such they seem to be intrinsically submissive. its more of a mindset if that makes sense.
  5. i dont know what the difference cud be, worthit. i just likes the feel of the clothes and the fact that they are much prettier than mens clothes. it werent till Mistress decided that i wud look good in them and that i shud be Her sissymaid that i found out i liked them so much. So praps if your Mistress told you to wear them, you wud like them as well.
    Anyway, i thinks that emily will look lovely in her new pink party dress, cos i seen the pictures of it , and it looks lovely.

    ooh, emily. that spooky thing has happened again, and we both posted together.
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  6. Some quite nice stuff on that site kali, thank you :)
  7. To address worthit's question, I would think that a CD feels comfortable dressed as a woman, whereas a sissy does it with an element of humiliation, either self-imposed or at the command of a Dominant.
  8. Clothes do not make a sissy. You can dress as a sissy in all the lace and petticoats you want but being a sissy is within you. As for play anyone can dress up and be whatever they want to be, but a true sissy has the mannerisms and the little girlish charms of a little girl. A special way about her, a little naieve sparkly attitude and personality.

    I have spent ALOT of time with all kinds of girls, crossdressers, transgendered girls and sissys. I own My sissy rachel that lives with us. She is a beautiful woman and lives female 24/7 but the sissy is in there always. She cannot be out dressed in public as a sissy but the heart and soul of who she is and what she is she carries with her.

    Mistress Michelle
  9. Curtsy Mistress Michelle, very eloquently put. From my limited understanding it seems the sissies have that something extra, something other than the desire to dress in women's clothing. At their very core they adore and worship everything that a woman / girl is. Like emily says they have a submissive mindset and even without the clothes they will always be a sissy at heart.
  10. Curtsy Mistress Michelle
    I cant say that i am sparkly unfortunately but i certainly feel more than a little naivety. I do feel very loving and submissive inside its just that i don't get much of a chance to express my inner girliness, outside of here, online or at parties. Unfortunately my work & my social circle up to now has been rather vanilla in that British working class way.
    I know it doesnt count for much but i have played quite a bit online and most people i meet there have said i come across as very girly quite innocent, sweet and caring. i also come across as naturally submissive, though a little lively at times too. & i feel that's really me inside rather than the protective shell i have built around myself. Now i've decided that i've had enough of that shell in the real world as well as inside. I just need to keep reinforcing the real me and sissy clothes, which i like anyway will help me be who i am. And moreover who i've longed to be since my early teens.
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  11. Here's my take on it, I enjoy crossdressing, and being a sissy but there are some very distinct differences in what i pick out to wear and what is picked out for me to wear. What i pick out typically is something that any girl my size could wear in public easily. Sissy-wear on the other hand *sigh* sucks, its frilly, frumpy and yes sometimes i do enjoy it but it does get in the way while doing my chores and I can't stand itchy pinafores.
  12. Good topic, I know I love being in a frilly petticoat and swishy satin Uniform, but I also love shopping and dressing as a , proper tasteful lady, skirts dresses and pretty shoes , just being a reg. gurl makes me feel right and it's who I really am anyway. I think I just dress for the right occasion , Latex, leather , maids uniforms, or reg. out and about clothes , I'm still the same sissy and still always chrissy! :)
  13. If you goes out with your Mistress, you gotta really wear normal girl clothes, cos if you went our in your maid uniform everyone wud stare at you. If thats what you wants, then fine, but i would rather not.
  14. My Mistress has been feminising me for about three years now, but the first two years were quite relaxed - now it is very serious. I am only allowed 'boy' outer clothes when working or meeting with our family - other than that Mistress insists on feminine attire. It has even gotten to the the point that I feel a little 'perverted' when wearing male clothing and can't wait to change back.

    Having said that, she has always trained me to wear clothing that an average woman would pick, so I have never done the 'sissy' thing. I do have some pretty things for special occasions but nothing like some of the more outrageous outfits I see on the web and at clubs. Not sure if I've missed out but thats just the way she wants things so I'm very happy now with the way things are.
  15. When we goes out to have a meal or something then i wears normal Ladys clothes, at parties i wears tiny skirts, but at home i wears my maids uniform and thats got a lot of lacy petticoats under it. ooh and my little sissy socks, i loves them.
  16. This topic has rattled around my head since puberty. Having been born intersex, internally I have kept a very open mind on feminine/masculine things. Outwardly I have been nothing but masculine.

    I have no problem being alone and dressing femininely. It is not sexual, I have never masturbated wearing women's clothes, or maintained fantasies of something similar. Before @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté i had never dressed that way in front of another.

    She had noticed I act a bit differently when dressed that way, and has no problem telling me to put something on, in effect, changing my attitude. But to some it's very sexual. To tell the truth it just isn't for me, it's calming and I let down all my guards and ego, and just be myself for awhile.

    I think the most intimate time I have ever spent with her, was when she laid out a nighty for me when I was in the shower. Thoroughly shaved, I put it on, and walked out to the living room where she was watching tv. Totally vulnerable and exposed, I snuggled next to her. We talked, we cuddled, I was my true self, and she didn't run screaming. I wanted to cry it was that special.

    Don't get me wrong, I couldn't and wouldn't want to do that 24/7, cause that's not me either. So, because I don't get sexually excited by it does it make me a crossdresser? Because I'm willing to wear things that make me a bit more submissive does that make me a sissy? In the end it really doesn't matter. I don't want to live as a woman, but escaping my masculine role I have spent a lifetime drilling into others as well as myself is liberating, especially exposing that part of me to a loved one.
  17. As others have said, dress for yourself and the occasion.

    Blend in and look right, age-appropriate, etc. in front of people 'not in the know' as to do otherwise is indiscreet.

    At clubs, etc. push the boat out more, express yourself.

    I prefer my maids to wear plain uniforms, much as a hotel maid or waitress would.

    Mostly because they are practical, easy to launder and look smart longer.

    Though they would generally prefer the frills, flounces, multi-layer petticoats.

    But I only let them wear outfits' like that at dinner parties, etc.

  18. Having had a CD friend for 11 years, it was not about him pretending to be a woman. It was about feeling good in woman's clothes. He had a beard, smoked cigars and rode a Harley. When he cross dressed, he was hardly pretending to be a woman. He was a guy in women's clothes. He never thought he was a woman nor pretended to be one or he would not be smoking a cigar in a dress with a full beard. He also has biker tattoos which were visible on his neck, arms and legs. I have dressed like a woman in the past and never once thought I was a woman. It basically brought out the feminine side of my manhood, the the woman in me. :)
  19. Vinny--Your comment that you do more good here than Mistress Lucy- LMAO!!! The only thing you do better then her is to fantasize about your life You are a fun read LMAO
  20. I'm sorry, but this is not the Chastity Mansion way. If you don't like what someone writes - then you are welcome to ignore it. You are NOT welcome to slag someone off for your own reasons. If you think someone is fantasising, just make a mental note and move on. Very often people that assume another is fantasising are completely wrong about it, and for that reason it is wrong to make comment on it.

    Also - wrong thread I think. ;)
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